No matter how good the relationship between the opposite sex is, please don't contact each other like this.

/July 2023

it is a great pleasure to make friends when you are alive.

Hugo said, "it is often our friends who make us fall."

half of my life has passed, and countless people have come into contact with, and there is nothing wrong with having some friends of the opposite sex, but if the relationship is not handled properly, it is likely to have a negative impact on our family and life.

when people reach middle age, they have these three kinds of friends of the opposite sex.

take advantage of you and be mercenary

some friends seem aloof, but have a warm heart;

some friends seem to be enthusiastic, but their intentions are not right.

Why do you see it? This kind of person interacts with you with an obvious purpose and only wants to extract more benefits from you.

when you are profitable, maintain a relationship, and when you are used up, you look like a stranger.

before there was a piece of news, the girl Shanshan and Xue had known each other for many years. Xue pursued Shanshan painstakingly, but to no avail.

but Shanshan did not stay away from Xue, but accepted his care and accepted his valuable gifts.

luxury bags, necklaces, cameras, and even the house Shanshan rented, the rent was also paid by Xue.

and Shanshan never admitted that Xue was her boyfriend and never let her hand hold her hand.

what is even more outrageous is that Shanshan put a picture with other men on the head of the bed.

this finally infuriated Xue. One morning, Xue rushed into Shanshan's bedroom and pushed her off the 19th floor.

as soon as the news came out, netizens' views were mixed, and some people felt that Xue was indifferent to life.

but more people feel that Shanshan is not clean, obviously does not like each other, but also vague relationship, take advantage of each other's love, take full advantage.

there is a kind of friends of the opposite sex who will use your sincerity as a bargaining chip for profit.

the more you think of them and sacrifice yourself, the more they will take an inch and take endlessly.

maybe you can taste the benefits of making such friends for a while, but over a long period of time, you will eventually find that there is only self-interest but no true feelings.

if you see it clearly, you should stay away in time.

No sense of boundaries, no sense of boundaries

some friends of the opposite sex, knowing full well that the other person has a family, often do things beyond the boundaries of simple friendship.

give each other intimate terms, make ambiguous jokes, say nasty words, care too much, etc.

such ignorance and failure to stop it will do harm to both sides.

talk about a little thing about Yang Jiang:

after Qian Zhongshu's death, Fei Xiaotong, who had a crush on Yang Jiang in his early years, visited him.

when parting, Yang Jiang sent him downstairs. in the face of Fei Lao, who was reluctant to part and turned back again and again, Mr. Yang said faintly, "the stairs are not easy to walk, and don't know the difficulties and go up again."

as soon as his beloved passed away, Fei Xiaotong came to visit, and ordinary people might feel disgusted and exchange bad words with each other.

Yang Jiang bid farewell to Fei Lao and made her attitude clear with a warm and harmless sentence.

many people will think that keeping a distance from friends of the opposite sex is too unkind and impersonal.

on the contrary, people will not be offended by others' adherence to principles, but will respect a person who cherishes his partner.

Tolstoy said:

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"is the same marriage. Some people regard it as a child's play, while others regard it as the most solemn thing in the world." Only a marriage based on reason can be a happy marriage. "

the best relationship between the opposite sex is not to get for the purpose, is only to appreciate as the premise, open contact, in order not to make mistakes.

only by communicating generously can we go on.

keeping a reasonable distance from friends of the opposite sex is not only respect for each other, but also the maintenance of the family!

make sarcastic remarks and sow discord

there is an old saying: "he who speaks right and wrong is not a human being."

people who like to sow discord pretend to be polite and friendly, but they always make irresponsible remarks, make something out of nothing, sow discord and add fuel.

Shen Ming and his wife Zhang Hui attended a college classmate reunion earlier.

between pushing the cup and changing the cup, I saw Zhang Hui peel the shrimp from time to time, put it on Shen Ming's plate, and later handed him the yellow crab.

seeing this, a female classmate said maliciously, "when I was in college, Shen Ming was stupid. I didn't expect that after so many years, it was still the same."

this tease was a little offensive, and the atmosphere became tense. I only heard Zhang Hui say with a smile that Shen Ming could not peel seafood, which happens to be my strong suit.

the female classmate was angry and did not answer the phone.

husband and wife are one, with both prosperity and loss. Harmony is more important than anything else.

between husband and wife, we should "turn a deaf ear to others", because trust between people is very rare.

No one is perfect, and everyone has his own shortcomings.

if your partner has minor shortcomings, it's good to be tolerant; if you have big problems, you can't solve the problem by dislike.

is less than big, so there is no point in complaining about the other half.

stay away from friends who like to sow discord, so as not to create discord, create estrangement, and grow cracks in feelings.

when people reach middle age, they should do subtraction.

subtract unnecessary socializing, don't have too much contact with friends of the opposite sex, don't do ambiguous things, don't cross the line.

for behaviors that undermine the sense of boundaries, simply refuse and keep a distance is the highest EQ response.

then focus your time and energy on the people who are really important and cherish it.Take care of them.


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