Don't take other people's rulers and measure your own life.

/July 2023

behind the residence of Zhu Guangqian, an aesthetician, there is a small river. Every night he goes for a walk by the river, along the east bank, crossing the bridge and back along the west bank.

he said: "when walking on the east coast, I think the scenery on the west coast is more beautiful than that on the east coast, and when I walk on the west coast, I think the scenery on the east coast is more beautiful."

people are often like this, always looking up at the scenery elsewhere, but forgetting that they are standing in the scenery.

in this world, everyone has his own way to go, so instead of looking up to others, follow your own inner rhythm.

the so-called envy, but do not know its bitterness

once read a question on the Internet: "Why do people always envy others?"

A high praise replied: "because people always only like to chase the light, but ignore the shadow behind the light."

We often only pay attention to the halo of others and simply cannot empathize with the sufferings he has endured alone.

in Yi Shu's novel "the first half of my Life", as the son of a housewife, she has always envied her best friend Tang Jing, who is like a fish in water in the workplace.

in her impression, Tang Jing was independent and self-reliant, wearing a brand-name suit and Rolex and driving an imported car to and from work.

therefore, whenever she hears Tang Jing complain about the difficulties in her work and the sophistication of the world, she never pays any attention to it.

it wasn't until one day, when Zijun's husband filed for divorce and Zijun was forced to work as a clerk in society, he realized that Tang Jing was not easy.

it turns out that there are so many problems at work: difficulties from customers, accusations from bosses, overloaded work.

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Mr. Ji Xianlin once said, "everyone has a difficult book to read, and what is not perfect is life."

Life in the world has its own sufferings, and any kind of glamorous life needs to be maintained at a great price.

behind other people's achievements, there may be bitterness that you cannot swallow;

others may have suffered countless losses before they have them.

when you know the truth under the light, you will no longer easily envy the applause and attention that others get.

blind comparison will only increase annoyance

once upon a time, two people were on their way together, feeling thirsty, so they went to fetch water together.

after finding the water source, one of them took out the gold cup and the other took out the bamboo tube.

people with bamboo tubes feel inferior when they see other people's glittering cups, and their footsteps become heavier and heavier after that.

he may have forgotten that what he needed was water, not a cup, and that his goal was to hurry, not to follow in the footsteps of others.

in our lives, sometimes we are not the same people with bamboo tubes.

often falls into the strange circle of keeping up with the comparison, but forgets what he set out for.

I have a friend, talented, all the way from a small town school, admitted to a well-known university in Beijing, and successfully gained a foothold in Beijing after graduation.

in theory, he should be very happy.

but he is depressed all the time and feels that he is inferior to others everywhere.

he offered a small house in the outer suburbs by virtue of his ability, but he envied the scenery of other people's small houses in the third Ring Road even more.

while eating the exquisite set meal downstairs of the company, he always feels that those who often go in and out of high-end restaurants are higher than themselves.

although he has "coffee freedom", he will still be jealous of others to buy expensive imported coffee machines.

friends do not realize that they do not have a background, and it is not easy for them to take root in a big city with their efforts.

the root of his pain lies in always using other people's standard of living to demand himself.

writer Liu Na says that the reason why comparison is the root of all evil is that instead of comparing ourselves to who we were yesterday, we always humiliate ourselves with people from different starting points.

people, there are always differences in intelligence, environment and luck.

in this world, there are always people who run faster than you, and there are always people who run farther than you.

instead of bothering to catch up with others, it is better to set sail for yourself and send yourself on a long voyage.

Don't take other people's rulers and measure your life

cartoonist Cai Zhizhong wrote a story.

Dizi envies Xiao and wants to worship Xiao as his teacher.

Xiao agreed, saying, "in terms of age, seniority, and experience, I am higher than you. I do have a lot to learn from."

but the flute is always the flute, and the Xiao is always the Xiao.

No matter how hard you study the flute, you can never learn the low and mournful melody of Xiao, but even forget your own timbre.

people live in the world, and everyone has their own place and fixed beat.

in that society with rapid economic development, many people around them get on the express train of the times and make a lot of money.

when others saw that he had achieved nothing, they advised him to learn some experience from the successful people around him, but he said:

"I'd rather sit on a pumpkin than squeeze with you in a velvet chair."

he never envies those glamour and achievements, still less does he want to be carried forward by other people's lives.

here, there is no chasing after each other, and there is no obsessive red light.Wine green.

listening to the sound of the wind passing through the bamboo forest and bathed in the moonlight, he finally found the freedom he longed for.

this young man is Henry David Thoreau, who later wrote Walden Lake, which is famous all over the world and is known as the creator of nature essays.

looking back on his own experience, he told the world in his book:

"A man will succeed only if he moves in the direction of his dreams and strives to live the life he wants."

in this world, there is no exactly the same life, and everyone has a different definition of success.

the wisest thing to do in life is to measure your life without someone else's ruler.

as there is a saying:

"you don't have to grow into a rose. If you like, you can be jasmine, light chrysanthemum, nameless florets, thousands of thousands. Living like yourself is the best gift to life. "

Life is a feast of your own after all. Only if you know what you want and go on firmly, you can live up to your life.

Sanmao once said: "the road is made up of feet and each." foot means that the road is made out by feet, and each means that each person has his own way. "

other people's rulers can't measure your life; other people's road signs can't be your guiding lights.

, for the rest of my life, live my own life, no longer compare, no longer envy.

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