Wang Yan's hundreds of millions of luxury houses are on fire! The Imperial Palace is next door, occupying a floor: after marrying a wealthy family, I became the best of myself.

/July 2023




in the entertainment industry, there are many stars with luxury houses, but if you want to say "the most trench", many people should vote for "Qingge" Wang Yan.

her home is not only large, but also the location is unbelievably good!

because she and the Imperial Palace are neighbors!

everyone knows that in Beijing, where there is an inch of land and money, not to mention being a neighbor to the Imperial Palace, buying a house in the ring has been the lifelong pursuit of most people.

so, when I first heard the news, I thought it was "too fake".

No wonder netizens laugh: this is the real "GE".

has been confirmed by Zhengzhu, netizens have never known how close her home is to the Imperial Palace.

until a few days ago, Wang Yan posted her cat on the social platform and inadvertently exposed the mansion, netizens accidentally found out:

it turns out that Wang Yan's family is wide to overlook the Imperial Palace.

this angle is more obvious.

"I wanted to be close, but I didn't think it was this close."

"this is really living in Imperial City Root."

some people struggle to get tickets to see the face of the Forbidden City, but she has a panoramic view of the Forbidden City every day.

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this is so enviable!

and netizens were very careful and found that her cat was very much like the pine nut in the Legend of Zhen Huan, which aroused a burst of emotion:

"Cats are more expensive than me."

pine nuts in ▽ Biography of Zhen Huan

but when I flipped through the short video of Wang Yan again, I found that she had deleted it.

also, just because of the cat, she posted herself on a hot search, and the entry was also called "next to Wang Yan's Imperial Palace." it is estimated that only she can do it in the entertainment industry.

in fact, when I went through other small videos of Wang Yan, I found that she kept a low profile and blurred the Imperial Palace every time.

so, if you want to blame Wang Yan's lot, it's great.

later, some netizens revealed that the neighborhood where she lives is called "Wang Fu Century", and Wang Yan's house is still on the top floor, which is said to be worth more than 100 million.

but come to think of it, this mansion is located in the Wangfujing commercial area of Beijing, heading north to Ping an Avenue, south to Chang'an Avenue, and west to the Forbidden City.

is really worth the price.

A blogger has visited Wang Yan's home before, and the location is even clearer.

see this appearance, the appearance is actually not very good, quite the style of the 1990s.

A search, this is actually a commercial, catering, office building as one.

so where is the top floor where Wang Yan lives?

this is it! You read it correctly, this floor is all her house, it is said that it is more than 2000 square meters.

and next to the Imperial Palace Century is the site of Huangchenggen.

that is to say, more than 100 years ago, the place where Wang Yan now lives is the real root of the imperial city.

once there was a report about Wang Yan's billionaire mansion. The original text goes like this:

"in the sky garden, there are trees such as shrubs and a lot of unnamed flowers, with a fountain in the middle. Not far away, the rosy Forbidden City is the scenery in their eyes.

if the weather is fine, Wang Yan will sit in the garden with her husband and children to have breakfast, drink coffee and enjoy the sun over the Forbidden City.

this description is not an exaggeration at all, because in a program, Wang Yan's son was riding a bike in his garden.

shrubs, pines, roses and so on are planted in the yard.

the family also specially decorated a room for my son to play with toy cars.

so, how proud is the Wang Yan family?

remember that Wang Yan took her son Qiqiu to the show before, and Qiqiu complained that Wang Yan was stingy:

Mom gives 1,000 at a time;

Dad is generous, giving him 20,000 or 30,000 at a time.

and the game of hide-and-seek that I envy very much.

in an experience program, the little sister asked him: what kind of bus do you take in Beijing every day?

when we are considering whether it is a bus or a subway, the ball says:

Audi A8, Rolls-Royce.

the best gift his mother ever gave him was a Buyadi car model, while the authentic car was in the hands of his half-brother Wang Shuo.

searched the price of the car, which is something I can't afford to buy.

however, Wang Yan's son thinks the car is not high-end enough.

this is nothing. Wang Yan's family has already had enough trenches. As a result, a search found that the whole building belongs to her husband.

you can have a building near the Imperial Palace, which makes people wonder where Wang Yan's husband came from.

Wang Yan's husband's name is Wang Zhicai. He is not an ordinary rich man. He is one of the first real estate businessmen in Beijing.

he was more than ten years older than Wang Yan, so the marriage caused a lot of controversy at that time.

everyone thinks it is Wang Yanba's husband, but in fact it is Wang Yan whom Wang Zhicai pursues desperately.

when we didn't meet, Wang Yan felt that Wang Zhicai was "old" and "nouveau riche." Anyway, I don't have a good impression.

when she first met, she found that Wang Zhicai had no airs and the meeting place was in an ordinary restaurant.

and very considerate and gentle.

On that day, Wang Yan was not feeling well, but it was all right.

unexpectedly, Wang Zhicai found out and ordered himself a bowl of light "cabbage soup" to warm his stomach.

later, Wang Yan was hospitalized because of illness, and Wang Zhicai rushed to the hospital as soon as he knew about it.

but when he arrived at the hospital, he was embarrassed to enter the ward, so he asked Wang Yan to chat in the pavilion outside the hospital.

it turned out that he had bought a super-large flower basket before he came, which was so big that Wang Yan's ward could not fit it, which made Wang Yan laugh and cry.

but it was these careful and thoughtful little things that made Wang Yan decide to accept this man.

although knowing that it may attract criticism, only you know whether you are happy or not.

decades have passed, and Wang Zhicai has indeed praised Wang Yan as a princess.

as Wang Yan once said:

"he is very romantic. In all the festivals, as long as he can touch that side of the festival, such as Mother's Day, International Working Women's Day, and so on, he has to make careful preparations."


in 1997, Wang Zhicai proposed to Wang Yan, and Wang Yan agreed.

the couple registered their marriage in Australia and got married in Beijing three years later.

some people say that after Wang Yan joined the rich family, she became a doormat, and the atmosphere dared not take a breath.

not really.

when Wang Yan is unhappy, she will have a little temper with Wang Zhicai.

she once said that Wang Zhicai once forgot to make an appointment with himself because he was busy with his work.

Wang Yan was so angry that she said to Wang Zhicai, "I'm very angry. You don't mean what you say."

when she was still pregnant, in a fit of anger, she ran to her best friend and ran away from home.

but her best friend didn't see Wang Yan when she got home.

it turned out that as soon as Wang Zhicai saw Wang Yan angry, he immediately coaxed her home.

got angry, the old guild coaxed.

after running away from home, my husband went to pick it up as soon as possible.

although he is very naive, Wang Zhicai has always spoiled Wang Yan for decades.