Only when you have a good state of mind can you have a good body.

/July 2023


Sinology life

in the world, there is such a village, known as the "hometown of longevity", with 35 centenarians for every 100000 people.

this place is Bama Village in Guangxi, where the content of negative oxygen ions is extremely high.

according to the survey, among the reasons for the longevity of centenarians, climatic conditions account for only 7%!

what's the main secret?

the answer is: mentality!

Life starts from the heart

Lingshu says: "the heart is the master of the internal organs." If the heart beats, then all the internal organs will shake. "

if you have peace of mind, your body will function normally; on the contrary, it will accumulate depression into illness and endanger your health.

during the Tang Dynasty, the mother of a great general suddenly became anxious and bedridden. Countless famous doctors shook her head and sighed after seeing it.

one day, there came the news that the general had won the battle and was about to return triumphantly, and the mother was getting better.

it turns out that the elderly are worried. Be careful that the knot is opened and everything will heal naturally.

people's emotions, no matter whether they are happy, angry, sad or sad, will hurt themselves if they are excessive.

some people like to be angry:

the food was unpalatable, missed the bus, and was accidentally touched by someone. .. All this will lead to displeasure and exasperation.

some people are paranoid:

when something bad happens, you always associate it with yourself and perform it "vividly" in your mind.

so often feel lonely, flustered, resulting in a bad mood, psychological collapse.

everyone's physical condition is closely related to their state of mind.

joy, peace, anxiety, anger. These five tastes of the heart are mixed, brewing everyone's different state.

when you laugh, your heart receives positive energy and feels peace and joy.

when you cry and you are sad, your heart absorbs negative energy and calls for bad luck and bad luck.

in other words, when the state of mind changes, the energy changes, and the body naturally gets better.

Life, win in heart width

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "the wind does not end, showers do not last all day."

there are no endless storms in the world, just as things in the world, big or small, joys and sorrows, will eventually pass.

if the heart is wide, everything that is incomplete can become a treasure; if the heart is narrow, it will grumble to happiness.

therefore, it is better to live well than to have a good life in this life.

everyone's breadth of vision and breadth of mind are cultivated little by little.

in his early years, Zeng Guofan was a full-fledged young man who not only angered his colleagues, but also criticized the emperor from time to time.

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in the seventh year of Xianfeng, Zeng Guofan went home for the funeral, but the court took the opportunity to deprive him of his power.

stunned, resentful, grumpy, depressed. In less than January, he had changed from a majestic general to a very bad one.

inadvertently, Zeng Guofan got a long call, his heart can be calm and calm, and all his worries can be relieved!

Zeng Guofan woke up and stretched his mind one by one

, thinking can also be completely receded.

as soon as I put it down, the sky is high and the earth is wide.

the best state of life is to let go of the past, be calm about the future, and spare no effort to the present.

most of the time, what can make people laugh last is not to hold it, but to put it down; what makes people happy is not to have, but to lose.

A hundred years of life, the width of the house is not as wide as the width of the heart, and the body is not as good as peace of mind.

Heart is like a container.

the more dross inside, the less wonderful life; the more entangled thoughts, the less joy of life.

when you are confused, read more good books: listen to master sermons, talk to sages, and your wisdom will suddenly enlighten you!

when you are sleepy, go out for a walk more often: visit great rivers and mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake. the spontaneously pleasant will make you calm!

just as the Tan Jing said: "all Futian, do not leave the square inch, find it from the heart, feel everything."

the mind is wide, the heart is the widest.

the pattern of life is the pattern of heart.

if you have a broad mind, heaven and earth will be wide; if you have a big mind, you can be safe everywhere.

keep in good health, focus on nourishing the heart

there is an old Chinese saying: sincerity means spirit.

means to be single-minded and respectful, and everything will come true.

the human heart is very effective. If you think wrong, it will input the wrong instructions to the body, resulting in corresponding consequences.

for a time, there was an acute shortage of narcotic drugs.

the doctor had an idea to inject normal saline into the wounded before the operation, while telling him that it was an injection of anesthetic.

in life, we often see the same situation:

optimists have an orderly diet; pessimists cannot eat or sleep.


as a result, one is getting better and the other is going from bad to worse.

when you are upset, bad luck comes uninvited; if you are calm, everything will calm down.

the highest state of health is actually nourishing the mind.

if you worry about gain and loss and constant internal friction, then all health care is futile.

on the other hand, if the mind is open-minded and the mind is not in the way, it will be smooth and safe.

the inner article of Hou Puzi says, "it's up to me, not me."From heaven, return Dan to gold for hundreds of millions of years. "

Destiny is in your own hands.

if the mind changes, the behavior will change, and the results will be very different.

mentality, determines the fate, but also the achievement of the future.

A good state of mind, refreshing spirit, life is sunny, while the state of mind is poor, spirit is dispirited, life is continuous rain.

in a word, what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of body you have, and what kind of life you will have.

wish for the rest of my life, cultivate a positive attitude, cultivate a sunny mood, live up to my time and this life!



Tong Tong accompanies you in reading.