Don't set it to be visible for three days in moments.

/July 2023

I wonder if you are the same as me, occasionally thinking of a friend who has not been in touch for a long time, I will go to see the other person's moments.

want to get some information from moments to learn about her life, and use it as an introduction to the topic to start this greeting.

but often, this "careful machine" will always fail.

because you click into the other person's moments, you often see a hint that can be seen for three days.

there is nothing else.

"Friends only show the moments of the last three days". This sentence is like a wall between each other, blocking all enthusiasm and communication.

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people inside the wall can't come out, and people outside the wall can't get in.

No matter how many eager words come to my mouth, when I see this wall, they all disappear in my mouth instantly, losing the desire to say it.

three-day visibility seems to be a protection of privacy, but in fact it is also a hindrance to feelings.

two years ago, my moments were often visible for three days.

is not only visible for three days, but also specially shielded some people.

these include parents, relatives, and some list friends who are not familiar with them.

I do this sometimes for the sake of cleanliness, and sometimes because of the content I have posted, even I feel embarrassed and embarrassed to read it.

such as sudden emo emotions in the middle of the night, such as sudden hypocrisy, or feelings that only you can experience.

some words are difficult to explain, some words are explained and no one understands.

so just set it up for three days and give yourself some privacy.

once, when I was very depressed because of my work, I casually sent a message. It was sent at noon and locked up privately in the afternoon.

but I didn't expect my mother to see me.

she called me and asked me if something had happened to me and if I was in a bad mood, and then asked why I couldn't see the circle of friends at noon.

I didn't pay attention to her mood at that time, so I casually said:

"nothing, it's locked."

she hung up suddenly and sent me a long message on Wechat five minutes later.

when she says I'm not around, she looks at my moments every day.

every time I update the news, she will watch it several times.

especially like watching the happy things I sent.

occasionally she would worry when she saw me complaining and complaining about something on my mind.

since I set up access rights, for more than three days, none of the previous content has been visible, and her understanding of me seems to have been cut off.

I personally closed her door to my life, the door that cared about me, and separated her world from mine.

"if you don't like it, it's okay to close it. Mom just wants to care more about you. As long as you live well, your mother will be relieved. "

since then, I have opened my moments and made all the contents visible with no time limit.

when she talked about this with her friends, she said she had a very close friend on Wechat who died of illness in 19.

before his death, this friend was a person who loved life, and his circle of friends was often updated and lively.

after she left, her Wechat was not cancelled and her moments were not emptied.

everything remains the same, as if she had never left.

when I miss her occasionally, my friends will send her messages and share my joys and sorrows with her.

if I have nothing to do, I will also go to check her moments.

although her people are gone, but looking at her circle of friends, all thoughts and reluctance have an outlet, and all regrets and sadness have a place to be placed.

this reminds me of the air crash in March, when many people lamented and sad, also said that the first time to open the moments.

there is a message, which I still remember clearly:

"moments suddenly don't want to be visible for three days, because if there is an accident one day, I leave my family and loved ones with nothing but the developments in moments."

when I read this passage now, I feel sorrowful.

nowadays everyone is busy, busy with life, busy with work, busy with breathing.

only those who value you and care about you from the bottom of their heart will take time out of their busy schedule to check your circle of friends and want to know how you are doing.

they are always out of your sight, silently watching you and worrying about you.

so, if you can, don't set the moments to be visible for three days.

Let people who care about you know more about your opportunities and channels.

Let the gushing love come to an end.

also let yourself and the world, more contact, more intersection.

Don't close yourself up. No one is an island.

there's always someone who loves you, don't you think?