In the early morning, my second uncle brushed my moments crazy.

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do you find life difficult?


worry about this and that every day, whether it's school, work, relationships or relationships.

there are often unpleasant things. It seems that life never treats us well. There will always be tests of one kind or another that make us feel upset and anxious.

long-term mental internal friction makes us exhausted, want to change the status quo, but do not know how to alleviate it.

A few days ago, a bilibili video entitled "three days back to the village, my second uncle cured my mental internal friction" was scanned on moments.

maybe from the story of our second uncle, we will find some answers and get a moment of peace of mind.

the following is the full text of the video.

this is my second uncle, once a talented teenager in the village, and this is my grandmother, an old lady who dances popping every day.

my second uncle ranked first in primary school and in junior high school.

A total of three papers were collected from the countryside for the city's unified examination, one of which belonged to my second uncle.

one day my second uncle went home with a high fever, and the doctor in the village next door gave him four injections in the ass one day, and the second uncle became disabled.

my teenage uncle is lying in bed and never wants to go back to school.

the teachers came to the door three times to persuade each other, and the second uncle lay on the bed with his eyes closed, silent, like a Mr. Wolong with a broken leg.

but the second uncle's leg is not hurt, but useless, so a long illness can not become a doctor.

so, the next year, the second uncle threw away the manual and climbed down from the bed and sat in the patio watching the sky, like a large frog.

my second uncle told my grandfather that he had seen it and begged him to go to the blacksmith's shop to make carpentry tools for himself.

for the first time in three years, my second uncle went out of the courtyard to make benches for people, making two a day, one for ten cents, so that he could support himself.

so the second uncle began to walk around the villages in the town to do carpentry for people.

one day I met that doctor on the road. He said to his second uncle, "Today, I would have to contract you for the rest of my life."

my second uncle scolded him with a smile and limped off to work again.

later, without knowing any procedural reasons, the second uncle's disability card could not be obtained. He was so disappointed that he went to Beijing on crutches and said he was going to see him.

my second uncle said that the times are good, and so is he. Why? The second uncle said, "he is fair."

soon my second uncle didn't have much money left in his pocket. One of his cousins was a soldier in Beijing, and his second uncle lived in the army as a military family. He didn't expect to get along unexpectedly.

because the second uncle did not like to chat up and socialize, he only liked to work, he did not know where to borrow woodworking tools, and in that time when the army conditions were still very difficult, he silently made a lot of cabinets and tables for the soldiers. Which soldier would not like this kind of homie?

one day my second uncle's cousin went to the bathhouse and saw an old man and his second uncle sitting together in a bath. His cousin was too frightened to say a word, because he had only seen the old man a few times and was now squatting in the pool to rub his back.

later, when the second uncle returned to the village, everyone asked how Beijing was like. The second uncle said, "Beijingers are very good at rubbing their backs."

when the two younger sisters got married, the second uncle was very reluctant to give up, and the second uncle had his own expression.

my aunt and my mother married all the furniture, every drawing, every board, every piece of glass, every decorative strip, every screw, every paint, was done by my second uncle alone.

Grandma's family is so poor, and when my sister is married with such a set of furniture, her mother-in-law will look up to her, and maybe she will treat her sister better.

you may say that I am bragging, because this is Shanghai furniture.

but you forget that this is my second uncle. Second uncle always has a way. He can put up any brand for you. What brand do you want? He also has Tianjin brand, Beijing brand, Hong Kong brand, ultra-luxury OK.

later, the young second uncle adopted the newborn Ning Ning, and the second uncle worked hard around to make money. He spent most of his time in foster care at his aunt's house and seldom accompanied her.

Ning Ning was often talked about behind his back when he was a child. How can a child who has been abandoned twice be polite to the world?

