A recent photo of the 58-year-old actor "disfigured" has been exposed. He has been married for 24 years and has no children: he has lived like this.

/July 2023


A man shuttles through the crowd in the endless stream of stations.

he was wearing a shabby yellow raincoat, a beard and mandarin duck shoes.

I saw him running and shouting at his back. He was crazy.

passers-by cast puzzled eyes at him one after another, and some of them were even scared back again and again.

look intently, this is Liu Qingyun!

how did he get to this point?

it turns out that this is the street scene of his new movie "Detective Wars".

the real scene and the acting skills of the explosion are worthy of Liu Qingyun.

"Detective Wars" has been in theaters for more than 20 days and has grossed 600 million yuan at the box office and received numerous acclaim.

netizens even said bluntly: "Liu Qingyun has booked the next Hong Kong Academy Awards."

in fact, Liu Qingyun won the film actor for "I want to be famous" as early as 2007, and won the film actor award for "eavesdropping Fengyun 3" in 2015.

in this year's Academy Awards, he also published the famous "Shuttle Theory".

"I want to thank my wife. Every time I fly a spaceship to an unknown corner of the universe, you always have a way to get me back to Earth safely."

Liu Qingyun, who looks honest and honest, is really good at talking about love.

in the propaganda campaign of the "Detective War," he also continued to export, and his strength was no less than that year.

"before I got married, acting was everything, nothing but acting, not after marriage, but she was important after marriage (Guo Aiming)."

caught off guard, I was stuffed with dog food

the appearance of Guo Aiming is like a dividing line that divides Liu Qingyun's life into two halves.

I was a single-minded actor in the first half of my life and a spoiled husband in the second half of my life.

their love is like a romantic idol play, which has been staged for more than 20 years and is still being updated.

like most couples in the entertainment industry, Liu Qingyun and Guo Aiming fall in love because of drama.

in 1992, they co-starred in the Great Times, playing Fang Zhanbo and long Jiwen respectively.

in the play, Fang Zhanbo said to long Jiwen, "you've been bothering me all day, are you in love with me?"

long Jiwen retorted: "forget it. I don't like black people the most."

unexpectedly, later, Guo Aiming really fell in love with the dark-skinned Liu Qingyun.

but in this play, neither of them has a good first impression of each other.

Guo Aiming, who had just won the title of Sister Hong Kong at that time, was a flower sought after by TVB.

and Liu Qingyun has just finished his eight-year career as a male lead for the first time.

Guo Aiming, who has a non-professional background, is a little less than satisfactory in acting.

therefore, when they play against each other, they often quarrel over some details.

is not good, and Liu Qingyun will very seriously ask Guo Aiming to do it again.

his impatient tone and natural bad face all make Guo Ai-Ming find him difficult to get along with, even a little annoying.

similarly, Liu Qingyun is also quite disgusted with Guo Aiming, feeling that she only has a good-looking face and no acting skills, just like a vase.

many years later, Liu Qingyun finally admitted that he fell in love with Guo Aiming at first sight.

now come to think of it, didn't Liu Qingyun act like a primary school student who fell in love with someone?

if you don't know how to express it, you can only get attention by bothering the other person.

when the play is finished, the two haven't intersected for a long time. But the doomed lover is destined to meet again.

in 1994, their mutual friend Zhou Huimin held a concert and invited them to be live guests.

the two, who had not seen each other for a long time, had a hot chat in the back row of the meeting.

in the dialogue, they get to know each other again and see the different side of each other.

one day, Liu Qingyun saw Guo Aiming on a live program, and thoughts gushed out uncontrollably.

Liu Qingyun of the Action Group directly called Guo Aiming and asked her to pick him up.

after meeting, Guo Aiming asked in surprise: "what can I do for you?"

straight ball Liu Qingyun launched an attack: "I want to see you."

this domineering confession made Guo Aiming, who had thought Liu Qingyun wanted to borrow money, directly froze on the spot.

in this way, Guo Aiming and Liu Qingyun officially began their relationship.

the regret of the Great Times has been perfected in real life.

the combination of dark-skinned poor boy x Hong Kong sister champion Bai Fumei is not a perfect match today, let alone the entertainment industry in the 1990s.

as soon as the news of their relationship came out, the crowd was furious and everyone spoke ill of it.

Hong Kong media said bluntly that Liu Qingyun praised Guo Aiming and joked that they were "Beauty and the Beast."

in the face of such accusations, Liu Qingyun responded directly: "people go high, so I want to be with her."

