Mother's mouth is the feng shui of a family.

/July 2023

the mall is full of people.

A 5-or 6-year-old girl played with water in the bathroom of the mall and wet her clothes sleeves a lot.

her mother grabbed her, and because of her strength, the little girl staggered and opened her mouth:


are you dying? Clothes are free, right? How did I give birth to such a thing as you. "

the little girl seemed frightened, her eyes dim, like marionettes, leaving her mother to ramble about.

how much hatred do you have with your child before you curse your child to die?

Why is it so easy for mothers to blurt out these hurtful words, especially to their children who are pregnant for 10 months?

words are often the sharpest weapons, and they are like bayonets that inadvertently hurt a child's heart.

Mom, what is hidden in your meanness is your meanness and your frustration.

Mom, your mouth is full of love, but your face is ferocious.

the mother's mouth hides the temperature of her child's life

A Xuan was always compared when she was a child and was never praised by her mother.

every time in front of relatives, my mother will directly say what's wrong with her.

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when she heard that her heart was so aggrieved, her tears fell endlessly, but her hard work was never recognized, and she kept talking when she caught making a mistake.

A Xuan offered to help with the housework, but her mother thought she was slow and unclean.

not doing housework, she also said that she was lazy and didn't know how to pay for her family and sympathize with her parents.

A Xuan's mother never gives up any chance to bring it up again, just like a broken record player, complaining repeatedly about her child's bad behavior and how the child humiliated her.

my mother's harsh and paranoid words planted the seeds of inferiority in the heart of 12-year-old Ah Xuan.

detailed calculation, there are a lot of causes of things, all from some trivial things.

A child is like a jar. Adults throw all their complaints and bitter words about life into this jar, and one day, the jar will explode.

when malicious, mean words blurt out, any of my mother's goodness is gone.

No child can shine in the dark.

the sentence "I am your mother, don't you dare talk back to me", the heart of gratitude has become the heart of complaining.

the mother's mouth determines the height of the child's life

Hu Shi once wrote in my Mother:

"my mother is magnanimous and good-natured, treats people the kindest and gentlest, and never says a word that hurts people's feelings."

but in reality, how many mothers are afraid that if they boast a few more words, their children will go to heaven, for fear that they will be black sheep if they fight less?

"they have never been qualified parents, but they ask us to be qualified children everywhere."

25-year-old Tian Tian is venting her dissatisfaction in moments.

"it's better to have a dog than to have a dog, who knows how to wag his tail." This is what Tian Tian's mother often says to her.

Sweets has never been able to get her mother to change the way she speaks, which is her most confused question.

Tian Tian has tried to be gentle, to please, to act coquettish, to be fierce, to buy things for her mother.

but it seems that only when mom wants to talk to her well, she can do it.

Tian Tian doesn't like the way her mother talks, but Tian Tian feels that she is becoming more and more like her mother.

Mom's occasional swearing, occasional roar, and Tian Tian are all absorbed and internalized unwittingly.

these things are presented in the speech acts of Tian Tian, so when Tian Tian is communicating with her mother, they often can't communicate calmly.

they often quarrel over trifles.

"when I grow up, I will be you."

is like a curse.

in fact, what Tian Tian doesn't like is herself, and the saddest thing is that the child can never convince her parents.

even if parents are used to facing their children with ferocious faces, children can never say no.

praising children is a sign that they dote on them too much;

justifiably criticizing and criticizing, and even beating and scolding is the right direction for parenting.

after growing up, children have been able to distinguish between right and wrong, and can live independently without their parents, but those habits of inferiority and self-denial that go deep into the bone marrow will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

in order to prevent the same situation from happening to the next generation of children, children also need to spend a lot of time and energy to appease their hearts, give themselves courage and self-confidence.

Mother's mouth is the fengshui of a family

Emerson has a famous saying:

"the family is the father's land, the mother's world, and the children's paradise."

every child's heart is soft and tender, and a light sentence from a mother is sometimes more painful than a slap.

Huanhuan is 32 years old. As far as I can remember, she has not been shopping sweetly with her mother.

even though she tried to change her rigid relationship with her mother after marriage, she later found that a rapprochement in the relationship would not change her mother's temper.

before she got married, her mother scolded the ring almost every day. Her mother wanted her to be successful and thought she knew about it.

the mother always holds that she is a parent, thinking that it is normal to beat and scold her child.As a child, you have to put up with it.

Ring has been scolded by her mother as a psychopath, scolding too much, listening for a long time, sometimes even wonder if she is a psychopath.

the lack of love is a gap, and the dark family environment is a sharp blade.

when watching a loved one say anything and abuse wantonly in front of him;

when those who respect and love deeply tear off the mask of hypocrisy in front of them and reveal their ferocious faces;

it is the most painful time for children when they know that they are fully enlightened, but there is nothing they can do.

speaking is the least costly. Talking well tests the wisdom and pattern of being a mother.

Smart mother, in life, never open her mouth and embarrass people, but treat others kindly, like a spring breeze.

A good woman who can talk is the nobility of a man, the guide of a child, and the soul of a family.

A family's attitude towards life and spirit will be imperceptibly passed on from generation to generation.

Mother's mouth is the best feng shui for a family.

talking well is my mother's lifelong practice

to be added to a mother's bad words?

that feeling can only be felt by those who are in it: fear, tension and anger are intertwined.

if the child refrains from arguing with his parents, the scene is even more out of control.

"this kind of person has read books into the belly of a dog!"

"for people like you, no one will want you in the future, and you can't get married."

"A man in his twenties is like a three-year-old child!"

in that case, I don't know how many children's childhood has been accompanied.

maybe mothers forget after scolding that they don't even know they have said these words, and simply regard their children as emotional "trash cans".

when the child is angry, the mother will feel that it is unreasonable.

in the face of mother's verbal violence, some children regard the painful feelings as a part of life, and even rationalize them:

"I can't blame her, after all, I did something wrong first. She had such high moral expectations of me, and I committed a crime that made her so sad. "

sometimes, when mothers talk in a different way, can they educate their children?

the mother who cleaned the house all day was very tired, and then said to her child angrily:

"Why are you so lazy? you don't move."

you might as well say this at this time:

"the whole family can clean up all the bad luck together, son, come and clean the table."

if there is something wrong with the child, you can point out that it is really not advisable to insult the child over a higher plane of principle.

take a walk in the world, becoming a relative is a kind of fate.

Don't say hurtful words, but say more warm words.

considering the feelings of children and talking well is a kind of kindness of being a mother, and it is also a lifelong practice.

Cai Yuanpei once wrote in the cultivation of the Chinese people:

"A family is the school at the beginning of life. The character of a lifetime, the so-called constant change, is probably born in the family. "

for parents, parenting is self-rearing.

who can sow the seed of a cactus and finally get a bunch of orchids?

"once there was a pair of small hands, trying to grasp two big hands, because holding on tight is happiness, but no matter how he grasped it, he couldn't catch it."

parents also come from their children, giving hugs and warmth to every child who suffers from verbal violence.

A happy family has no sharp criticism and angry beating and scolding.

raising children is a lifelong practice of being a parent.