Don't get wet by holding an umbrella for others.

/July 2023

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I like a sentence in the Big Bang Theory:

"if you are too kind, the world will make you black and blue sooner or later."

We always think that being kind to others is a good thing.

but this is not the case.

when you meet an ungrateful person, the more you give, the cheaper it is to be kind.

is not only not cherished, but also becomes a sharp knife to himself.

good people are rewarded, but good people don't

have you found that those who are most likely to get hurt in life are often those who are soft-hearted?

they seldom argue with others and always think that peace is the most precious.

but in exchange, it is to take more than an inch.

my sister-in-law runs a restaurant and business has been good.

some time ago, my sister-in-law posted on moments, saying that she had launched a new dish.

A relative saw this and asked if my sister-in-law could bring her colleagues to team building, try it for free and help my sister-in-law publicize it.

my sister-in-law hesitated. On the one hand, she was embarrassed to say no; on the other hand, she was sure to lose money on free tasting.

but could not help the soft and hard bubbles of her relatives, so my sister-in-law agreed and asked her relatives to keep it a secret.

my relatives swore that they brought more than a dozen people that day, and then they told everyone that their sister-in-law was filial to him.

when other relatives and friends heard about it, they said they would come for dinner, but most of them didn't pay.

my sister-in-law politely reminded her relatives to give money, but as a result, she was scolded by her relatives for being stingy, and she was reluctant to give people a meal worth a few hundred yuan.

at this time, the hotel with insufficient funds was difficult to sustain, and my sister-in-law had to announce the closure of the hotel.

there is a hot topic on the Internet: "Why do people take other people's good for granted?"

the high praise answer is very piercing: "you are used to it."

in life, we always subconsciously agree to the pleas of others.

but while you are easy to talk, it also grows the demand for you.

you can be a good person, but never be a good man.

it's right for you to give kindness, but if you mean too much, you take it for granted in the eyes of others.

if you are well-intentioned, you may be more like a fat sheep to be slaughtered in the eyes of others.

people are afraid of going the wrong way, afraid of giving it to the wrong person

the most difficult thing in the world is the human heart.

some people, when they ask you for help, say nice words; afterwards, they break down the bridge and turn their faces.

such a person is really not worth your heart.

Ms. Li from Zhejiang bought a school district house before marriage, and the school where her brother-in-law and daughter went to school happened to be near the school district house.

in order to get their daughter into an ideal school, the younger brother-in-law and his wife asked Ms. Li for help to borrow her school district room.

the kind Ms. Li agreed that she not only transferred the house to her brother-in-law, but also did not even set up a letter out of trust.

the two sides only agreed verbally that the property right of the house still belongs to Ms. Li.

later, Ms. Li's husband died unfortunately, and the family had no financial resources, so Ms. Li planned to sell her house.

in desperation, Ms. Li took her brother-in-law and his wife to court.

in the end, Ms. Li won the case and took back the house, but her cold heart could no longer warm up.

you know, in this world, not all sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

those who want to repay their gratitude, even if it is only a drop of kindness, are bound to repay each other.

ungrateful people, even with all their enthusiasm, still have to look forward to Shu.

be sure to see the character of the other person before giving kindness.

only by choosing good deeds can we give kindness to the right people, and goodness can not be disappointed.

there is a measure of kindness and a degree of giving

you've had the same experience.

you take care of the feelings of others, but you are unscrupulously asked for;

you are incompetent and refuse other people's requests, only to be bitten and resented.

the more you experience, the more you will understand: kindness needs a ruler, and giving requires a degree.

in the World, Zhou Bingkun suffered a lot because of his kindness.

Xiao Guoqing and Wu Qian lost their jobs, had no place to live, and lost their financial resources.

Zhou Bingkun lent his vacant old house free of charge, and arranged for Wu Qian to work as a salesperson in a bookstore.

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later, Zhou Bingkun's new bungalow was forcibly repossessed, and the family had no place to live.

in desperation, Zhou Bingkun had to go to Wu Qian and his wife to vacate the house.

but Wu Qian refused:

"A family of three, living on my salary alone, you kick us out now, we have no place to live, we can go, then you can arrange a job for Xiao Guoqing."

Zhou Bingkun's friend, who did his best to help, instantly became an enemy.

as for Qiao Chunyan, the unit room allocated for the Women's Federation was not repossessed, and asking Zhou Bingkun for help was refused.

Qiao Chunyan said angrily, "are friends divided into three, six or nine grades?"

she also took out Zhou Bingkun's previous business of helping others not helping herself, saying that she wanted to sever diplomatic relations with him.

Zhou Bingkun countered: "you can't eat meat in your home. If you have something extra to help you, there's nothing to spare. If you don't help you, you shouldn't be picky."

Yes, kindness is our choice, not our inherent obligation.

in the face of the difficulties of the people around us, we can take the initiative to lend a hand.

but when there is nothing I can do, I can only stand idly by.

I quite agree with what Meng Fei said:

"someone asked you for help, but you were expected to help ten points, but you only helped seven points. For convenience, you didn't feel righteous. Instead of thanking you, you felt that you owed him three points."

from "good people are rewarded" to "good people are deceived", there is a "measure of goodness" in the middle.

the hearts of the people can never be satisfied when raising rice to raise grace and fighting rice to raise hatred.

bottomless kindness will feed those who have a bad heart and eventually let themselves fall into the abyss.

by rejecting kindness beyond the scale, you can free yourself from the whirlpool of your life.

protect yourself from the rain before giving others an umbrella

John Dorne said: "No man is an island, alone in the sea, everyone is like a small piece of soil, connected to the whole land."

it is difficult to stand alone. When we encounter difficulties, we need the help of others.

Life, it is nothing more than you help me, I help you, the feelings are getting deeper and deeper in helping each other.

but not every request of others should be answered generously, and we should lend a helping hand in every predicament.

those things that are beyond your ability, even if you insist on doing them, may not be able to solve other people's problems.

in the end, it not only leads to complaints from others, but may even involve yourself.

you and I are all mortals, and no one is the savior of others.

Don't add unnecessary trouble to yourself because of kindness.

you know, when you can, it is kind to help; when you can't take care of yourself, it is kind to refuse decisively.

first protect yourself from the rain, and then give others an umbrella.

May you have both the kindness to help others and the wisdom to protect yourself for the rest of your life.