Smile (deep good text)

/July 2023

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there is a saying widely spread on the Internet: people with a good state of mind will be good for the rest of their lives!

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that's true.

when you are alive, you live by that good state of mind.

most of the time, smile and you will find that worry is nothing more than that.

as Samuel said:

"the world is like a mirror:

frown at it, and it frowns at you; smile at it, and it looks at you with a smile. "

when you worry about three thousand things, you can solve a thousand worries with a smile.

when life is at a loss, smile calmly

it is not as good as nine times out of ten that one is alive.

the trivialities of firewood, rice and salt, intriguing workplace, two-faced "friends" …...

every day in such a life, it is inevitable to encounter things that make you suffer.

as a result, some people become depressed in haggling, their mental state is getting worse and worse, and anxiety and insomnia have become the norm.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "the human condition of the world can be read as a book or as a play."

Life is not perfect, sometimes a small loss is a good thing.

there was such an idiom story called "Yi Gong, King of Chu".

in the Spring and Autumn period, the king of Chu hunted and lost a precious bow. they searched everywhere, but found nothing.

the chief of the guards was so worried that he crept back. Unexpectedly, the king of Chu looked up to the sky and smiled, waved and said, "the king of Chu left the bow, the people of Chu got it, all my people and my people, there is no need to find it!"

when Confucius heard this, he lamented that the mind of the king of Chu was not big enough: "if you leave it, you will get it." There is no need for Chu! "

in other words, everyone admires Confucius' open-mindedness.

the person who can smile calmly after suffering a loss is the real magnanimous person.

as the saying goes, only when you have a big heart can you tolerate everything, and only optimism can you worry less.

in this life, only by learning to be positive and optimistic and facing life with an open-minded attitude can we be calm and comfortable.