Guan Xuan remarried for 4 months, 50-year-old Li Yapeng had a second daughter! Faye Wong was silent.

/July 2023

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Congratulations! Li Yapeng announced the birth girl!

on July 13, Li Yapeng posted a video revealing that he had given birth to a daughter.

although he was a little surprised, Li Yapeng, known as the "daughter slave", seemed to be very happy with the arrival of this little cotton-padded jacket, and the joy on his face overflowed the screen.

in this way, Li Yapeng, who is over 50 years old, has finally found a home in life after leaving Faye Wong for nine years. She not only welcomes her 19-year-old lovely wife, but also adds a half-sister to Li Yan.

although Faye Wong never remarried, she and Nicholas Tse have never been left behind by love in the past 20 years.

as Li Yapeng said during the official divorce, there are many interpretations of love.

it is the best ending for each of them to be well.

when we were young, we mistakenly thought that holding hands meant a pair of people for the rest of our lives.

after love, I understand that marriage is not the dot of feelings, divorce is not the end of life, and the second half of life is full of unexpected accidents and surprises.

what is rare is not how warm you meet later and how happy you laugh.

it is rare that after so many years of separation, you have never said a word no to each other.

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divorce is not necessarily an emotional failure

A good gathering of loose books is a rare success

has always felt that breaking up or divorce does not mean the failure of the relationship, but that the journey of life is started by different stages of life and different goals.

like Wang Fei and Li Yapeng, they are not destined to be the same.

one is good and comfortable, the other is pursuing a career.

one is at peace with the world, the other is a push cup.

tearing each other apart is the worst part of the relationship.

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, the hardest thing about them is:

never denied the sincerity that we were together because of the deterioration of our feelings later.

after the divorce, we have been getting along amicably, peacefully negotiating the custody of our daughter, attending her daughter Li Yan's birthday party together, and doing our best to give her the best education.

did what two adults could do, without reducing their love for their daughters because of their separation, nor did they perform the drama of bitterness between men and women that the world loved.

is like looking at a person, never looking at his height, but looking at his bottom line.

accustomed to seeing the on-off and on-off in the entertainment industry, I have come to realize that love is common, so it is hard to get together.

like Wang Xiaofei and Big S.

then the magnificent wedding of the century, the flash marriage and the flash love finally ended up with the end of the whole hot search list.

Big S got married after divorce. Although she didn't say anything wrong about Wang Xiaofei in public, all the bad words came out of the mouth of her family and friends.

Wang Xiaofei is even more impatient, publicly complaining about the other party's fault, exposing the woman's privacy and spreading rumors that the woman is asking for sky-high alimony.

at first, there was no turning back how much I loved, but then I tore it so ugly.

when people stop thinking about their old love, their true face is more humane, and it also gives the public the best joke after dinner.

in any relationship, getting together and breaking up is the most respectable result.

some time ago, the poet Yu Xiuhua was exposed by the news of domestic violence, which aroused heated discussion among the public.

Yu Xiuhua is very sober, expecting that the feelings of adults have something to do with each other.

but still overestimate how dark the human nature of tearing apart the fig leaf of love is.

by contrast, the divorce of talk show actors Cheng Lu and Siwen gives us a good sample.

when they decided to separate, they all reflected on why their marriage failed.

Cheng Lu feels that the biggest reason is that he did not give enough company and missed many important moments or painful times, which caused great harm to Siwen.

but Sven thinks it is because he lives so independently that he doesn't need each other.

it's hard to go on in a marriage without the experience of being continuously loved, needed, and supported.

the independence of Siwen actually stems from her own efforts to overexert herself, while her having to be brave actually stems from Cheng Lu's putting her career first.

neither of them found a good balance, and finally, under the baptism of time, they gradually became brothers of the upper and lower berths.

all the separations are not sudden.

both of them knew the reason in their hearts, but the relationship was allowed to deteriorate, deteriorate, and rot, and finally had to be buried.

No matter how much resentment and dissatisfaction after the event, it is nothing but an increase in obsession and a drain on the past feelings and future lives of both parties.

each goes to a new life and ends well in order to have a better start.

be able to restart second Life after divorce

has its own strength

in today's society, breaking up and divorce are no big deal.

this person is really in the past. If he is replaced, he may be able to start his second life.

but the reality is often very gripping.

as the saying goes:

"divorce is simple, it's just a piece of paper, but life doesn't necessarily get better after divorce



before divorce, people who are not financially independent and mentally independent will only have a harder time after divorce.

problems that cannot be solved before divorce will be repeated by a different person after divorce.

I spent my whole life in marriage, feeling sorry for myself and swallowing it.

when you get out of marriage, you may get neither property nor children.

if you snatch a child, you may not be able to afford to raise a child, which makes it a dilemma.

some people's life seems to be hanging up after divorce, while some people still don't get out of the quagmire after divorce.

what is the root cause?

some time ago, Dong Xuan revealed that it was her younger brother who chased her at the variety show.

she said, "I also want to experience Xiao Yaxuan's happiness."

leaving her ex-husband Gao Yunxiang, she has the freedom to fall in love with a puppy.

in the variety show "starting late in Spring", Wu Yating and her ex-husband Wang Yuexin called. As a result, her ex-husband asked her who she was, which was once complained by the public.

before taking part in the variety show, Wu Yating worked as a housewife for many years. She had no job and no income, so she had to ask her ex-husband for money every month.

but after the divorce, she took part in variety shows as a single mother.

in the hottest time, he seized the opportunity to turn on the live broadcast with goods, no longer had to look at his ex-husband's eyes, and also received a confession from guest Lin Chengwei.

did you find out?

those women who are still doing well after divorce either have the strength or are good at changing and dare to break the passive situation.

but in real life, many people's changes are often in the wrong place.

when each other is having an affair, domestic violence, and trivial friction in life, we often hope that each other can change.

when we find that we can't change the truth of another person at all, we begin to change ourselves again, blindly tolerating and making concessions, hoping to take a step back in exchange for a broad sky.

this direction is wrong in itself.

change yourself, not at the expense of wronging yourself.

to change yourself, instead of entangling with bad people, you spend all day worrying about trifles.

but spend time on yourself, please yourself, invest in yourself, and never give up on self-growth.

if you are not financially independent, make money first; if you are not loved, love yourself well.

use your own transformation in exchange for a break in life.

when the other party quits, he has the courage to shake off his face at any time, and he also has the choice and courage to leave at any time.

whether the marriage is good or not is a matter for two people.

but it is more up to you to decide whether your life is good or not.

Faye Wong, did you lose?

under the video of Li Yapeng announcing the birth girl, some netizens commented:

"the diva lost this round."

"for one thing, Hai Ha Jinxi is prettier than Wang Fei, and Li Yapeng has earned it."

it's not necessary to step on a handful. Li Yapeng deserves congratulations on getting married and giving birth to a daughter again, but Faye Wong may never lose.

some time ago, some netizens posted tidbits of Nicholas Tse shooting a movie in the crew.

42-year-old Nicholas Tse, filming naked and with 8 chocolate abs, still feels like a teenager.

Let a lot of netizens leave tears of envy.

some people say: "if Fengfei love breaks up, then I don't believe in love."

in the entertainment industry, there are really too few people who, like Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, have been able to walk around for 20 years, regardless of all gossip, have been scolded to withdraw from the net, and still firmly choose each other.

they have been young and frivolous together, but their obsession with each other is as usual.

True love is what can stand the precipitation of time.

it is the most rare to be able to firmly choose each other after wind and rain.

, may the person you ask for be able to choose you unswervingly, no matter when.