People who like you, suddenly do not take the initiative to find you, there is only one truth!

/July 2023


as we all know, the most obvious reaction to liking a person is that you can't help but approach.

if someone who likes you suddenly stops looking for you, there is only one truth:

he doesn't think you're important.

lost interest in you, will deliberately alienate you, do not want to maintain a relationship with you.

No contact is the beginning of estrangement

some feelings, the beginning of the acquaintance is mysterious and beautiful, warm and touching, but after a long time, the shelf life has passed, it will change.

when the feeling of love no longer exists, it will lose the enthusiasm of the past.

once the person who said he liked you suddenly stopped contacting you and began to ignore you and muddle through. You should understand that this is a signal that he wants to leave you.

all long-term relationships are maintained because they care about it.

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all the things are drifting away because of the lack of contact and finally estrangement.

there is a saying that makes sense:

"it's really easy for people to get separated. A day without contact, a week without contact, a month without contact, unwittingly becomes the past."

because they are not in touch, they know less and less about each other and have no common language. in the end, there is nothing to say, and the relationship exists in name only.

in the final analysis, I am tired of it and don't love it.

Adult feelings, sometimes not so clear, you have to understand its subtext.

A person is often disconnected from you, obviously alienating you with action, but he didn't break up on his own initiative.

people who don't contact you, don't ask again and again

Milan Kundera said:

"meeting is a matter for two people, but leaving is a decision of one person."

Yes, love is between two people, and it takes both sides to treat it attentively in order to last a long time.

if one of them changes and starts to alienate each other with all kinds of cold violence, then the relationship will come to an end.

maybe you have been together for a long time, and you have agreed to keep your white heads together.

this is the case with many feelings. The two people just have a common quarrel, and they don't even have a quarrel, so the other person suddenly loses contact.

No phone calls and messages are not answered, leaving you with endless indifference.

at this time, no matter how much you like and how sad you are, don't ask him again and again why he didn't come to you.

as MiyazakiHayao said:

"if you like someone, take the initiative to take two more steps towards him. If he sees you coming and has no intention of greeting him, then stop."

you know, a person does not care about you, no matter how much you entanglement is useless, will only humiliate yourself.

therefore, for those who do not contact you, it is better to exit honorably instead of being stuck in a bad fight.

Thank you for meeting all, live up to

do you feel unreconciled to someone you really loved but didn't make it to the end?

I believe that the answer of many people is yes.

the biggest regret in a relationship is that two people go from strangeness to familiarity, and then from familiarity to strangeness.

Zhang ailing once said such a sentence:

"Life is like a ball, the person who teaches you the first dance steps may not be able to accompany you to the end."

some people meet you at the right time, but finally get separated in the vast sea of people.

when the former love is gone, even if you don't give up, you should wave goodbye and let him go, but also let yourself go.

after all, really loved, paid, he really accompanied you through a journey, but also brought you a beautiful and happy, but the end is not satisfactory.

Love is voluntary, don't talk about debt.

No matter how it turns out, I don't regret meeting it.

people who may have loved for such a long time are so estranged and hurt, but I believe that those injuries will eventually become your strongest place.

if you find that the person you like is no longer in touch with you, I hope you can remember those short-term beauty, let go of those unsatisfactory pain, and at the same time, practice your strong and open-minded state of mind.

there is still a long way to go. If some people leave, naturally others will come.

those who have no fate, henceforth, the mountains and rivers do not meet, stay in the memory.

those who travel across mountains and rivers to come to you, cherish them, live up to the encounter and the years.

, good night.