It's really important to be with good people.

/July 2023


as an old saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

I think so.

with different people, there will be a completely different life.

the story of Meng's mother's three migrations tells us that a person's living environment is really very important. With good people, you will also become excellent.

and with lazy people, you will also be assimilated into lazy people.

people who are close to making progress

make yourself hard-working and positive

some people say: "with diligent people, you will not be lazy." When you are with people who procrastinate, you will not be positive. "

walk with motivated people and exert an imperceptible influence, and you will also become a progressive person before you know it.

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whether it is learning or others, a good environment will affect a person's self-control, and it will slowly affect your growth and your way forward.

I saw a story about "high achiever dormitory" performed by six girls in Shandong University of Technology on the Internet.

six girls, they have common hobbies, often take part in interesting sports meetings, play badminton, run, read books, chat at night, or sing songs together at the Mid-Autumn Festival party.

they also gave the dormitory a motto: achieve the same goal and advance hand in hand.

Ji Xiaoqing, one of the students in the dormitory, said that when she first arrived at school, her academic performance was very average, but the other students' academic grades were very good, which made her feel like a "drag."

so whenever other roommates go to the library, she goes with her, and over time, she feels that she is making progress all the time.

when she was in the mood of wanting to give up and confused about the postgraduate entrance examination, other roommates began to encourage and affirm, giving her the motivation to move forward.

they often say that although a person can go very fast, a group of people can go further. The six of them support each other, encourage each other, and make each other more powerful.

with the encouragement of her roommates, she learned a lot of new things and improved herself in all aspects.

walking with excellent roommates makes her more and more confident in herself and makes her better and better.

there is a saying that if you want to be good, you have to be with good people before you can stand out.

although interacting with people cannot be purposeful, everyone hopes that if they interact with people with positive energy, they can also improve their energy.

what kind of person you want to be, make friends with what kind of people, and with a grateful state of mind to get along with them, to find more beautiful things in life.

get close to optimists

make yourself sunny and positive

as the saying goes, "positive people are like the sun, where they shine; negative people are like the moon, but the first 15 is different