Chat with the opposite sex, when these messages appear in the dialog box, don't talk about it, he is disgusted with you.

/July 2023


people who care about you take the initiative and cherish you, and every time they chat with you, they are not willing to end the topic easily.

what about people who don't care about you, they will ignore you, and every time they talk to you, they will reluctantly continue.

in fact, when talking between members of the opposite sex, where he puts you, between the lines, all reflect incisively and vividly, do not pretend not to understand.

especially when these messages appear in the dialog box, stop talking and prove that the other person must dislike you.


what are you doing? What's the matter?

the word "you" indicates the other person's attitude, and he takes it as a disturbance to your contact.

sometimes a "another" is subconsciously saying, "Why are you here again? you're looking for me again. I'm going to waste my time with you again."

sometimes, when two people chat, the echo of a few words can already tell the other person's impatience with you.

do not want to reply to your message, and because we are too familiar with each other, we have to reply to your message, so we use the word "you" to reflect the so-called boredom and dissatisfaction.

has nothing to do with you

when a person says firmly that it has nothing to do with you, in fact, he has closed the door to you.

whether his world is crowded or not, there is no room for you.

"none of your business" means that you should mind your own business. I don't have much to do with you. Even if I do, I don't want to have anything to do with you now.

when a person always says "it has nothing to do with you", he has already made it clear that he has nothing to do with you, so please pay attention to your discretion.

"it has nothing to do with you" is actually short of announcing "Please get out of my life", which is not only a warning, but also a kind of boredom. I don't want you to interfere in his life or show up in his world.

for such a person, keep your distance properly and don't talk too much, because his heart is closed to you, and he won't listen to what you say.

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No time

some people you contact him, you have not said a few words, he said to you, I do not have time!

the person who always rejects you, in fact, it is not that he really does not have time, but his time has more plans, but does not include you.

the person who is not willing to give you time or talk to you more, in fact, he already wants to be a stranger with you.

so don't be too entangled or forced to someone who doesn't have time for you. Because of what you do, you can't cherish and like it, but you can only get bored.

leave the person who doesn't have time for you, he doesn't give you time, that is, he wants to draw a line with you.

in fact, feelings are mutual, he treats you like this, so do you, even if you no longer want to be strangers, there is no need to say more.

the result of too much entanglement must be that the other party is doubly disrespected. at that time, he will be looked down upon by others, without respect, and the loss outweighs the gain.