Guo Jingjing's best friend held her daughter for 5 months and jumped off a building to commit suicide. After the truth was exposed, everyone was silent.

/July 2023

born with a golden spoon from an early age, he is worth tens of billions of dollars, with parents who love him and girlfriends like Guo Jingjing.

this kind of life should be what many people dream of.

and Laurie grew up in this atmosphere of thousands of favorites.

in the eyes of outsiders, she is extremely happy.

but unfortunately, sometimes even rich material life can not make up for spiritual shortcomings.

Last year, a piece of extremely sad news detonated the entire Chinese business circle.

Luo Lili, who is worth more than 100 million yuan, jumped to her death in a mansion in Hong Kong with her 5-month-old daughter in her arms.

and when the body of Luo Lili and her daughter was found naked, the cause of her death became the focus of public opinion.

so what did Laurie go through before she died?

because Luo Lili is famous, many people wondered at that time whether it could be due to peer retaliation and other reasons.

but after layers of investigation, there is a reason that no one can believe:

she may suffer from postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression?

it is hard to believe that a strong woman who is all-powerful in the business world and is used to great winds and waves should commit suicide because of postpartum depression.

but if you look back on her life, you will find that everything is not without trace.

she is depressed, but no one has really taken it seriously.

unlike many rich second generations, Luo Lili chose not to "inherit" her family's property as she should, but to start a business.

two years later, she felt that she was very interested in business, so she moved from Sydney to Los Angeles to continue her studies in the United States.

after finishing college, she went to Switzerland for further study for a period of time.

after returning from studying abroad, she began to help her mother take care of her career.

although he can stand on the shoulders of giants and enjoy his success, Laurie is determined to challenge himself.

it wasn't long before she started her own clothing brand, which was well received by the industry.

perhaps because of her own experience, she knows the difficulties of starting a business. In 2014, she founded Bilongjia, a famous business incubator platform in South Korea.

provide help to multinational entrepreneurs and hope that they can realize their dreams as soon as possible.

it can be said that Laurie had boundless scenery during that time.

in 2012, she accompanied her mother to the press conference of Hurun Global Rich list as an interpreter.

who would have thought that a few years later, she would be shining at various high-end global political and economic forums such as the Fortune Global Forum and the Boao Forum for Asia.

take off the fancy clothes on the vanity fair, and the life of Laurie Li is equally charming.

Hong Kong media called her Guo Jingjing's best friend, and even standing next to the world champion, Luo Li's aura is not lost.

but such an excellent and successful woman has not been able to withstand the hurt of her feelings after all.

as a standard "white rich beauty", there is no shortage of suitors around Luo Li, but he has never met the one he likes.

just when people thought that she was influenced by her parents' divorce and did not accept love, one day in 2020, she suddenly posted a "pregnancy photo" on the social platform, which shocked everyone.

in the photo, Luo Lili smiled happily and described the child as "the biggest surprise of her life", saying that the child is the driving force for her future progress.

while everyone is happy for her, they also wonder: who is the father of the child?

just before this doubt is solved, in October 2020, Luo Lili wrote "Single mom's,let's sunite" under a pregnancy photo.

implies that she will raise her child on her own as a single mother.

although he didn't say it clearly, it can be speculated that he should have parted ways with his boyfriend at that time.

although she has become a single mother, Laurie doesn't seem to care, still basking in her daily routine during pregnancy.

the child often sends out pictures with the child after birth.

100 days after her daughter was born, she also posted that "she is God's way of giving me a perspective on life. Thank you for being in my life."

but two months later, the tragedy happened.

she jumped out of a 500-square-meter mansion with her daughter in her arms and died on the spot.

the reason why people don't believe her depression is that she loves life, is full of happiness and has no bad mood on the social platform.

later, a reporter interviewed Ms. Zhao Zengxueyi, a good friend of Luo Li, and from her mouth, people learned more about the tragedy.

