8 good habits for self-improvement every day

/July 2023



George Bernard Shaw once said:

"people like habits, because they are the ones who made them."

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our words, deeds and actions are inseparable from the influence of habits.

it can be said that habit forms character, and character determines fate, and even dominates a person's life in the end.

Today, I'd like to share with you a few good habits about self-improvement.

there is always a way to cross by yourself. If you stick to one more habit, you will have more courage to face it, good luck and opportunities.

accumulate experience

recently I saw a question: "should young people pay more attention to the accumulation of experience, or is it better to climb and fight in practice?"

under the cover of the epidemic, no one knows which one will be the first to lose jobs or lay off staff tomorrow.

many people simply join the trend of starting their own businesses and become bosses.

but the pressure of life and the cruelty of reality leave us little chance to try and make mistakes.

if your contacts, seniority, or even the job you are doing is not very good, I suggest you accumulate experience first.

there are no shortcuts in life. The best way to reduce the number of failures is to accumulate experience and increase knowledge.

nothing can be done overnight, and every small step is important.

cultivate patience

said he wanted to read a book, but browsed Weibo for a long time;

I want to go to bed early and get up early, but my schedule is upside down like a living fairy.

determines physical management, but often overeats impulsively;

but have you found that those who can be satisfied in the short term are likely to have side effects on long-term development?

you can get spiritual enjoyment by watching a short video, which is actually a waste of time; eating a hot pot barbecue can satisfy your appetite, but you are overdrawing your body.

in this world, the results of most things are not immediately apparent, and the same is true of life.

We must cultivate our patience in order to wait for growth, wait for opportunities, and wait for harvest.

keep reading

from small to big, we have heard too much if we want to study hard.

"Reading is a first-class good thing in the world. Reading can change fate, and knowledge allows you to see the wider world."

but in the end, you find that no matter how many books you read, you will finally find an ordinary job, set up an ordinary family, and live an ordinary life.

then why do we keep on reading when we grow up?

it is true that no book in the world can bring good luck or direct achievement to you.

however, a person who insists on learning will always make progress.

in the same job, the mood of reading is different from that of not reading.

A family, the atmosphere of reading is not the same as that of not reading;

even the literacy of children is different.

in a sense, reading is to infiltrate life and make you who you are.

learn to summarize

when Li Ka-shing delivered a speech at Shantou University, he said something like this:

"I often ask myself, am I too proud and arrogant? Have I refused to accept unpleasant advice?

am I unwilling to bear the consequences of my words and deeds? Do I lack a comprehensive plan to anticipate the problems, results and solutions? "

in this world, no one can casually succeed, but powerful people are good at self-summary.

whether at work or in life, we can spend 15 minutes every night reviewing today's experience, what we haven't done well and where we can keep it.

Don't underestimate the power of micro-habits. When you are used to summing up your experiences of success and failure and increasing your sense of control over your life, your life will improve qualitatively.

stay focused

for a time, my work efficiency was also extremely inefficient, and I was worried about what happened every day.

I want to finish the manuscript in 3 hours, think about the author's outline in the middle of it, reply for an hour, and think about other work arrangements.

at the end of the day, not only did the original writing not be completed, but after the time was cut into small pieces, the progress of other work also lagged behind, directly affecting the next work plan.

I think this is also a problem that many people will encounter, and there is no way to maintain their concentration for a long time.

there are a lot of things I want to do, but they are all scratching the surface, and the final efforts are naturally fruitless.

so later, I began to try to change myself, calm down, focus on one thing, and no matter how difficult the task began to become easier.

A lot of people complain that they don't have enough time, but in fact, when you stay focused and concentrate in a certain state, you will have more time than enough.

digest emotions

there was a survey at Harvard University that said: 90% of diseases come from within us, from our emotions.

when the negative emotions of the body dominate and accumulate in the body, affecting the imbalance of the body's functions, it will lead to a variety of diseases in the long run.

this is an era of anxiety, everyone has his own difficulties, everything has his own helplessness.

I can't finish it.Class, endless work, there are a lot of sad things but no opportunity to say.

but after all, I have to face my own emotions.

is not to suppress, not to escape, nor to wait for others to comfort, we should all learn to actively digest it and learn to accept all unhappiness.

when I'm in a bad mood, I go alone to eat something delicious, to see an old movie, to exercise, to clean the room.

No matter how difficult life is, give yourself some time and everything will pass.

insufficient acceptance

have you found that it is always easy for us to tolerate the people around us, but too hard on ourselves?

know that everyone has shortcomings, so he is willing to accept it, but when it comes to himself, he always cares too much about the opinions of others and does not accept his own imperfections.

be afraid of making mistakes, over-introspect, take a hard time and live a tired life.

psychologist Jung once said: "for ordinary people, the most important lesson in life is to learn to accept themselves."

We should all know that we can't get everyone to agree with us all our lives, let alone need everyone to agree.

learn to accept our own imperfections, learn to affirm and recognize ourselves, is the most important topic in our life.

be an optimistic person to meet the better self ahead.

never forget the original ideal and ambition

in Mexico, there is a long-standing fable.

A group of people were in a hurry on the road when suddenly, one of them stopped.

is very strange: "Why don't you go?"

the person who stopped smiled: "walking too fast, the soul has fallen behind, I will wait for it."

so are we.

in this impetuous and complicated world, we always think that time is still a long time away and that the years will not change.

but with the rush of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and the struggle for fame and wealth, many people gradually lose themselves, and have forgotten why they started in the first place.

rivers always have sources, and trees a thousand feet high have roots.

No matter how far we go, don't forget to look back at our original goal.

then pick up the mood, pluck up the courage, and start again.

there are no wasted efforts in this world. These good habits may not bring you direct success, but they can bring you closer to your dreams.

the premise is that you have to keep going.

be passionate about what you focus on and stick to your ideals for the future.

, share with you.