Enrich yourself with three things: to get close, to work hard, and to experience

/July 2023



get close to people who are better than you

the fastest way for a person to improve himself is to be with someone better than you.

because no matter how good a person is, his knowledge is limited after all. But other people who are better than you have more knowledge and wisdom than you.

sometimes, to know a good person is to open an extra window for yourself.

because others will inadvertently express new insights, new views, new ideas, and then bring you new growth and progress.

A person is better at learning than you are, which can help you expand your knowledge better.

A person is better than you in ability and can help you solve problems better.

A person is better than you in EQ and can help you deal with interpersonal relationships better.

try to get close to what you want to be.

follow the people who go up, you won't fall back, follow the people who challenge yourself, you won't give up, follow the people who keep updating yourself, you won't stop where you are.

when you meet stronger teammates and opponents, whether you win or lose in the end, you will become stronger.

but with people who are lazy, lazy, or undisciplined, you will gradually become mediocre.

to do what is difficult for you

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there are many moments when we are afraid of difficulties.

actually, it may be easy to do simple things. But only by doing difficult things can we have a better breakthrough and improvement.

is also an effort, you will feel relaxed if you try to play a good game, but it takes an hour of reading to enrich your brain and knowledge.

also insist, it may be easy for you to play with your cell phone before going to bed every night, but stick to doing 30 push-ups before going to bed, and your body will become stronger.

is also learning. It is easy for you to learn how to dress up and look beautiful, but it is only when you learn a difficult skill that you can make new progress and breakthroughs.

in this world, if one wants to succeed, one must do something more difficult. For example, keep learning, growing and making progress.

Don't do anything easy, because it won't do you any good.

in fact, "difficulty" is sometimes just a periodic feeling.

when you continue to do difficult, correct, and meaningful things, you will continue to step up to new levels in your ability and level.

but if you just stand still, it is not only impossible to make progress, but also the danger and possibility of being eliminated.

sometimes, if you don't take the initiative to do something difficult, life will passively give you more difficulties.

A person's worst enemy is yourself.

when you overcome your physical and mental difficulties, you will win more seemingly unwinnable battles in life.

to experience more life

everyone has his own experience in his or her life.

maybe some people spend their whole lives in the same place, doing the same job and living the same day.

but if possible, while you are still young, while it is still too late, while there is still time, go to the outside world more, have a look, feel more and try more.

sometimes, only when you have met more people can you understand more differences in this world.

you will continue to broaden your mind and pattern only if you do more different things.

only if you experience more, can you have enough mind to face more difficulties and sufferings in life.

there is a saying: "Life is a process of seeing heaven and earth, seeing others, and seeing oneself."

only when you know more, life will become wider and wider.

sometimes, a person with an ordinary mind has not only experienced ordinary things, but experienced too many unusual things, so he has developed a heart that is unafraid of favor and humiliation and fear in the face of danger.

sometimes, a person who panics when something happens does not encounter much difficulties and obstacles, but his cognition is too narrow to withstand more pressure and wind and rain.

all experiences in life, good or bad, are the best gifts and gifts of life.

perhaps a person with rich life experience will suffer more, suffer more tired, and even experience more bitter things in life.

but it is precisely because we have withstood the sharpening and tempering in the strong wind and heavy rain that we can face more unknown and challenges in a better state.