All my life, what do you want?

/July 2023


what on earth do people live for?

one of the answers that moved me the most was this:

Life is short. I only want to be in a good mood, my family is in good health, I don't have to worry about food and clothing, and my bosom friend is safe for two or three seasons.

Life does not seek great wealth,

but be simple and happy

when I was a child, happiness was a desirable thing. After having it, I could feel happy.

when you grow up, happiness becomes a specific goal, and you can feel happy even when you finish it.

after middle age, we slowly realize that happiness is actually a state of mind, contentment is the happiest.

once made a wish solicitation.

listener friend Liu Xiaoxi said that his wish is:

"my daughter can be admitted to an ideal university, take a trip to the seaside with her family, and replace her wife with a fully automatic washing machine.


I was instantly moved by these simple little wishes, and it was those seemingly insignificant small goals that made up the truest beauty in our lives.

as the proverb goes:

"A simple life is charming, and a simple heart is happy."

I remember seeing someone in the message area two days ago that she envied those who could earn a lot of money. If she had more money, she would be happier than she is now.

will it really?

I don't think so.

the happiness of life sometimes has little to do with money, but with the state of mind.

what is happiness? The greatest happiness is that there is no illness in the body, no troubles in the soul, a little expectation for life and a little hope for the future.

Life does not ask for full friends, but for bosom friends.

when we were young, we were keen to socialize, knew people in many fields, and cared whether we had thousands of friends on Wechat.

as you get older, you gradually understand:

We need bosom friends more than casual acquaintances and false lively ones.

it is touching to think of the friendship between Su Shi and Huang Tingjian.

when the two first met, Su Shi was a famous writer all over the world, while Huang Tingjian was just an unknown small potato.

Su Shi appreciated Huang Tingjian's talent, read Huang Tingjian's poems many times at banquets, replied to him, encouraged him and respected him.

later, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou.

many people are anxious to distance themselves from him for fear of being implicated.

at that time, Huang Tingjian was only a petty official who spoke lightly, but he did not hesitate to lose his future and complain for Su Shi.

he wrote and shouted: Su Zizhan is the most great literati. He is loyal and patriotic, but Su Zizhan is innocent!

he did not avoid suspicion and wrote to Su Shi when he was embarrassed and frustrated.

after Su Shi returned to Beijing and was reopened, they exchanged poems and appreciated calligraphy and painting.

and Su Shi, Huang Tingjian gradually moved towards the front line of the literary world in the Song Dynasty.

they shine and illuminate separately.

after Su Shi's death, Huang Tingjian was filled with grief. He hung a portrait of Su Dongpo at home and gave him incense every day.

whenever he comes across a good time and wants to express his feelings, he will unconsciously say:

it's a pity that Dongpo is not here.

in our lifetime, we will meet a lot of people, meet a lot of people, and even become friends.

but the greatest happiness in the world is never how many people you know and how big your social circle is, but that you can have a bosom friend who shares joys and sorrows.

in front of him, you don't need sweet talk, much less do you need to please deliberately.

if you succeed, he is not jealous and will sincerely be happy for you;

if you are down, he will accompany you against the wind and rain if he doesn't leave.

Life does not ask for fragrant cars and beautiful houses, but for a warm family

most of the time, we think that the more we have, the happier we will be.

I think it is a good day to live in a big house and drive a luxury car.

do not realize that the most precious thing in life is to have a home to go back to and someone to be lovely.

A few days ago, I saw a warm little video:

in the scorching heat, a 10-year-old boy in Leshan, Sichuan Province followed his mother, chasing his sweaty mother.

the boy's mother is a sanitation worker who is responsible for cleaning the street.

even in hot weather, her work needs to go on as usual.

when the boy saw his mother's sweat soaked into his eyes, he was very distressed, so he helped his mother send a trace of coolness in this way.

the mother is also full of pride when it comes to the boy. She said that the child was very sensible and often beat her on the back, massaged her and shared some housework within her power.

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the neighbors asked the boy why he didn't go to his grandparents' house, where the air conditioner was cooler.

the boy said, "although the place where my mother lives is not air-conditioned, there is a mother."

Life is hard sometimes, but with love, it's worth it.

what if there is no beautiful and comfortable house?

the place with love is the most cherished home.

Lin Yutang said:

"A happy life is nothing more than four things. The first is to sleep in your own bed; the second is to eat the food cooked by your parents; the third is to listen to love words; and the fourth is to play games with your children. "

when you come home late at night, a lamp is reserved for you;

when you are down and sadSomeone has cooked a hot meal waiting for you to go home.

you will feel that no matter how difficult life is, you will have the courage and motivation to stick to it.

We work hard and live hard, and all we pursue in our lives is the simple, down-to-earth warmth in the dim lights.

it doesn't matter what car you drive or what house you live in. As long as the family is neat, safe and healthy, it is more precious than anything else.

No one can compete with each other for the rest of his life.

Wealth, fame and status are just a thing of the past.

in a short life, the greatest wisdom is to cherish what you have, not to complain, and to learn to be content and cherish blessings.

the days are dull, but it's good to make you comfortable and happy;

although the circle is small, it is good for someone to know and cherish each other;

although the house is shabby, it is good for a harmonious and healthy family.

, share with you.