Be your own doctor (good in depth)

/July 2023

Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World:

"Life is so unpredictable, there is no eternal pain, there is no eternal happiness, life is like running water, sometimes it is so flat, sometimes it is so tortuous."

in the torrent of life, there are calm, rough waves and difficulties.

A person's true maturity is to be his own doctor and cure himself.

just like gecko's severed tail rebirth, plant self-repair is a kind of self-healing.

the same is true of people, to self-healing, self-repair, in the wind and rain life, live to be their own sun.

in this world, there is no one without injury

writer Bi Shumin writes in her book: "if we want to fight against fate, how can we not get hurt?"

living is a spiritual practice, and fate will not be lenient to anyone.

it is normal for us to cut through difficulties and triumphs all the way through five hurdles and run with wounds.

for example, everyone inevitably has a moment like this:

being aggrieved at work seems innocuous, but the accumulation day after day will also make you tired.

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when you have trouble in your life, it's not worth mentioning, but it can also make you exhausted when you are often entangled in trifles.

it sounds harmless to have contradictions in your feelings, but the accumulation of disappointments will also leave you black and blue.

can't help but wonder what's going on.

Muxin also said: "Life is always at a loss what to do."

as adults, we bear too much responsibility and pressure, and there are too many doubts and confusion in our hearts.

but will suffer for a long time, collapse tight will be tired, endure too much will complain, those grievances in the heart, backlog of emotions, will always burst out at some point.

if you collapse and give up and never recover, it is the beginning of your misfortune.

only by constantly healing and gritting your teeth is the gift of your destiny.

stop and have a rest when you are tired, but don't fall down. No matter how muddy the road under your feet is, go forward step by step and seek inner healing.

Learning to heal is a compulsory course for adults

Yang Jiang said: "at any time, you should believe that you are the only one who can really cure yourself."

always believe that there is goodwill in the world, and there will always be someone who will give you a hand and give you a hand when needed.

but there is no permanent safe haven or ferryman in this world, and you can't always seek comfort from others.

you are the only one who can really heal yourself in the storm of fate.

Meng Haoran comes from a scholarly family with outstanding talent, and the song "Spring Dawn" is famous all over the world.

but after a promising teenager, his situation slowly hit rock bottom:

Juvenile rebellion, refusing scientific research and running away from home, leading to poverty for half of his life;

his father died of illness, and he didn't see him for the last time, regretting it for the rest of his life.

rising up in middle age, he has suffered a great deal of suffering in the past ten years.

Meng Haoran's life has been ill-fated, ups and downs, and he has also been frustrated and depressed, but he has not given up.

as soon as he turned around, he went south to Wuyue, visiting mountains and rivers, and his excellent articles were fresh and natural, imitating Tiancheng.

in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, when there was no shortage of romantic figures, Li Bai regarded him as a spiritual idol: "I respect Mr. Meng Haoran's solemnity and chic. He is famous for being noble and elegant."

because there are many people who are more comfortable than Meng Haoran, but very few people know how to heal themselves.

only when one learns to heal himself in the midst of suffering can he see a new scenery and live a new realm.

Maupassant wrote in Sheep Fat Ball:

"sometimes I may be so fragile that I burst into tears at a word, and sometimes I find myself walking a long way with clenched teeth."

in the adult world, two things happen every day: collapse and self-healing.

Life is not so good, but it is not so bad. Your fragility and strength are beyond imagination.

on the way of life, each has its own injury, each has its own pain, all kinds of taste, all is life.

Learning to heal yourself is not only a compulsory course for adults, but also a lifelong practice.

those who can be cured in life are all people who are willing to heal themselves

Shawshank's Redemption says:

"everyone is his own God. If you give up on yourself, who else will save you? "

there is no difficulty in knocking you down unless you surrender first.

as long as you don't admit defeat and don't lose heart, fate will never be able to knock you down.

because those who can cure life are also those who are willing to get better and take the initiative to heal themselves.

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are model couples in the eyes of the world, who have been in the same boat for decades from falling in love with each other.

No matter how deep the affection is, it can't stop the separation of life and death. Their daughter Qian Jiong died in 1997, and Qian Zhongshu also died of illness in Beijing the following year.

"I miss the three of us alone" is the truest portrayal of Yang Jiang in her later years.

but Yang Jiang did not collapse.She put aside her grief, healed herself with memories, supported herself with feelings, and continued to write despite her old age and weakness.

things are not always perfect, there are always deficiencies in life, but all cures depend on your own strength.

like what Roman Roland said very much:

"there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to still love life after recognizing the truth of life."

Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows, but hope is given to yourself by yourself. if you look forward to the sun, why are you afraid of sadness?

people do not help themselves, heaven is difficult to help, years can heal, is willing to heal, is a good heart.

if you want to heal your inner wounds and loss, you must take responsibility for your own life and boldly take the first step forward.

I have heard a story.

someone asked the Zen master, "your power is boundless, why not make the world a better place?" Why don't you come and ferry us? "

the Zen master said, "I can't cross you. Only by self-healing can I become a talented person."

in the face of injuries in life, it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself. only by relying on yourself can you cure your life and change your destiny.

learn to heal yourself so that you can awaken your inner strength, conquer all hardships and difficulties, and become your own savior.

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