Jia Nailiang overturned again, this time the melon is too big! Netizen: "No wonder Li Xiaolu doesn't like you!"

/July 2023


Jia Nailiang, what's wrong now?

two days ago, Jia Nailiang suddenly went viral on Weibo.

the whole network is urging him to respond, cue with the name of Fu Seoul.

what's going on?

Let's take a look at the second hot search right after Jia Nailiang, the fun store.

on July 17, Jia Nailiang and Fu Seoul appeared together in the broadcast room, selling prefabricated vegetables and platforms for the fun store.

on July 26, the situation mentioned at the beginning appeared--

Fu Seoul issued a statement on his front foot, blaming himself for being "negligent and stupid" and "extremely stupid";

after the foot, Jia Nailiang also appeared in the urging of netizens and issued an apology.

and even if the words of the two are "sincere", the netizens' anger cannot be calmed down.

Jia Nailiang was pushed to the forefront of the storm--

No wonder Li Xiaolu doesn't like him. "

"those who sell goods have no conscience. It's disgusting. Hurry up and get cold."

"get out of the entertainment circle!"

this is the first time that there have been many car rollover incidents with goods, which have caused such public anger.

what on earth is it this time?

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili with blood

the spearhead points to the "fun store prepared dishes" in cooperation with the two people.

on July 17th, a brand selling prefabricated vegetables such as Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili was born.

in the live broadcast room of the fun store, there is a bright row of big characters, "CEO of listed companies is being broadcast live", grabbing eyeballs.

Fu Seoul and Jia Nailiang take turns, eating and selling, which doubles the stimulation.

coupled with excited shouts: "100000 single Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, today's live studio delivers benefits, as long as 1 cent", "send an iPhone phone in 5 minutes" …...

the fun store created a "miracle of carrying goods". It earned more than 250 million yuan for a single live broadcast, occupying the first place on the list of goods in the live broadcast room for 15 hours in a row.

even the Oriental selection which became popular some time ago was left behind by them.

and Luo Min, the "owner of the fun shop", not only shouted hard in his own studio, but also brushed a sense of existence in the live room selected by the East.

on July 18, Luo Min brushed 10 carnivals in Dong Yuhui's studio with a big wave of his hand.

although Dong Yuhui has been dissuading him, suggesting that he might as well buy some agricultural products to help farmers and delivery boys, Luo Min has no intention of stopping.

so the next day Luo Min exploded and was blocked by Dong Yuhui.

I wanted to rub off a wave of heat, but Dong Yuhui's response punctured Luo Min's true face--

"because the director has just graduated from college, he has some personal grudges to block you. After listening to it, I think it's quite reasonable."

"just graduated from college"? "personal feud"?

because Luo Min is not only the "boss of the fun shop", but also the "originator of campus loans."

in 2014, the predecessor of "fun shop", a phased shopping platform called "fun staging", spread among college students.

the means are the same as the gimmicks in the studio: give way on the surface and harvest behind.

"you can buy iPhone without selling kidneys", "interest is low, interest is zero in the first month"...

in stages, under the banner of "convenience", interest lures ignorant young people into the trap step by step.

it is called a "trap" because: in the "fun staging" shopping mall, it is full of all kinds of luxury consumer goods, which are beyond the affordability of ordinary college students.

there have been college students on the show and Luo Min on the line, with two questions, pointed out the drawbacks.

A question: are the students who have no income ability facing by stages?

second question: is it an expensive product that is sold by stages?

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obviously, the answer to both questions is yes. The ulterior motives of interest stages are obvious:

aim at students who have no financial resources and encourage them to keep up with others and consume luxury goods by way of lending.

in response to the question, Luo Min responded with a sentence: "and then?"

have no shame and ask questions knowingly.

and then what? The first step is to seduce, and the second step is to eat it up.

for students who use fun by stages to satisfy their temporary greed, what is waiting for them is the higher and higher penalty interest.

trapped in the quagmire of "campus loan", he can't extricate himself.

Campus loan for the payment of a loan on campus

in June 2016, Yin, a sophomore at a university in Changsha, borrowed 6000 yuan in interest installments. as a result, he had to repay a total of more than 13000 yuan.

overdue liquidated damages are more than twice the principal, which can be described as a "sky-high price".

products in installments of interest shall be charged a daily late fee at 1% of the outstanding amount.

the interest rate is obviously higher than the industry standard, which is equivalent to usury to students.

on one side are the slogan of "low interest rate", commodities available at hand, and on the other side are complex interest rate algorithms and complicated formalities documents;

many students, in a state of confusion, fell into a bottomless pit.

when it was time to repay, I suddenly found that the overdue payment had doubled and could not be repaid in one day, so I had to watch it roll in profit.

this is the abomination of campus loans-it waves a sickle at those who are powerless.

students who have not yet entered the society not only lack the ability to plan for money, but also are mentally immature and are extremely vulnerable to incitement and demagogue.

what is even more outrageous is that some borrowers will cajole students into "robbing east wall to make up for west wall", that is, using loans to repay loans.

do you still remember "sweeping the Black Storm"? The play is based on real events provided by the national anti-triad office, which also shows the layers of routines of campus loans.

the stumbling girl who fell into the dust only borrowed 5000 yuan that year, but ended up with a debt of 120000 yuan.

how did you get here? Revolving loan.

in order to repay the huge amount of money at hand, he had to take a risk to borrow a new loan, which ended up in an endless cycle.

the speed of making money is never as fast as the speed of profit.

finally, what if I can't afford it? Violent collection.

CCTV has exposed the process of campus loan extortion:

first, telephone bombardment, threatening children and parents;

then there are more drastic measures: smashing the door, writing the scarlet letter on the door, blocking the eye with glue, using every possible means.

debt collectors' mobile photo albums are full of "customers" with ID cards.

once overdue, you can easily play with "customer" information and discredit the other party.

used to be a teacher's

@ Li Shanglong

Reading also mentioned on Weibo that he had met several students who were tortured by campus loans.

some students are "visited" by violent debt collectors every day, and finally they are desperate and drop out of school.

some parents received the threat of their children's "naked photos" and emptied their wallets, but failed to save their children's lives.

how horrible!

students who end their short lives because they are unable to repay their campus loans, countless families have hollowed out their savings.

when the "fun store" went viral, one netizen after another stood up and spoke out:

it can be seen that the harmful scope of campus loan is wide and its influence is deep.

every penny Luo Min earns is soaked with blood.

fortunately, on September 6, 2017, a month before the official launch of the interest stages, the Ministry of Education called for the suspension of campus loans:

"Campus loan business is banned, and no online loan institution is allowed to grant loans to college students."

fun shops had to find their own way, until in July this year, the "prepared food" business once again appeared in front of the public.

Luo Min said he was "always on the road, keeping a young heart".