A model couple in the entertainment industry has been divorced! After 16 years of love, I can't pretend it anymore.

/July 2023

another celebrity couple has been revealed to be divorced.

# Huang Jiaqian Xia Keli divorce #


I don't know if you remember the mixed-race princess in "where's Dad going 3": summer poppy


my mother is Huang Jiaqian, an artist from Taiwan, and my father is a Canadian artist, Xia Keli.

on the 6th, Taiwan media suddenly exposed that the two were in a divorce lawsuit;

shocked the whole net: how did the sweet and happy family get to this point?

then, Huang Jiaqian commissioned a lawyer to issue a statement:

"the decision and process of divorce is very difficult, and this decision is a last resort. I sincerely hope that innocent children will not be hurt because of media reports."

I personally admitted the fact of divorce, netizens also blew up the pot, all brushed to "distressed summer".

"I really don't believe in marriage and love. I hope my cloud daughter poppy is all right."

"you must grow up happily in summer."

after all, summer is the little princess we watched grow up!

A princess without princess illness

as we all know, "Dad" gathers several "Sweet Sister ceilings", and summer is one of them.

the scene of bilibili's death of Ah Wei

Canadian hybrid, white skin and big round eyes hit my uncle in the heart at once.

when she made her debut, wearing a gorgeous Belle master skirt, the little princess in the fairy tale had a face in an instant.

all kinds of princess shapes have no sense of disobedience in summer.

if the beauty of summer satisfies our fantasy that the princess is "loved by everyone";

and the character of summer breaks our understanding of the little princess.

she is brave and powerful--

other children be like: shock, fear and rejection when playing games.

our summer is to unlock all kinds of splashed positions and become more and more brave in the more battle.

she is not a canary who lives in a castle and can only act cute, but Hua Mulan who can "go up the mountain to the sea" and raise her sword to fight.

she is kind and warm-hearted--

take care of all kinds of brothers and sisters for dinner;

even if Nuo is in a hurry to lose her temper, she will take the initiative to admit her mistakes and comfort.

she wants her little friend to be happy more than "Beauty first".

who read it without saying a word: "Summer is really an angel!"

she also often makes funny faces without baggage.

it is precisely because of her good character in summer that children like to play with her, which leads to a big cp stew:

Novox Summer = "Noshia";

Kangkang X Summer = "Kangxia".

naive puppy love has been directly used by netizens

(of course, they are just pure friendship


Liu Ye sent the same frame photos on Weibo in summer and summer.

netizens' reaction is like cp fans bumping into their own main date and starting to party unscrupulously.

in those years, summer left us countless good memories;

everyone also remembered this "little princess without princess illness".

the cultivation of princesses

the reason why people are loved by everyone in summer is inseparable from the education of their parents.

like all little girls, summer yearns for romantic and dreamy fairy tales from an early age, so Xia Keli and Huang Jiaqian make do.

they worked out the Princess Code for her if she wanted to be a princess in summer.

first of all, you should be kind, elegant and loving.

second, you should be filial and polite;

third, you should be independent, strong and brave;

fourth, you should be interesting and have a wide range of interests;

Fifth, you should be confident and dare to express yourself.

give her the princess dress she wants when she performs well in the summer;

not only guarded the innocence of summer, but also taught her various skills to guide her growth.

as parents, Xia Keli and Huang Jiaqian are undoubtedly competent.

before getting married, Huang Jiaqian was active in Taiwan's film and television, music, and variety shows, played the adoptive mother of Princess Little Sister, and won the Golden Bell Award for Best supporting Actress.

sang the popular "Happy breakup" with Leong Jingru;

in the host world, it can also be regarded as another small S, with several major resources in hand.

after marriage, Huang Jiaqian's focus shifted to his family: "now I want to spend more time with my children."

so they laid down a rule that they should stop working every summer to spend time with them.

the family will leave precious group photos at different scenic spots.

Prepare yourself to look stunning in our gorgeous high neck long sleeve wedding wear at your next party. Take a moment in this catalogue and realize you are lucky.

they love their only precious daughter from the bottom of their heart, but they will never indulge or spoil her.

when summer makes mistakes in the program, Shakespeare will always correct her mistakes in time.

but his educational method is not simply to lose his temper and criticize rudely, but to reason with summer with stories from the point of view of children.

what summer shows on the show.Etiquette also benefited from the teaching of his mother Huang Jiaqian.

in the variety show "the second Child,"Brother" and Xia Xia have differences in choosing storybooks. Xia Keli and Huang Jiaqian choose what he wants to hear in order to take care of their new brother.

but before it was the summer of the only child, where I knew why, I had accumulated a day of grievances, and finally broke out.

what should I do? @ everybody, take out your notebooks and take notes. Here comes the textbook-level approach!

Mother Huang Jiaqian first affirmed the behavior of taking care of her brother today in summer. After giving some emotional comfort, she let summer go to her room to calm down for a while.

then use my brother's "concession" to guide Xia to understand the meaning of "comity".

it is under such gentle and proper teaching that summer has grown into a little princess loved by everyone.

reality is not a fairy tale

however, the "perfect family" in our eyes has now disintegrated.

after Huang Jiaqian issued a statement in response, netizens picked up Huang Jiaqian's friend's suggestion that Xia Keli was "rubbish".

in 2019, Huang Jiaqian said:

"in fact, my marriage is a complete illusion, I am not happy at all."

"my marriage is very problematic."

Marriage is like a mansion, compared with the sudden collapse, cumulative cracks are the norm.

We don't know what happened between the two. After all, marriage can't be made clear in a few words.

and the focus of netizens' attention is: will summer be hurt?

Uncle feels that the injury is inevitable, but maybe "separation" is the real choice to take care of summer.

"does divorce necessarily hurt children?"

this question is always in our hearts, and everyone has different answers in the discussions on Weibo and Zhihu.

some people say:

"when I grew up in a single-parent family, I didn't have sense of security and didn't believe in love."

"put up with it for the sake of your children. A healthy family is better than anything else."

but some people say:

"listening to their parents quarrel every day, I want them to get divorced as soon as possible."

"my mother occasionally blames me: because I am not divorced, this is my biggest shadow."

"when I was a child, I expected my parents to divorce, and it would not be unfortunate to leave my mother."

when marriage has reached an irreparable stage, it is impossible to whitewash peace. Children can feel whether they are happy or not.

what's more, his mind is as delicate as summer, and he will be aware of his brother's mind because of his words.

how can you not feel what changes have taken place between parents who were once in love?

some studies have pointed out that

even if they are not divorced, children who have witnessed parental conflict will still be subject to high psychological pressure and low well-being.