People who are very deep in Chengfu often do these four "little tricks" and should be careful when they encounter them.

/July 2023



the rarest thing in the world is the human heart, and the hardest thing to guess is the human heart.

especially those who are good at camouflage, they are harmless on the surface, but they are full of calculation in their hearts, which makes them difficult to guard against.

but no matter how deep the mansion is, there is always a time when there are flaws.

people who often do the following four "tricks" are often very deep, so you must be careful when you encounter them.

only say nice things to you, not the truth

there is a good saying:

"he who dares to tell the truth is the enemy of today and the friend of tomorrow. He who flatters you is the friend of today and the enemy of tomorrow."

it is human nature to like to listen to good words, but the truth is often not good, and good words often hide cold arrows.

colleagues A Yi and A Ming entered the company at the same time, and they have a good relationship.

once, the boss handed over an important project to Yi and asked Ah Ming to help him finish it.

Yi quickly wrote down the plan.

after he showed the plan to Amin, Amin said, "Bull, I can't come up with such a beautiful plan!"

but the next day, when he proudly handed over the plan to his boss, he was scolded by the boss for not paying enough attention.

he asked Amin to help him revise it, but Amin said:

"I think your plan is perfect. The boss is probably in a bad mood to make fun of you. It's really flattering of you to stay in our company.

my friend's company is doing well and the salary is higher. I'll introduce you if you're interested. "

after hearing Amin's words, he became more and more dissatisfied with the company and decisively resigned and went to another company.

A Ming was promoted to supervisor soon after Yi left the company.

it turned out that Amin had already found out that the company was considering promoting the supervisor.

in terms of seniority and ability, he is on a par with Yi. As long as he encourages Yi to leave, it makes sense for him to become a supervisor.

he saw that there was an obvious flaw in A Yi's plan, but he deliberately did not say it in order to "kill" A Yi.

writer Tonghua once said:

"some people can hide malice under praise, while others can hide painstaking efforts in curses. Those who are good to you are not necessarily good, and those who are bad to you are not really bad. "

good medicine tastes bitter, but poison is like honey.

A person who only says good things but never tells you the truth is often very deep and dangerous.

Ta let you off guard with sweet words, definitely make you lose yourself with praise, and then take the opportunity to seize your weakness and take advantage of it to hurt you.

hide yourself and try to talk to you

in the novel White Night Walk, Moriko Kurihara and the male master Liangji Tongyuan meet in a chance encounter.

on the way back to her apartment, Dianzi saw Lianshi suffered a stomachache and squatted painfully by the side of the road.

she hurried forward to inquire about the situation, and went back to her residence to fill him with a cup of hot water.

Liangshi asked briefly about her work unit and residence, expressed her thanks and left.

A week later, he reappeared at the place where they first met.

he invited Meiko to a nearby restaurant for dinner, so they fell in love with each other.

however, Dianzi found that he seldom mentioned his work and kept quiet about his past experience.

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but he was very attentive to Dianzi, always concerned about her work, and questioned every detail carefully.

Dianzi got deeper and deeper, and even ignored the doubts in his heart and complied with Liangshi's request.

until the blind date before Meiko told her that he found that Liangshi had been following her very early, and that several encounters with her were also man-made encounters.

only then did she know that Lionshi deliberately approached her in order to take advantage of the convenience of her work in the hospital to steal information for herself.

all this is a trap set by him.

he perfectly hides his identity, but he can control all the information of others and lead them into a trap step by step.

it is said that drama comes from life, but life is sometimes more terrible than drama.

if there is such a person around you, you know nothing about Ta, and Ta knows you like the back of your hand, you should pay attention.

sudden concern may be hypocritical; approaching for no reason may be an ulterior motive.

pretend to be simple, there are words in the words

in life, we sometimes meet such people:

when I first met, I felt that Ta was naive and unworldly.

after getting along with each other, I found that Ta had a hidden agenda and meant to go beyond the sentence.

there is nothing wrong with what Ta said at the moment, but often after the event, he found that there was something in Ta's words, which was quite profound.

my friend Ah Hao has met such a person.

he and his wife have always been on good terms, but they have had some conflicts recently.

not long ago, he met his high school deskmate at a classmate's reunion, and the two talked very happily.

since then, girls often send him Wechat and even ask him to help move.

he thinks it is not easy for a girl to work outside and wants to agree to help, but he is afraid that his wife will mind.

his wife went through the chat records between him and the girl and found that the girl was full of tricks:

when the husband hesitated to agree to help, the girl said, "sister-in-lawIt's so reasonable. I don't think you mind. "

when the husband said that he and his wife disagreed, the girl said, "A good man like you, if it were me, would not be willing to quarrel with you."

when the husband said he was doing housework, the girl said, "my sister-in-law is so happy. She doesn't have to do anything. Unlike me, she has to wash, cook and clean by herself every day."

A deep-seated person will not easily reveal his true thoughts, but will wear a mask of pure kindness and talk to you in a tentative tone.

they always beat around the bush and say something to disturb your mood and sow discord between you and others.

if you talk to such a person, you will fall into a trap if you can't see through the true purpose of Ta.

observe secretly and ask around

tell a story around you.

before, there was a colleague, Jingjing, who didn't talk much, but liked to join the fun. Whenever a colleague was gossiping, she would come forward and listen to it.

for a period of time, the company was selecting a team leader for a new project, and colleagues who were interested in running for office could submit a plan to the supervisor.

colleagues privately discussed: "the team leader must be Ah Xuan, even if we want to run, it is in vain."

Jing Jing also had the idea of running for election, but she did not declare her position in public, but secretly observed Ah Xuan's behavior.

she found that A Xuan went to the corridor to answer the phone several times during office hours, and suddenly asked for leave one afternoon.

she inquired privately from other colleagues and learned that there was an emergency in A Xuan's family. She thought it was a good opportunity to fight for the position of team leader.

so she worked overtime to write the plan, handed it to the supervisor, and told the supervisor about A Xuan's recent performance, secretly indicating that A Xuan planned to resign, showing her loyalty to the company by the way.

considering that Jingjing's working ability is still outstanding and relatively stable, the supervisor promoted her to team leader.

A person with a deep mansion is often calm on the surface and step by step on the inside.

they will secretly observe others, inquire about other people's private affairs, read each other's thoughts, and always want to grasp the other side's hands and find an opportunity to control the enemy.

when you meet such a person, you must be careful everywhere to protect yourself and avoid being accused.

in the eyes of people who are deep in Chengfu, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.

for profit, Ta can do whatever it takes to set a trap for you, waiting for you to fall into it step by step.

as long as you are a little cautious, you will be able to notice their plans, stay away in time, and avoid damage to your own interests.

May we spend the rest of our lives away from false good people, make friends with true gentlemen, be on guard against those who are not worth it, and give our hearts to those who are worth it.