Drug addict Nai Yingdi is the biggest joke of the year.

/July 2023


seeing each other for a long time, the drug addict star actually took the movie star.

do you remember Ke Zhendong?

on August 14, 2014, he was jailed for taking drugs and was administratively detained for 14 days.

in theory, bad artists should be "banned".

but Ke Zhendong was not reconciled and tried to make a comeback of the curve again and again.

it turns out that he "succeeded".

A few days ago, he won "Best Actor" at the Taipei Film Festival.

Uncle couldn't believe it when he saw the news.

Why are drug addicts?

looking forward, there is something even more surprising.

on the eve of National Day last year, his fans posted the news on Weibo that three films starring him had set release dates.

the Internet has no memory, so you can make a comeback after apologizing?

however, what is even more outrageous than this is the "great love" of its fans.

they washed their idols one after another.

"Why won't you let this big boy go after so many years?" He's been punished a lot! He is also a human being, and he is also an ordinary person! "

some people are weird about yin and yang:

"who is pissed off again? congratulations to Kaikai."

some people even quote the classic lines of tiny Times:

"everyone should have the right to be forgiven at once."

the lines themselves are right, but they don't apply to bad artists.

give them a chance? May I ask who will give the sacrificed anti-drug police a chance to come back to life?

some people will surely ask, what does their comeback have to do with the anti-narcotics police?

because the money they spent on taking drugs eventually turned into drug money and was hit on the anti-drug police.

Anti-narcotics police is one of the most dangerous occupations in peacetime.

Tian Hao told a true story.

he is a Yunnan border anti-drug police.

the mission is dangerous, risking life and death, and many companions have been lost.

the first lost companion is called Xiao Shuan.

Xiao Shuan will retire in 4 months.

one day, the army asked for an emergency assembly because someone was found to be carrying poison across the river.

they laid an ambush and waited for the suspect to come ashore.

before the suspect walked in, an anti-drug policeman lost his temper and jumped out to arrest him.

the suspect reacted quickly and ran away.

when the anti-drug police saw this, they immediately got up and chased them desperately.

when I chased down the bridge, I suddenly heard a plop.

the suspect jumped off the bridge.

when everyone was confused, another figure jumped down.

is a small suppository.

in the evening, the bad news came and Xiao Shuan was killed.

Tian Hao can't believe this fact.

he wept bitterly for his lost companion, but he was also afraid that it would be himself who would fall one day.

Picture Source: one seat (Tian Hao's speech)

he knows very well how dangerous the job is.

on the first mission, he accidentally stepped on his foot.

when the drug dealer heard the noise, he pulled out his gun and fired. He was so close that he fell under the drug dealer's gun.

when he became a border drug enforcement officer, he kept it a secret from his family.

until his mother saw him on duty on TV.

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she urged her son to go home several times and suffered from depression.

he also thought about giving up.

but he can't, mission and responsibility.

he said:

"I don't have a day off. I never leave my gun. I should be ready to go on a mission in five minutes at any time."

he has experienced the chase of life and death, watched his comrades-in-arms die for their country and fought wits with drug traffickers.

Image Source: Yunnan News Network

take life as the blade, dye the halberd with blood, walk on the edge of danger every day.

according to statistics:

every year, nearly 400 anti-drug police officers die in the line of duty in our country.

every year, the number of anti-drug policemen sacrificed by the public security system is 4.9 times that of ordinary police officers, and the injury rate is as high as 10 times.

the palm was pierced by a bullet, the abdomen was shot, and the pelvic pubis was broken. These are all commonplace.

in order to crack down on drug traffickers, they have to go through a narrow margin of death.

there was a photo on the hot search last year, which made countless people cry.

the man in the photo, Cai Xiaodong, is an anti-drug police.

this time, his picture didn't play mosaic.

just arrived at the scenic spot, received a phone call to go on a mission.

when he went, he never came back.

he died chasing drug dealers.

after hearing the news, the wife burst into tears.

she lay down on the coffin, desperately trying to get closer to her husband.

my young son doesn't understand what's going on.

looking at the crying mother, the standing grandfather, and the father lying in the glass coffin, he kept shouting:

"Daddy hug, Daddy hug."

my wife stayed up all night and posted a group of photos on moments in the early hours of the morning, which made people break the defense instantly.

seeing these scenes, how do we have the right to forgive them for smoking?Poisonous man?

in September 1994, anti-narcotics policeman Zhang Congshun investigated and handled a transnational drug trafficking case.

at Zhang Congshun's funeral, the youngest son Zhang Ziquan burst into tears.

"as soon as I see my father's picture, I want to cry."

he was ten years old at that time.

he is determined to be a policeman.

later, when he got what he wanted, he became an anti-drug policeman.

but unfortunately, on December 15, 2020, he fell to work.

is only 36 years old.

after he died, his daughter sent him voice messages over and over again:

"Dad, when will you be back with me? I miss you. "

but on the other end of the phone, there was no response.

compared with such a broken family, why should drug addicts complain?

there is a heart-wrenching sentence circulating on the Internet:


when you see a picture of an anti-narcotics policeman clearly on the Internet, it means that he may have died.


what is even more sad is that many of the sacrificed anti-drug police officers were anonymous in their lifetime and did not even have a tombstone after their death.

there is such a scene in the movie Operation Mekong.

the anti-drug dog will erect a monument after death, but the sacrificed anti-drug police do not.

the Anhui station of China Police Network explained this.

"because drug traffickers will follow relatives and friends who go to worship to retaliate, this is for security reasons."

A narcotics policeman once talked about his experience.

he stuck to the front line for decades and worked conscientiously.

can't protect the family.

the drug dealer had no way to vent and turned his hand on his nephew.

my nephew is only 13 years old, and the drug dealer forcibly injected him with drugs to lure him into drug addiction.

it was a pain he could never let go.

A netizen said he knew a narcotics policeman.

after the sacrifice, there was no monument, and the family members even Ching Ming Festival dared not go to the memorial ceremony for fear of being retaliated by drug traffickers.

the child is afraid to take his last name, and the father column is blank.

in times of peace, the danger and retaliation faced by the anti-narcotics police is the bloodiest.

behind it stands the kingdom of Shanhai, and so-and-so, who lies unnamed under the tomb.

the short stories of drug enforcement officers have been shared on the Internet.

"my daughter has been in kindergarten for three years and has only secretly picked it up a few times.

I am in the third grade and have never been to a parent-teacher meeting.

I feel sorry for the child, but I have to make sure she is safe. "

"I went to other provinces to carry out the mission. I originally planned to go for 10 days, but I went there for 76 days. I couldn't get in touch with my family.

when I got home and opened the door, my wife saw me, didn't speak, but just cried. "

people always say that they are brave men on the tip of the knife.

but forget that they are also fathers, husbands, sons, families and ties.

but they can only give up their small home for everyone, can only lick their wounds silently in the middle of the night, and silently guard the Shanhai country after dawn.

if the people they protect are in turn excused for drugs, will their blood and sweat be wasted?

there is a saying, "Public figures are a benchmark, an example and a guide to the public."

I think so.