It is very realistic that far-sighted parents are unwilling to marry these four families.

/July 2023

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and your own conditions

families with a wide gap

the ancients emphasized that they were "a perfect match". Even today, it is not without reason.

there is a wide gap in economic level, and you will gradually feel at a loss as to what to do after marriage.

it is as if their own conditions are good, but the other side's family is difficult, and their children's quality of life after marriage is bound to decline. As parents, this is what they do not want to see.

everyone wants their children to get better and better, so it's natural to worry.

Marriage involves firewood, rice, oil and salt, and there is a large family gap, so it is not easy to run-in with the concept of consumption alone. You think it's good to spend money to buy happiness. I think it's extravagant and wasteful.

you dislike me and don't understand amorous feelings. I smile bitterly that you haven't suffered.

there may be differences in all aspects of dealing with people, things, and social circles. As they face each other day by day, the rift between the two will only grow.

therefore, far-sighted parents will be very cautious in this respect.


A very strong family

it's a treasure at home, and it hurts when you hit it. After marriage, if it is treated as a grass, the parents will definitely not allow it.

far-sighted parents pay special attention to the atmosphere of each other's family.

Family atmosphere has a great influence on a person, which directly determines whether the tone of a child's life is free or depressed in the future.

if one of the parents in each other's family is very strong, life is often endless after marriage.

you will find that no matter how hard you try to fit in, you will be excluded and an outsider as always.

Marriage sets up your small family, but you can't really decide anything, and each other's parents have to interfere in big and small matters.

not having the right to speak is the second most important thing, even if you are extremely aggrieved, the other half will not stand up and say a word for you.

A typical example is "mama's boy". When there is a contradiction between his mother-in-law and his daughter-in-law, he either hides aside or prefers his mother.

he has long been used to being arranged and controlled by his parents, so the solution to the problem is not to resist, not to argue with reason, but to be obedient.

far-sighted parents do not want their children to be wronged in the future, so they will not agree to such in-laws.

everything depends on

Children's own family

people say that when you are a parent, you always want to give the best in the world to your children.

some parents are not like this. Raising you is a gift. You should know how to be grateful and don't ask too much.

A reader once confided his own experience to me.

after secretly dating for two years, I decided to get married before I brought the boy to his parents to meet.

after a meal, the parents disagreed.

the reason is that they think the boy is nice, but his parents will not plan for their children, and their daughters will bear hardships when they marry.

the boy is the eldest at home, and there are a pair of younger brothers and sisters at the bottom, both fifteen or sixteen years old, but have been taken by their parents to work in the factory.

the boy himself also dropped out of school early to work, the family conditions are not good, parents do not agree to continue to study.

the boy is honest and paid the bottom. If he gets married, two people have to earn both the house and the car, and his family can't support it. In addition, all his savings over the years have been given to his parents to build houses in their hometown.

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the reader's father, who loves the boy, is unwilling to marry his daughter to him.

it is obvious that if they agree, the two children will have to rely on themselves in the future, and they may even be squeezed by the boy's parents, and the burden on their shoulders is too heavy.

as parents, they naturally don't want to marry such in-laws.

chores and other chores

families all borne by women

read a post.

married for 5 years, because the husband did not hang clothes for 4 days, the wife chose to divorce:

that time, my wife went out of town on a business trip. When she returned home four days later, she found that the clothes on the washing machine had not yet hung up and the kitchen was full of dirty bowls.

when a man is married, he is surrounded by more people to take care of him; when a woman is married, she has a family to take care of.

you never make less money, but you do all the housework.

if you ask, "Why is it all done by women", people say, "it has not always been done by women since ancient times."

only women work hard, while men take it for granted and have no understanding at all.

families with this inherent concept, visionary parents, especially those with daughters, are bound to be unwilling to marry.

in marriage, two people are equal, and there is no stipulation that the woman should be responsible for all this.

when love prevails in your eyes, your parents' eyes are full of practical problems.

it is not because they are used to weighing the pros and cons, but because far-sighted parents do not want their children to take detours and lead a bad life.

parents' love for their children must be profound.