People who have not contacted you for a long time, suddenly contact you, can not escape these three reasons!

/July 2023

the farewell to the world is very simple in many cases, without any contradiction, so it disappears into each other's lives silently.

to drift away. Everyone is busy in his or her own life, silent, no longer in touch, and becomes a stranger on the friend list.

when the person who is disconnected will suddenly contact you, it is not for no reason, basically can not escape these three reasons!

ask for something from you

after Qi Baishi, a master of traditional Chinese painting, became famous, there was an endless stream of people asking for his paintings, including a fellow villager named Li Huizhi.

the two have met several times before, but do not have a deep acquaintance.

after Li Huizhi came to the door to ask for calligraphy and painting, instead of paying a reward, he said thank you and left, and then took the painting to promote his friendship with Qi Baishi, claiming to be Qi Baishi's "old friend."

before long, this "old friend" came to ask for painting again. This time, Qi Baishi added a limerick to the painting:

We met last year but asked for painting, but today we ask for fish.

to pay tribute to Li Jushi, a poem is a Dear John letter.

question was finished, he was sent to Li's house, and this "old friend" was no longer embarrassed to come to his door.

there is such a kind of people who go to the three temples without doing anything, and when they ask for something, they get close to each other and call them brothers with you.

you take great pains for them, but the other person will not care about your good after the event.

once I don't need you, I'll put you aside.

if an old person suddenly contacts you, don't rush to talk to each other. If the other person only regards this friendship as a profitable tool, it is the best policy to stay away.

ask for your gift

the ancients said, "it is impolite to go but not to come, and it is not polite to come but not to go."

courtesy is a humane technical job. Nowadays, however, some people rely on "courtesy" to make money.

A very small excuse can hold a party and invite students or former colleagues who have not been in touch with each other in the address book for a long time.

but only know how to receive gifts, never return gifts or return very few gifts.

A friend A Yuan has a high school classmate who has given him dinner or wedding banquet invitations every other time in the past two years.

at first, A Yuan will be moved by the sudden old love, even if he is not free to the scene, he will send red envelopes.

until later, I found that every time the student sent the gift bag, there was no movement at all, and there was no intention of catching up with the past at all.

recently, my classmates sent me Wechat to invite A Yuan to attend: "We have such a good relationship, you must come."

however, A Yuan sees through that the students just want free money, and once the matter is over, they will not get in touch with each other.

finally, A Yuanla hacked his classmates.

cold contacts are not worth treating each other with all your heart.

there is a good saying:

"Human feelings are not gold jewelry, and there is no so-called human feelings if they are locked in a safe." Going back and forth is called a favor. "

A sincere person values the affection between people, while a shallow person only cares about his own interests.

Human relations are mutual, and the best attitude is to neither please any indifference nor extinguish any enthusiasm.

can't let you go

as people get older, everyone gradually sets up a family and has their own main axis of life, so it is difficult for friends to get in touch with each other.

true friendship will not fade because of this, even if they are busy on weekdays, they also care about each other and never stay away from each other.

there is such a fable:

one night, a man rushed to his friend's house in a hurry.

after being awakened, his friend dressed in panic, took a purse in one hand and a tomahawk in the other, and said to him:

"when you visit in the middle of the night, you must have something urgent to tell you. If you are short of money, I have money here, you can take it; if you are bored, I can find pleasure for your entertainment; if someone insults you, I will take revenge with you."

"No," he replied, "I just saw you a little sad in my sleep and worried that something would happen to you, so I ran all night."

A true friend may not give the most likes and comments in your circle of friends, but in those difficult times, he will always appear by your side in time, listen to you, give you advice, and accompany you out of the haze.

as Sanmao said:

"the best of friends, such as good tea, light but not astringent, fragrance but not nostrils, slowly floating, like a long stream."

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this kind of friendship can not be measured by money, but can stand the test of time. This true feeling is destined to become more and more mellow in the flow of time.

there is never a shortcut to the maintenance of any relationship, only management.

really smart people, are reluctant to overdraft relationship, will take each other to heart, because they know that a relationship can last, hard-won.

likes a paragraph very much:

"A good interpersonal relationship is like a tree, usually nothing to water, take care of, occasionally can see a few beautiful flowers, pleasing to the eye, is enough."

the best relationship is to be busy and care about each other, not in the distance, but in the heart.

for the rest of my life, I will live up to every feeling, and I would like to live up to it.