Men from "love" to "do not love", the three changes are obvious, there is no doubt

/July 2023

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We all hope to meet this kind of love, can always accompany around, the feelings of two people are always the same.

however, reality often backfires.

some feelings are not forever, but will change beyond recognition over time.

sometimes you think he will always warm you and love you, but in fact he has planned to leave you.

there is a saying that meeting each other is always caught by surprise, and parting is premeditated for a long time.

No matter how much a man once loved you, once he changed his heart, he could not hide these three changes.

attitude towards you

will change from soft to tough

Women are always used to asking men if they love themselves, hoping to get the answers they want from men.

but in fact, even if some men do not love, they will not directly say it, because they do not want to admit their unrequited feelings.

in this regard, women often mistakenly think that men still like them, but they do not realize that men are forcing you to break up in their own way.

one netizen said:

"her boyfriend was gentle and considerate when he courted her, and finally moved her, but when she decided to love seriously, her attitude suddenly took a U-turn."

she doesn't understand why she doesn't love if she says she doesn't love now, even if she doesn't have a kind word.

it seems that many feelings are like this, those who are moved first do not love, and those who are moved later do not die.

is realistic and cruel.

at the same time, it also makes people understand that there is some tenderness, but at that time, it does not mean that in the future.

when a man loves you, he will be gentle to you, give you an intimate nickname, and indulge your little emotions.

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but when he doesn't love, his attitude will become tough, and he will always boss you around, and sometimes he will not give way to you if he only makes a small mistake.

it can be seen that once the man who said he loved you has changed, then his dislike and critical attitude towards you is the answer.

get along with you

changed from "altruistic" to "selfish"

what should a man look like when he loves a woman?

probably, give for each other from the bottom of your heart, including emotion, time, money and so on. Meet each other's needs as much as possible, regardless of return.

as Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World:

"True love is not selfish, but altruistic."

selfishness is human nature, but in front of the one you love, it becomes an instinctive giving.

if a man always gives priority to you, he will rein in his temper because he is worried about making you sad, and often would rather suffer and be aggrieved than make you unhappy, which shows that he loves you.

therefore, the man's true feelings have been exposed from the way he usually treats you.

if a man keeps saying that he loves you, but never thinks about it from your point of view, then he does not love you at all, but selfishly possesses you.

the form of interaction with you

changed from enthusiasm to "indifference"

sometimes, you may already understand that the other person really does not love you, but you are not reconciled and do not want to believe it.

for example, the other person begins not to reply to your messages, frequently perfunctory you, suddenly no enthusiasm for you, these obvious changes, should have let you see clearly.

he has no feelings for you, and those enthusiastic behaviors naturally disappear, and become more and more indifferent.

in the past, he used to boo you every day, asking about your clothing, food, housing, transportation, and your work and life.

now, I don't care about you. You are by his side, but he only sees his cell phone and doesn't bother to communicate with you.

before, I took the initiative to hug you every day and secretly prepared surprises for you during the holidays.

but now it is very busy to open your mouth and shut up, asking you not to disturb him, or even unwilling to have physical contact with you.

when you find that a man has changed from enthusiasm to indifference to you, and when he is with him, he doesn't feel loved at all, then it's best to stop the loss in time.

because people who do not love you, no matter how hard you try, they will not look at you again, and you will never go back to the past.

Fu Seoul has a passage that says very well:

"eventually you will encounter a long and warm embrace, and you will understand that some inappropriate people are meant to be missed. Please forget those untimely regrets. It is beautiful to spend on meetings, but life needs trees that bear fruit. Forget the flowers you planted and love the trees that bear fruit. "

everyone wants to have unswerving love, but the process of pursuing love is destined to be not plain sailing, and you may experience disappointment and get hurt.

however, as long as you don't give up, I believe you will eventually go through all the unhappiness and finally meet the right person.

, good night.