At the age of 85, he finally won the movie star, had an affair all his life, and ended up alone.

/July 2023

he is a living fossil of Hong Kong's entertainment industry, witnessing the rise and fall of Hong Kong's film and television industry.

in his 70 years of debut, he has made hundreds of movies and TV dramas, but has not won any awards for best actor.

his son once mocked him to his face, filming for so many years in vain, not even a prize to prove himself.

he finally won the Best Actor at the 40th Hong Kong Academy Awards for his movie "Kill a Twilight".

he is Xie Xian, a man who has been working hard for his acting career all his life.

this year, he won the award for best actor, which is well deserved.

Father and son jointly won the Academy Award in the film industry, which is the only one in the entertainment industry.

when it comes to Xie Xian, many people think that he is just the father of Nicholas Tse

dear, but apart from his father's identity, Xie Xian also has an important identity-- an actor.

he has made great contributions to the film and television industry in Hong Kong, and his life is full of legends.

he was originally a rich son, but then his family was in the middle of life. In order to make a living, his sister couldn't bear that he worked so hard in society at a young age, so she sent him to school to study acting.

Xie Xian himself was so proud that he was admitted to the actor training class with excellent results and thus entered the show business.

with his handsome appearance and excellent acting skills, Xie Xian, who entered the entertainment industry, soon began to come to the fore. He began to become popular after making only two films.

after Xie Xian became popular, many good scripts came to him, and later he played many classic roles, which left a deep impression on the audience.

in Divine carving and chivalrous Men, he plays Yang Guo, who is brave, witty and cunning, which many audiences never forget.

in Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, he plays the Miao man Fengyushu facing the wind and suave, which was once the white moonlight in the hearts of countless young girls.

the TV series "Love in thousands of Rivers and Mountains", which he starred with Wang Mingquan, has become one of the top ten TV dramas in TVB.

Wear stunning blue short hoco gown and flatter your body. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

and in the TV series "King of thousands of Kings", he plays the flirtatious and smart Luo Sihai.

play, he was called the fourth elder brother. Because of his popular role, the title of the fourth elder brother went from the play to the outside of the play, and became the nickname of Xie Xian.

Xie Xian's life, countless films, a smooth career, but his feelings are full of twists and turns.

most people's impression of Xie Xian is flirtatious, and his feelings are what the media like to report.

Xie Xian had five relationships and two marriages in his life.

his first girlfriend was Jialing, who had been in love with him for 12 years. Jialing loved Xie Xian very much and wanted to marry him, but she fell in love with him longer and longer, but Xie Xian showed no sign of wanting to get married.

once Jialing deliberately urged Xie Xian to say, "A rich businessman friend is chasing me. If you don't marry me, he's going to propose to me."

after hearing this, Xie Xian looked happy, not jealous, not angry, but also blessed Jialing. Jialing broke up with Xie Xian in a fit of anger.

their 12-year relationship ended in a breakup.

Xie Xian's second girlfriend is Xiao Fangfang. The two came together because they were in love with each other. Xie Xian opened his mouth before they were together. After they were together, they became a lot colder.

Xiao Fangfang is a career girl. She once encouraged Xie Xianduo to go abroad to film, but he didn't want to.

the two often quarreled, and finally Xiao Fangfang took the initiative to break up. Unsuitable two people together can only torture each other.

Xiao Fangfang's love for Xie Xian is rational, restrained and sober. She never loves the brain. If she meets, she will gather, and if she disagree, she will break up.

in the process of constant gain and loss, Xie Xian did not lose faith in love, but took it very seriously every time he fell in love.

Hsieh Hsien's first wife is Zhen Zhen. Zhen Zhen is the most beautiful woman in Taiwan. She is beautiful and attractive, and she is the number one girl in many movies.

Xie Xian fell in love with Zhen Zhen at first sight, but Zhen Zhen had no feeling for Xie Xian at first. She knew he was famous and didn't want to have too much contact with him.

Xie Xian never gave up the pursuit of her, all kinds of fancy attacks, and finally got the beauty back.

this is a good relationship between a talented scholar and a beautiful woman, but marriage and love are two different things. Sweet love does not mean a happy marriage.

maybe these are not the right people!

after the end of his first marriage, Xie Xian was depressed for a while, during which his career was at a low ebb, and several of his films took to the streets.

he fell in love with gambling again. When he lost, he lost millions. In the end, he lost all his property and had to rent a house.

his landlord is Deborah. Deborah, born in Hong Kong, is not only good-looking, IQ and EQ are very online, she not only rented a house to make money, but also took care of her own company, she was a very capable and beautiful woman.

Xie Xian admires her, but Deborah turns a blind eye to him. She thinks Xie Xian has had too many girlfriends and has been divorced, so such a man must keep a safe distance from him.

but sometimes fate is magical. The more you run away from it, the more you think it's impossible, the easier it is to happen.

Xie Xian is very good at coaxing girls to be happy, and he is very gentlemanly and polite, so it's hard not to be tempted.

finally Deborah and Xie Xian fell in love, and they got married soon after they fell in love.

the first half of marriage life is warm and sweet. Deborah gave birth to a son and a daughter to Xie Xian. The boy's name is Nicholas Tse and the girl's name is Xie Tingting. Their family of four lead a very comfortable life.

Xie Xian can not stand the control of Deborah, often do not go home, the two began to separate, the feelings between each other gradually faded, and finally Deborah met someone she was attracted to on the plane, and then filed for divorce with Xie Xian.

instead of being as old as other couples, the two became good friends, Xie said. Deborah was more like my best friend after the divorce.

the two people are often photographed by the media having dinner together, and their relationship is as good as that of a family that is not separated.

Deborah will also have dinner with her husband Jiang Yaocheng and Xie Xian. On one occasion, she even kissed Xie Xian on the face of Jiang Yaocheng.

someone asked Jiang Yaocheng, "do you mind if your wife kisses Xie Xian?"

he said generously, "my wife loves me now, so I don't mind."

maybe the relationship of friends is more suitable for them.

after Xie Xian and Deborah divorced, he never talked about marriage with anyone else. For so many years, the only woman around him was COCO, 49 years his junior.

this love between grandson and grandson once caused a sensation in the entertainment circle, and many people were not optimistic about it. Later, COCO accompanied Xie Xian for 13 years, and finally left.

now, Xie Xian is alone.

he said he was old and didn't want to delay anyone.

lived all his life and had an affair all his life. At the end of his life, he chose to live a quiet and quiet life. Perhaps this is the best choice for him.

just before talking about these affairs, don't forget that he is an actor. He has brought countless good works to everyone in his life.

now that he is 85 years old, winning the Best Actor Award for Best Actor is a reconfirmation of his acting skills. I think we can remember that he is a good actor Xie Xian, not a flirtatious fourth brother.

, let's wish Xie Xian the award for best actor.