After the age of 35, please live a low-equipped life

/July 2023


once read such a sentence in the Watershed of Life, and found it quite reasonable:

"35 years old is the biggest watershed in life. Youth has become a thing of the past, restlessness has gradually subsided, life seems to have solidified, and the plasticity of life has gradually begun to decline. "

Yes, before the age of 35, you and I were still young, with a dream of daisies in front and parents' lifts in the rear, so we could pursue our dreams and live poetically.

but after the age of 35, we are all squeezed into middle age, with elderly parents to support and young children to take care of. We are prone to mental tiredness and material difficulties.

but we can still do the richest spiritual thinking in the simplest material life.

and the best state after the age of 35 is: low life and high soul.

live a low life and live the simplest material life

on Douban, there is a group called "low material life", in which there is a particularly incisive sentence:

Be beautiful, stylish and outstanding when in our elegant tea length cocktail dresses. Shop from our numerous options in every style now.

"the world is a mess because material things are loved while people are used-used by inner desires."

I couldn't agree more.

the material at home is getting richer, but the sense of security in my heart is getting thinner and thinner.

these years, the older you get, the more you feel:

true wealth is the inner experience. Instead of being bound by material shackles, it is better to live the simplest material life.

I know a senior who has passed the stage of worrying about money, but he is a famous "miser" in the industry.

he will never buy anything that can still be used at home; if it is really broken, he will take it to repair it.

A bowl of hot soup is enough for a simple meal on weekdays, and comes at a party dressed in plain clothes and slippers.

and people of the same rank as him, most of them have famous brands and luxury goods.

at first, I didn't understand his stinginess, until a few days ago, he posted such a circle of friends:

"A cup of food, a ladle of drink, the breeze and the moon do not need a penny to buy; a tea, a book, the heart is not led by the material."

seeing this, I can't help but admire it.

people, the simpler they are, the more noble they are; the simpler life is, the happier they are.

I have seen too many people whose desires grow like weeds. I want this and that, and I can't get free from being trapped in material life.

I have also seen too many people who regard matter as driftwood for redemption in their boredom life, only to find that it is the last straw that overwhelms them.

there is a sentence in "living with simplicity: living simply and beautifully": "

Life should know how to choose and choose. Only by making life a little easier can you have the energy to discover what is really important in life.


from avenue to simplicity, less is more.

live the simplest material life, so that you can listen to the voice from the bottom of your soul instead of material service.

Soul high configuration, do the richest spiritual thinking

some time ago, there was a hot topic on Zhihu: what is the rarest thing to get after the age of 35?

the most popular answer is only one sentence:

"the soul is high-equipped to do the richest spiritual thinking."

Yes, when you reach middle age, the noblest background of life is not wealth and status, nor fame, but the abundance of spirit and the advancement of soul.

people with poor ideas, even if they are high and rich, it is difficult to break away from the vulgarity and protect their original intentions; those who are dry in their hearts, even if they become famous, will eventually become mediocre and devoid of all.

when you are well past the age of going with the wind and waves, mental abundance is more important than anything else.

when I read the Nature of thinking before, there was a story in the book that touched me deeply.

in a top financial enterprise, there is an excellent middle-aged accountant. He works conscientiously and is respected by the leaders of the company.

A colleague asked him why.

he smiled and replied, "I want to stop and think about a better way."

my colleague was so puzzled that he dropped the sentence "it's not easy to get here, why bother?" and sent him away.

A year later, he returned to the company and successfully entered the core department of the company, his position jumped three levels in a row.

and the colleagues who advised him to stay are still circling around in a pile of invoices in the finance department.

it turns out that during the period of absence, after thinking about it, he was determined to transform the audit.

sign up for training courses, check reference books, visit the library, persist in punching in and doing exercises every day, and finally successfully win the auditor qualification certificate with the highest gold content in the industry.

in sociology, there is a word called "lazy ant effect" to the effect that

A person who is too lazy to think because of chores is doomed to fall into a mediocre predicament.

therefore, after the age of 35, we must improve our thinking and constantly look for new ways of life.

as the thinker Pascal wrote in the Book of thoughts:

"Man is just a Reed, the most fragile thing in nature, but he is a thinking Reed."

the direction of the heart is what it used to be.

do the richest spiritual thinking in order to kill mediocrity and findThe most valuable path in life.

Best state after the age of 35:

material simplicity, spiritual abundance

what is the best state of life after 35 years old?

some people say that it is the abundance of material life, that is, they have more and have what they want.

some people say that it is the stability of the road of life and the bright future that can be seen at a glance.

but in my opinion, after the age of 35, the best state of life is: material minimalism, spiritual abundance.

A Nordic research institute once conducted a social survey: what kind of people are happier?

they made a series of records and statistics on more than 7000 highly happy volunteers in three years.

the survey results show that people who have no material requirements but are good at thinking tend to be the happiest.

there is a saying: "after the age of 35, life is low and soul is high."

how many people are blinded by the resplendent material civilization and lead a busy and mediocre life;

and how many people have lost their hearts in the desolate and barren spiritual world, first living themselves into sorrow, and then turning sorrow into normality.

these years, the older you are, the more you feel:

to subtract from material life and add to the spiritual world is the top living method of life.

you know:

if you live the simplest material life, you will have half less chicken and dog jumping in your heart; if you do the richest mental thinking, you will have several times more possibilities in life in the future.

likes a sentence very much:

"A simple life and a noble soul are the highest realm of life."

after the age of 35, a low-equipped life can keep away from the noise and impetuosity, and a high-equipped soul can break free from vulgarity and mediocrity.

for the rest of your life, may you subtract the material life and add to the spiritual world; may you listen to the voice of your soul and find the most valuable path in life.

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