Ms. Zhao Zeng confirmed that Luo Lili did suffer from postpartum depression and had sought medical treatment in Hong Kong.

it's just that people around us thought it was a "normal phenomenon" at that time, coupled with the fact that there was no one to take care of them, which eventually led to a tragedy.

"I was so close to death, but you thought I was hypocritical."

there was a program with an exclusive interview about postpartum depression.

they invited some new parents to talk to each other.

what impresses me is that when the woman explains how difficult she is, the man on the other side almost always looks cold.

"you're making a mountain out of a molehill."

"how did you become like this?"

one is even learning about his wife.When Zi was depressed, his first reaction was not to care about his wife's health, but to say impatiently:

"you will affect my work."

you must be full of grievances and grievances when you see here, and it's not worth it to replace your mothers, but this is the attitude of most people.

as a result, many mothers have no place to vent their emotions and can only endure them in silence.

over time, negative emotions accumulate more and more in my heart, and when I can't bear it, I will burst out instantly.

to flip through the news, how many tragedies happened at that moment.

some people will say that it's cruel to commit suicide with a child in your arms.

in psychology, there is a technical term called "extended suicide".

because the mother who has just given birth to the child is not psychologically separated from the child.

the mother took the child with her when she committed suicide because she could not bear to leave the child in the world to "suffer"!

this reminds me of what Chen Weijun, the director of Shengmen, said:

"it is said that giving birth is a matter for two people, a matter for a husband and a wife.

in fact, it is not. It is women who are really facing everything. "

after Xi Mengyao married into a wealthy family, she had a babysitter to take care of her clothes, food, housing and transportation, and even her children. This kind of life must be the envy of many people.

but Xi Mengyao revealed: I was very confused and cried at home.

he Jie also said on the program that she had suffered from postpartum depression.

give yourself up every day, dislike that you are old and ugly, worry about being abandoned, and "want to commit suicide" in serious cases.

Zhang Ziyi was complained by Wang Feng that her baby had been undergoing psychological adjustment for two years. She had difficulty breathing due to excessive anxiety and sought the help of a psychiatrist for postpartum depression.

later, I will do breathing training several times a day to make myself more calm, and then change slowly.

even Xie Na, a born optimist, shed tears because of trifles after giving birth to her second child.

according to the World Health Organization, about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of new-born women worldwide suffer from postpartum depression.

in developing countries, it reached 15.6% and 19.8%.

for a long time, we all "celebrate" the greatness of maternal love, but few people care about what is going on behind them.

there was a physiological milk increase 53 hours after Zhang Ziyi gave birth to her second child, which was in agony.

because her breasts are as hard as two rocks, she may not be able to chisel them with a hammer.

she won't shout pain even if she gets hurt in filming. She describes the pain as torture.

Chen Yihan also blogged late at night after giving birth to the baby. The photo shows her painstakingly pumped milk spilled.

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the caption is "something sadder than sadness, only when you raise a child do you know the kindness of your parents."

ELLA also exposed his reproductive sequelae on social platforms:

I sneeze, jump in place, and run;

and other actions can cause urinary incontinence;

not a bit of incontinence, but the whole pad is wet;

then the pants get wet;


Zhang Xianyi's milk pump alarm clock, from the wee hours of the morning to midnight.

No matter whether you are sleepy or not, you have to "produce milk" when the time is up.

they all say, "if you are a mother, you are tough".

it seems that when a woman becomes a mother, she must be bulletproof.

do supplementary food, breast-feed, change diapers, put children to bed, wash clothes, mop the floor, wipe mouth, wash face and take a bath.

these things have become exclusive to mothers since I don't know when.

but children are not only their responsibility, but also the responsibility of a family.

they also need to be cared for, cared for, and need to have their own lives.

No one is born a mother, let alone Superman.

they will also be painful and tired.

so even if you can't empathize with them, please be tolerant of them.

to accompany and listen silently may be a panacea for them.

at least let them know that there is support behind them, not alone.

although it's a bit of an exaggeration, maybe a word of comfort can save a life.

never let your wife become an "isolated island" in your life.

they deserve to be treated gently.

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