Ning Ning married his boyfriend ten years ago. His second uncle paid more than NT $100,000 in a county house with a little over 200000 yuan. I can't imagine how he saved it.

my second uncle spent half his life savings to buy a house for Ning Ning, but he was so happy that he was so happy. This is the parent, the honorable and pitiful parent, humbly great.

second uncle and Ning Ning

my second uncle reached the peak of matchmaking when he was in his early 30s, but my second uncle told me that he always felt that he could only take care of himself and others in his life, so he never had any thoughts in this respect.

my second uncle lied. At that time, there was a woman from the village next door with a husband and two children.

do not know what kind of opportunity, the relationship between the two suddenly became very familiar, and soon became too familiar.

she often visits her second uncle's house, and her second uncle often goes to see her, even when her husband is around.

the two children also liked the second uncle, and later, as an official member of the second uncle's family, she attended all the happy events of the family, and was considerate to the second uncle and kept his messy cabin in good order.

when my second uncle came back from work, he could have a bowl of hot rice and handed her the money he had settled today.

so many years passed, but she did not get divorced. From the beginning, the four siblings of the second uncle gave their full support and turned to suspect that the woman was only a little money for the second uncle and strongly opposed it.

Ning Ning, who is still in primary school, called the woman "old fox" and her daughter in her class "little fox". The honest second uncle lost his ground and didn't know what to do.

later, the woman and her husband died in a factory shed out of town, gas poisoning, and the second uncle was unmarried all his life.

I can't understand the details of this relationship, and my aunt can't remember clearly, but my second uncle doesn't want to talk about it.

what on earth is this all about? Did love come at that time?

decades have passed, the story of the old friend has come to an end, and now there is nothing left but a bad debt, which is rotten in the heart of the second uncle. Shed blood, and long scab, can not tear, a tear will bring down the flesh.

in this way, another 30 years have passed, and there is nothing to say. Yes, this is the life of ordinary people, so ordinary that you can't even look at it if you don't get ten thousand times faster. Grandma is 88 years old in a twinkling of an eye.

now the labor cost in the countryside is getting higher and higher, and my second uncle is a good time to make money.

he really wants to earn more money for his old age, so that he won't have to drag down Ning Ning in the future.

but grandma can no longer take care of herself and doesn't want to live very much. on one occasion, she even hung a rope on the door frame.

Chinese people always say "birth, old age, sickness and death". Why should there be another "old disease" between life and death?

this is not God's unkindness, but mercy.

otherwise, how nostalgic should we be for this world if we all die in our seventies and eighties when we are still healthy and healthy? Isn't that even more painful? In this sense, "old illness" is a necessary exercise between "life and death".

so when my second uncle went out a few years ago, he began to put grandma in the car. When I go to other people's houses to do carpentry, I put my grandmother on the small bench next to me.

A 66-year-old man carries his 88-year-old mother with him. This 6688 group is absolutely cool.

my second uncle stopped working as a carpenter in recent years and took care of grandma full-time. Wash grandma's face in the morning, wash grandma's feet in the evening, and force grandma to exercise in the afternoon.

Grandma has to sit down and rest for 10 seconds every 20 steps, and my second uncle trails grandma by 3 meters for every 20 steps. It takes just 10 seconds to catch up with the 3 meters, and then go on.

the last time I saw such a tacit move was in Jordan and Pippen.

Jordan likes to give Pippen a super run, and his second uncle likes to pull noodles for his grandmother and pour some scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Yeah, it's delicious.

my second uncle didn't have any education for Ning Ning from an early age, but today Ning Ning has become the most filial child in the village.

it can be seen that the best way for children to be filial to themselves in the future is to be filial to their parents in silence. Children are small, not blind.

in fact, it is difficult to define second uncle as a carpenter. During my three days at home, he repaired a wiring board, a gas stove, a bedside lamp, a toy car, a head, a washing machine and a faucet for the villagers.

on the way back, she was stopped by another aunt and fixed the lock on her door. Before he entered the house, he was called home by another old man and said that the induction cooker was broken.

my second uncle came to his house and found that it was his plug-in board that had forgotten to turn on. Poor old man. When I got home, I repaired another grandma's old man-machine and radio.

