All relationships in the world have cause and effect.

/July 2023


people are meant to be together.

different people will bring you different feelings, everyone, his arrival is the meaning of your life!

what others bring to you is not the focus of your life; what kind of influence you have is what you need to face squarely.

No one has the ability to hurt you, it depends on how much you care.

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you don't care, you don't take what he says to heart; you care so much that a word from him can make you black and blue.

heart for heart, people need to understand

the person who understands you knows your inner situation even if you don't say anything.

he knows your weakness, and he knows your strength. Such a person, with you, there is no need for you to do anything, it is a good time.

of course, when you see a person and understand him, you don't have to force him.

some people, you think he has changed, in fact, it is not that you have influenced him, but that he wants to change from his heart and is tired of who he used to be.

Don't always think about who to change, what we really have to do is to improve ourselves!

perhaps, when you are on the way to change yourself, you can exert a subtle influence on others.

get along with each other, people are interchangeable.

if you get it, you must cherish it; if you can't, please give up! No matter who you get along with, don't hurt yourself.

compare your heart to heart and take giving as the premise

the Book of morality says: "if you want to take it, you must give it first."

when you want something, if you don't give, you won't feel at ease when you get it.

when you always ask for something and never know how to give back, the person who pays for you will complain after a long time.

the best way to get along with others is to be willing to pay for each other. You take one step, he takes one step. Instead of one person taking 99 steps and the other standing still.

learn to give!

give tolerance, and your heart will become more and more tolerant;

give happiness, and your life will be happier;

your future will be brighter if you work hard.

when you learn to give, you will find that this practice will be much happier than taking.

of course, if you meet someone who often accepts what you give, but never knows how to be grateful, he is not worth it!

accept yourself and make yourself happy

accept your own mediocrity, and you can create extraordinary;

accept yourself as ordinary and you will be able to do practical things.

people, when you are exhausted, tired and difficult, don't push yourself any more.

if you do that often, life will be very anxious and happiness will be farther and farther away from you.

learn to be contented, those who are contented are always happy; learn self-discipline, those who discipline themselves strengthen themselves; learn to love themselves, those who love themselves are loved!

Qian Zhongshu once said:

"take a bath, look at a flower, eat a meal, if you feel happy, it is not all because the bath is clean, the flowers bloom well, or the dishes are to your taste, mainly because you have nothing on your mind."

all relationships in the world have cause and effect in this life, including our emotions and our lives.

planting causes, there are results, I hope we can all be transparent and open-minded, no matter whether anyone appreciates or not, live a beautiful life!