Enrich yourself (this article is priceless)

/July 2023



likes a sentence very much:

"the first thing people should learn is to learn to be good to themselves and to be a better, more spiritual and aura self."

cultivating our body and mind and enriching ourselves is our lifelong practice.

Clean and tidy, keep your appearance

share the story of the reader Liu Liu.

Liu Liu has been married for 8 years and has a son and a daughter. Her husband runs a company and Liu Liu has his own job.

until last year, my husband failed to invest, owed a lot of debt, and dared not turn on his cell phone.

my husband is depressed and stays at home every day. Liu Liu, as usual, was beautifully dressed and looked refreshed. She said to her husband:

"the sky is falling. With me to accompany you, my bags and unused skin care products can be sold."

the car at home can also be sold. As usual, you should wear a suit, tie, comb your hair, keep your face radiant, and dress neatly to face everyone.

Life is already hard. We have to cheer up and look safe. "

with Liu's encouragement, my husband soon cheered up and devoted himself to his new job, and the debt he owed was slowly being repaid.

Liu Liu said that when her husband failed to invest, she also collapsed in her heart, but she still had to make herself look beautiful and comfortable.

A person's external image determines his temperament, aura, and mental outlook.

the top charm of a person is to have a positive temperament and a good life attitude.

sometimes, when we encounter setbacks, the whole person becomes depressed, looks untidy, and has no spirit at all.

this state will only make your life worse.

even when we are in trouble, we should dress ourselves up, find the most suitable state from our appearance, hairstyle, clothes and accessories, let a smile on our face, and walk out of firmness and self-confidence.

some people say that a person's face is her resume.

if you look clean and well-dressed, it's easy to make people like you.

remember, no one wants to see your good inside through your sloppy appearance.

learn to love yourself before you know how to love others.

Clean and tidy, generous, is the real rich appearance.

give up inertia and raise your own wealth

read a short story:

A man went to visit the Zen master:

"I feel dizzy and bloated every day, and it's no use taking medicine. Is it a strange disease?"

the Zen master asked him, "what do you do every day?"

he replied, "I do nothing. I am idle every day. My wife does things at home and my son does things outside."

the Zen master said, "your illness is cured. You go up the mountain to cut firewood every day, and then carry it home. For a month in a row, you will get better."

A month later, he went to visit the Zen master: "I am very energetic now. I have endless strength."

the Zen master said, "all kinds of diseases in the world are born of laziness." What you have is laziness, but you are too idle to make trouble. "

headed by all evil and lazy, there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: "Life is diligent, but diligence is not absent."

Don't underestimate the word diligence, it hides infinite possibilities.

because if you can do everything in advance, without laziness or procrastination, you will get unexpected results and there will be time to deal with unexpected situations.

think about whether we are always looking for excuses to do something in our daily life and put it off again and again until the end.

someone once asked Li Ka-shing the secret of making money, but Li Ka-shing answered only two words:

abstain from laziness.

Li Ka-shing, a lifelong businessman with endless wealth, did not retire until he was 90.

Franklin said, "I have never seen an early, diligent, cautious, honest man complaining about a bad fate."

the biggest stumbling block on one's way to success is laziness.

read a story.

there is a man who is known as the "god of sales promotion".

Do you want to buy the stylish bridesmaid floor length dresses and accentuate your slender and beauty? This section will help you never to waste your time searching.

someone asked him, what is the way to success?

instead of speaking, he took off his shoes and let others touch the soles of his feet, which were covered with thick calluses.

he explained: "I walk more than others, run more often than others, and naturally have thicker calluses."

as the saying goes, industry is skilled in diligence but wasted in play, and action is accomplished in thought and destroyed in following.

Don't choose comfort at the best age.

if you are comfortable now, what is waiting for you in the future is uncomfortable.

if you suffer from hardship, you will be a superior man, and if you are tired, you will become a rich and noble man.

accumulate virtue, cultivate goodness, and cultivate one's own blessing

read a story.

A woman works in a meat packing factory.

one day, she went into the freezer for routine inspection. After the work was finished, she found that the door was closed and she could not get out.

she shouted as hard as she could and slammed the door, but to no avail.

five hours later, the factory security guard opened the door of the freezer and rescued her from the verge of death.

thingsThe lady asked the security guard, "how did you know I was trapped here?"

the security guard said something.

I have worked in the factory for half my life, and thousands of people go in and out every day. You are the only one who goes to work every morning to say hello to me and says goodbye to me after work in the evening.

Today, you said hello to me as usual, but you didn't hear you tell me to see you tomorrow after work.

I guess something may have happened to you, so I decided to go to the factory and find you.

the so-called miracle is just a little kindness accumulated by her every day, respecting everyone around her.

as the saying goes:

"the key to happiness and luck is not wealth, high position, or beauty." In a word, a smile may also win us a new realm. In addition, many gains can be so cheap and simple. "

all the good gifts of fate come into being for a reason. All the good luck in the world is your accumulated character and kindness.

as the saying goes, to build the foundation of a hundred blessings, only those who are kind and kind-hearted will be guarded by all.

there is such a short story.

A scorpion fell into the water, a Zen master rescued him and was stung by a scorpion.

others asked the Zen master, "Why save when you know you will be stung?"

the Zen master replied, "it is the nature of scorpions to sting people, and it is my nature to save lives. I cannot give up my nature because of that nature."

We can't stop our goodwill because of the evil deeds of others. Sometimes kindness is not a gift to others, but a kind of self-help.

as the saying goes, thousands of blessings will be rewarded with one heart and one mind.

the koi of your life is hidden in the words you have said, the people you have seen, and the road you have traveled.

every man is virtuous and blessed. May you and I:

only ask the heart, do not ask the gain or loss, the heart has flowers and trees, born to the sun.

Yi Shu said: "everyone's ultimate destination is himself."

learn to enrich yourself in the second half of life:

enrich your appearance and enhance your charm.

enrich your wealth and live with independence and dignity.

enrich your own virtue and goodness and be blessed with success in your life.

but also to cultivate a good mood, maintain an optimistic state of mind, cultivate their own vision and knowledge, cultivate a calm heart, and be a free person.

, may you enrich yourself and live at your best.