Calculation is the beginning of poverty

/July 2023

some students went to consult the master of Sinology, Mr. Nan Huaijin:

what kind of people do you think are most likely to succeed?

after thinking deeply, Nan Huaijin replied: "A person who does not play with his intelligence, does not play tricks, does not use crooked brains, and is sincere and honest."

people who play tricks seem to take advantage, but in fact they are short-sighted and can't go far in the end.

sincere and honest people seem to suffer losses, but in fact, the road is getting wider and wider, and they can get things done in the end.

as Zuo Zongtang said, "to be a man, shrewdness is not as good as kindness."

the more calculated, the narrower the road

there is such a story.

A young man heard that there was a lot of gold on the other side of the river. he made a long detour and finally found a bridge to get there.

it turned out that he was afraid that others would find the bridge, so he turned back and took it down.

finally the young man found a lot of gold, but when he excitedly rushed back to the river, he found that this was an isolated island, the bridge, the only way to the outside world.

in our lives, there are such people who think they have taken advantage of themselves and have run out of tricks, but end up in vain like the end of this story.

the human heart is a road, the more calculated, the narrower the road, and finally cut off its own back road.

if you are kind, the wider the road will be, and you will benefit from it in the end.

read a report, the reporter interviewed a farmer: "your corn harvest is the best every year, what's the secret?"

everyone was stunned.

he smiled and said, "only when the surrounding seeds are good corn seeds, can you get the best when pollinating!"

there is a saying in Shi Shuo Xinyu: "small victory depends on wisdom, and great victory depends on virtue."

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only when you treat others with sincerity can you reap sincerity; only when you do things kindly can you reap long-term gains.

it is a great wisdom to be frank and honest with others.

the more you calculate, the more tired your heart becomes

as the ancients said, "the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad."

if you have a bright mind, you will naturally live calmly; if you focus on calculation every day, you are bound to live too tired.

some time ago, what happened to Brother Cao at work was extremely regrettable.

Brother Cao, a man with ability and ideas, if he had put his mind on his own business, promotion would have been natural.

however, he always tries to take shortcuts. He is the first to stand up for meritorious service and push it on others if he has done something wrong.

usually, he is either planning others, or is worried about being set up by others, and speculates his thoughts all day long. Often a casual remark from others becomes meaningful to him.

recently, he is going to evaluate his professional title, and his mind is getting heavier and heavier. He always wants to make others stumble, but he is also afraid that he will be calculated. As a result, he suddenly fell ill with high blood pressure the day before his professional title evaluation, and missed his last professional title before his retirement.

after a lifetime of drilling, I ended up in vain and ended up sick, which was a pity.

psychologist, William once said:

"people who are too smart and too calculating are actually very unfortunate people, even sickly and short-lived."

this is also his personal experience.

William before the age of 32 is very "smart".

he knows which sock store in Washington has the cheapest socks, even if they are only a few cents cheaper than others;

he knows which fast food restaurant gives customers more napkins than other restaurants within dozens of miles;

but he often got sick and often went to various hospitals, but he could not find the cause.

until once, he participated in an experiment, and the results showed that

more than 90% of people who are too calculating tend to suffer from mental illness, poor sleep, and insomnia.

he found that this was very similar to his symptoms, so he found the crux of the problem.

calculation is an extremely internal friction behavior.

A person who is good at calculation seems to take advantage on the surface, but in fact he has lost the more precious thing in life-the peace of body and mind.

Zhou Guoping said: "in the colorful modern life, let us remember this old truth and live simply in order to live freely."

calculation is the yoke of the soul, simplicity is the source of happiness.

being simple is the greatest shrewdness.

to set others up is to set yourself up

I have seen a fable before:

there are two shops in Beijing, a laundry and a pottery shop.

seeing the business of the laundry opposite booming, the Potter became more and more out of balance, so he had a bad intention.

he asked the prime minister: "the laundryman has a unique skill in washing black elephants into white elephants."

the prime minister was delighted to hear that the white elephant was an auspicious symbol and could bring good luck to the country, so he ordered the laundryman to wash the black elephant into a white elephant.

the laundryman who received the order was sad every day and had no intention of doing business. The Potter saw it in his eyes and was happy in his heart.

later, when the laundryman's wife understood the reason, she gave him an idea.

the Potter was suddenly dumbfounded.

all the calculations and means have turned into a game set for themselves.

the way of heaven is constant, and good and evil are rewarded. It is not that the time has not come yet.

your calculations for others will eventually come back to you.

famous investor Charlie Munger once said:

"even if you have the most calculating mind, you can't overcome the entanglement of desire, then you are doomed to fall to pieces."

if you design a friend, you will centrifuge your friend and end up alone.

if you plan on your partner, you will lose your integrity and eventually your business will come to nothing.

from the moment you calculate others, it's going downhill.

the most impressive thing about Dickens' David Copperfield is that the same two people have very different endings.

one is the treacherous Uriah.

he covets and hates other people's wealth, so he always disguises himself in front of others, but secretly plots against his boss, using his polar plots to encroach on his property.

but in the end, the plan didn't work out. People betrayed their relatives and almost sent themselves to prison.

the other is Mr. Micawber, who is of the same origin.

although he is in distress and burdened with a huge foreign debt, he is still kind, optimistic, noble and simple, and has his own character and principles.

finally got everyone's concerted help to solve the debt crisis.

people who think they are smart often come to no good end. the smartest people in the world are honest people.

Virtue loses, but in the end it harms others and harms itself.

to be honest and honest is to be rewarded with kindness.

as the ancients said, "if a gentleman carries things with virtue, he is blessed with virtue."

what determines a person's ultimate achievement is not his gain or loss, but his foresight and sincerity.



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, less calculation, more honesty, good luck.

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