Hangzhou 22-year-old girl died late at night and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment: "Don't indulge, it will really kill you!"

/July 2023

recently, a piece of news has topped the list of hot searches.

on July 9, the girl and the company asked for leave to rest at home because of a cold and chest tightness.

but she never thought she would suddenly lose consciousness.

by the time she was taken to the hospital, she had lost her breath and heartbeat, and her skin had turned purple.

after six days of rescue, the girl is still not out of danger.

countless people are looking forward to the girl's recovery, and countless people are involved in this struggle with death.

but the sad news came.

the girl's father left a message on the social platform:

"my child finally left us two lonely old people on July 26, 2022. Thank you for your help during this time."

I hope that all the children and all the kind-hearted people must take care of their bodies and take good care of themselves even if they work hard. Thank you. "

the girl still left and left this world forever.

22 years old, this is supposed to be the youngest and most energetic time, why the sudden outbreak of such a serious illness?

it turns out that after the girl's brother died in a car accident,

the girl becomes the only child in the family.

despite the family's financial difficulties, the parents are still trying hard to make money to send the girl to college.

she wants to work hard and make money, so as to lighten the burden on her family as soon as possible.

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but how can a young girl stand such a hard work?

at the end of the story, it is really sad.

people scolded the company for being cold-blooded in solidarity with the poor girl.

but my uncle thinks that what is more important than scolding them is that we should be clearly aware of one thing:

when working hard, don't forget to take good care of yourself for the sake of those who love us.

A ride-hailing driver fell on the street of Nanjing.

the relics left by Master Liu, the driver, made countless people cry.

that is an ordinary ledger, which records Master Liu's daily income and expenditure.

according to the record, Master Liu began to take up his post after completing the formalities from July 4.

I went out at more than 7 o'clock in the morning and got home at 11:00 in the evening. Master Liu did not have a day off and worked for 160 days.

his family worried about his health and advised him not to work so hard.

Master Liu's daughter once said, "the father worked so hard because he mainly considered the current situation at home and wanted to share some pressure for his family."

the last date recorded in the ledger is December 10th.

that day, Master Liu suddenly pulled over to the side of the road, and when the passengers felt something was wrong, it was already late.

earlier, Master Liu also discussed with his wife about changing a new energy car and asked his wife how the New year's goods were prepared.

but he could no longer hear his wife's response.

he takes care of others everywhere, but does not take good care of himself; he wants to share the pressure of his family, but in the end he is exhausted.

Master Liu's experience is actually a microcosm of the lives of countless adults.

there are people who dream and work hard every day, trying to give themselves a better future.

some people bear the responsibility to make money with clenched teeth in order to protect their families from the wind and rain.

but they all forget that strings that are too tight will break.

endless overdraft health will only make you completely lose the capital to work hard.

Don't think that you are young and that you can resist, so you will risk your life.

people are all flesh and blood, saying that they will collapse without even saying hello.


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once shared an experience of shooting in the morgue:

"I thought most of the people who came to the morgue were old people, but I didn't expect so many young people.

many people stay up late and die suddenly, every day, there are really a lot of young people.

I didn't even know why, so I went at once.

sometimes the person is gone after a few seconds of chest pain. "

you see, the world is punishing those who do not take care of their bodies.

so, don't overdraw your body any more, you will really die.

Why people who overdraw their bodies are more likely to die suddenly.

the immune system may be halved if adults fail to get 7-8 hours of sleep for three consecutive nights, according to an online survey.

three hours less sleep a day is enough to reduce the function of important immune cells.

Don't always think that you are young and have the capital to carry it to death.

do not realize that all the time of "overdraft" will be returned with interest in the future.

you think it's okay to stay up late once or twice, but in fact, every time you stay up late, you lower your immunity.

according to the World Health Organization, working 55 hours or more per week is a serious health hazard.

when you have health, you can't feel how strong it is.

but when you lose your health, you will understand that your body is free from disease.

fromFrom now on, for your health, please pay attention to the following:

1. Work and rest regularly, prohibit staying up late, create a good sleeping environment before going to bed, and stay away from electronic products, especially mobile phones, as far as possible, because this is the main culprit for most people to stay up late.

2, do not sit for a long time, develop exercise habits, exercise consumption, the probability of staying up late at night will be greatly reduced, which can help you sleep better;

3. Regular physical examination, because the body's health will change with time, age, living habits and work stress, so it is still necessary to have a regular health check-up every year, which is conducive to self-physical assessment, early detection of problems and early improvement.

Schopenhauer said: "the biggest mistake human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

Yes, no matter how important it is to make money, it is not as important as life.

pursue a better life, but at the expense of health, the loss is bound to outweigh the gain.

there is a joke on the Internet that it takes only three steps to go from obscurity to fame.

be active, work hard, work hard.

from health to death, there are also three steps: mild fatigue, → severe fatigue, → sudden death.

people should move forward, but also learn to have a proper rest.

the body is the basis of hard work. Keeping the body healthy will make it more possible in the future.

, in the days to come, it is time to work and rest. May you and all your loved ones be in good health.