Guo Ai-Ming tried his best to protect her husband: "there is no match, only love or not!"

, he also said in front of the media many times: "he is a very good actor, and he works very hard, he will certainly make great achievements in the future."

Liu Qingyun also lived up to the trust of Guo Aiming, won three movie stars by virtue of his own strength, and nominated best actor many times.

in an interview, the host asked Liu Qingyun, "did she (Guo Aiming) say what she admires you most?"

he replied in seconds: "directly."

looking back on their love history, Liu Qingyun's greatest feature is directness.

confess your love directly, especially when you propose.

on the plane to visit Guo Aiming's parents in the United States, Liu Qingyun said to Guo Aiming:

"I love you, and I'll give you two choices now. Either marry me or I'll open the hatch and jump."

when Guo Aiming heard that he could not laugh or cry, he replied proudly: "I agreed to save the passengers of this plane."

many people say that straight men don't know anything about romance, and Liu Qingyun is obviously the exception.

Are you prepared to look drop dead gorgeous with our exquisite nude color satin bridesmaid outfits at your upcoming event? Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

once two people went shopping together and passed a flower shop. Guo Aiming casually said that the flowers in the window were very beautiful.

Liu Qingyun disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was holding the bouquet of flowers in his hand.

in 1998, Liu Qingyun's career gradually improved, but he was not rich.

the wedding dress inlaid with 13999 crystals means that the two people have a long life.

but all this is not easy.

three days before the wedding, Liu Qingyun was filming True Hero in Thailand.

there was a very dangerous explosion at that time. Before turning on the phone, he went to the screenwriter and said:

"if I am unfortunately injured by a bomb, don't rush me to the hospital and send me back to Hong Kong so that my wife can see that I am really hurt. I didn't miss the wedding on purpose."

the screenwriter thought he was joking, but Liu Qingyun's serious emphasis was true.

rather than his own safety, I want Guo Aiming to know that he really loves her.

before running for Sister Hong Kong, Guo Aiming had a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California and is expected to become an NASA engineer.

after meeting Liu Qingyun, she chose to stay in Hong Kong and gradually faded out of the entertainment industry after their marriage.

many years later, a reporter asked Guo Aiming, "if you do it again, will you choose to be a Sister Hong Kong or an NASA engineer?"

Guo Aiming bent his eyebrows and smiled happily: "I choose to be a housewife."

her confident tone and smiling face all proved that Liu Qingyun gave her enough sense of security.

Liu Qingyun, who has been a veteran actor in the entertainment industry for nearly 40 years, has never had an affair.

this is because there are only two kinds of people in his eyes, his wife Guo Aiming and others.

when interviewed, he also said bluntly that his wife was the only one of the opposite sex around him.

when Yuan Yongyi was a guest of "Please listen", she was asked by Jing Bo-ran, "Sister Liang, do you have the contact information of Brother Qingyun?"

after hearing this, Yuan Yongyi replied, "Liu Qingyun? No! Although I have done a lot of movies with him, I really don't know him very well. "

then explodes himself, and the two cooperate with each other with only three words--

"good morning", "have you eaten", "good-bye".

it's kind of funny!

the great beauty Cecilia Cheung once said that Liu Qingyun was the only actor who didn't look at her.

Tang Wei, who has worked with Liu Qingyun, also said that he never talks to himself when there is no chance.

and the director specially said to the actress on the set:

"Qingyun doesn't communicate much with actresses. It's not that he hates you. It's the same with every crew he goes to."

Liu Qingyun can be said to be an out-and-out "only Guo Ai Ming".

from not being favored at the beginning to the blessing of the whole network now, they have experienced too much.

if there is anything wrong with their marriage, it is probably the children.

there have been several theories about the cause of dink.

some people say that Liu Qingyun was so snubbed by his parents in his childhood that he thought he could not be a good father.

some people say that Liu Qingyun has "essential hypertension" and is afraid to pass it on to his children.

others say that Guo Aiming has a bad heart, and Liu Qingyun is afraid that having a baby will put a burden on her body.

Liu Qingyun has responded to this question in an interview.

"some friends often tell me that if there are no children, the family is incomplete. My view is that it does not matter. The most important thing is whether your family is closely connected or not. We do not need children to maintain. Because our relationship is already very close."

it is obvious that their marriage no longer needs children to be the icing on the cake.