Grandma had stomach trouble, so he gave her acupuncture. They thought the bare wood on the gatehouse was not good-looking, so the second uncle designed it himself and painted it for others. A temple was built at the top of the mountain, and all the dragons were carved by their brothers-in-law.

if there is no divine mother in the village, my second uncle becomes a fortune teller. Of course, the sign is made by myself, the bamboo tube is made by myself, the book is made by myself, and the hexagram is copied by myself.

he even had a whim one day to make an erhu.

Wood makes beard body, telephone line copper core makes string, bamboo makes bow pole, fishing line makes bow hair. We didn't have a python here, so he went up the mountain and grabbed some double-spotted brocade to make a piece of piano skin. You see, my second uncle always has a way.

I'd like to show you that model-like erhu, but it's a pity that my grandmother let my stupid brother play with erhu as a hoe more than a decade ago.

there are only three kinds of farm tools, furniture, electrical appliances and vehicles in this village that my uncle can't repair: smartphones, cars and computers.

because my second uncle doesn't have these things either. But now there is also a smartphone. Ning Ning bought it, and he will fix it after he dismantles it a few times.

it was late at night, and the light of my second uncle's house was still on, so I was repairing things for someone else.

hear gongsAnd firecrackers? It was not that some people in the village got married, but after the young people had left, the wild boar came back to frighten the wild boar.

my second uncle always said that it was good that he could take care of himself. In fact, he took care of the whole village.

people in the village jokingly call him a "crooked son", but each of us knows very well that we love this crooked son, and we can't do without it.

share of the house, pension, leisurely and comfortable, the rest of life. That's what happened to an old man in the village next door. He didn't study as well as his second uncle at that time.

how nice it would be if that were the case.

my second uncle will certainly become an old urchin like his father Wang Jusheng, who is full of leisure and wild interest.

looking at my second uncle in front of me always reminds me of the lines in the movie "Chess King":

"A genius like him is just born at the wrong time. He should be cultivated by the state and be famous all over the world. He should not be so miserable. "

what a pity, really a pity.

I asked my second uncle if he had ever thought about it. He said never. This mentality made him the second happiest person in the village. The happiest person is Mr. Tree from our village just now.

so you see, the happiest person in the world is the one who doesn't need to be responsible to others, and the second happiest person is the one who never looks back.

Mr. Tree just

it's a pity who doesn't? People often find that the biggest regret in life is to regret the past all the time when they are dying.

regret is the foreplay of the rise of the protagonist in the film, and the poison that makes people sink in life.

I, Beijing drifters, have had the privilege of meeting several people in the past nine years. On the contrary, it was from my second uncle that I saw all the ordinariness, beauty and strength of our nation.

it is said that the most important thing in life is not to play a good card, but to play a bad card.

my second uncle is really good at playing this bad card, and his Zhuang respect and self-improvement in his struggles and difficulties makes me respect.

I am able-bodied, I went to college, and I was born in an era full of opportunities. I deserve a fuller life than my second uncle.

Today, my second uncle is still walking his own way of life. Where will this long road eventually lead to?

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there is a decades-old notebook under my uncle's bed. The first page of the notebook is an excerpt from him:

"make up your mind, be not afraid of sacrifice, overcome all difficulties and strive for victory."

Yes, this road of life must lead to victory in the end.

at the end:

this video became popular on the Internet overnight, and the second uncle himself also attracted a lot of attention.

some people want to donate money to the second uncle, some people say that the second uncle should start a live broadcast, don't waste such a good traffic …...

in response, the author replied on Weibo:

". The second uncle lived half his life seriously. I shared the story of the second uncle, and everyone was a little touched after listening to it. Together, these three stories are a beautiful little story. A good story should have a good ending. Are there few good stories that everyone has seen over the years?

Let my second uncle live quietly with my grandmother in that mountain village. That is the best end of the story. "

I believe that everyone's concern for the second uncle is out of goodwill, but sometimes, not to disturb, is also a kind of goodwill.

as the author said, it is enough for everyone to listen to a beautiful story, arouse some touch and thinking, and bring some positive changes to the heart and life.

Let this story have a happy ending, and I hope you can really learn to live easily and happily.

encourage each other.