Persisting in getting up early can solve 80% of life's problems.

/July 2023



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Zeng Guofan once said: "to be a man starts early."

this is true.

getting up early is not just a behavior, but also a change in one's attitude towards doing things and life style.

getting up early, not getting up early, leads a different life

what's the difference between getting up early and not getting up early?

Let's first take a look at two groups of photos:

one is the design director of an advertising agency. After getting up early for three months, the whole person seems to have been reborn.

the other is the strategy director of an advertising agency, who insists on getting up early for six months and reverses his age, looking more than ten years younger.

the different states of two people before and after getting up early tell us that life is different between getting up early and not getting up early.

but in fact, the benefits of getting up early go far beyond these changes in appearance.


@ cocoa

, once shared her different experiences before and after getting up early for half a year.

before getting up early, she pinched the time to get up on weekdays and was flustered by catching the bus several times.

when it comes to the rest day, she turns day and night upside down, often chasing the play until two or three o'clock, and then gets up at noon the next day.

days like this did not bring her any sense of happiness, but gave her headaches, depression and long-term anxiety.

Coco, who learned a lesson from the bitter experience, was determined to change herself, so she spent half a month forcing herself to get up early.

after forming a habit, she gets up at 5:30 every day.

after six months of persistence, the life of cocoa has changed greatly.

she has more time to study, and has become a book blogger, gaining a lot of fans.

in addition to her career success, getting up early brought her a bigger bonus.

her physique is getting better and better, her energy is becoming more and more abundant, she begins to focus on her work, and she doesn't have her previous confusion and anxiety about the future.

and all this is due to her getting up early.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "if you get up early, you will get up late."

from the perspective of life, people who get up early are more able to deal with all kinds of risks in life more calmly.

people who get up late are always unprepared and are often caught off guard by the surprise of life.

getting up early is the most profitable investment in life.

the more powerful people are, the better they are at controlling the morning

author Thomas Corey spent five years studying the daily habits of 177 self-made successful people and found that 99% of successful people have a common good habit of getting up early.

it can be seen that the more powerful people are, the better they are at controlling the morning.

writer Hal Elrod is such a man.

in 2008, Hal was overwhelmed by the sudden financial crisis, and in order to reverse the status quo, he decided to improve himself.

Hal, who tasted the sweetness of getting up early, began to raise the early rising time to 4 o'clock and began to write and read.

later, he wrote his harvest and experience of getting up early in his book the Miracle of getting up early.

books were published, they topped Amazon's sales list, and Hal became a best-selling author and became famous.

Hal Elrod's fame is enviably easy.

as everyone knows, there has never been an overnight success in this world, but only premeditated persistence.

insisting on getting up early is his seemingly effortless magic weapon of success.

Franklin said:


I have never seen an early riser complain about a bad fate.


Why do you say that?

because most of the problems in our lives, 80% can be solved by getting up early, and the remaining 20% can be solved by getting up early.

first of all, getting up early can give people more time to deal with their own life and improve themselves.

you can develop your hobbies, as well as running and fitness.

as a person gets better and better, he will have more and more control over the future, and he will naturally have less and less worry about the unknown.

secondly, the morning is our most energetic time, when our self-control and willpower are at their maximum.

making a plan at this time will be more rational and feasible, and learning will be more focused and efficient.

if you do anything, you are more likely to succeed and feel more rewarded.

according to the "domino effect", our behaviors are related to each other, and one behavior can produce a series of chain reactions.

We gain a sense of happiness and control in the morning, which naturally permeates all aspects of our lives and affects our lives.

the more you love those who get up early, the more you can find a sense of control in life, and the easier it is to get satisfaction and peace of mind.

learn to control the morning in order to control people.Students

Mr. Nan Huaijin once said:


"if a person can't even get up early, what do you expect him to do on this day?


how you spend your morning, you spend your day; you spend your whole life as you do.

if you want to seize life, you might as well learn to seize every morning.

adhere to the method of going to bed early and developing biological clock

as the saying goes: indulge at night and languish during the day.

if a person goes to bed late for a long time and has a bad state of mind, even if he gets up early, it will have no effect.

the premise of getting up early is actually going to bed early.

only when you sleep well and get enough sleep at night, can you tidy yourself up to welcome a new day and have a healthy morning.

moreover, sticking to going to bed early for 21 days can form a biological clock and will not feel pain and boredom for getting up early.

the five-second rule kills procrastination in the cradle

the hindrance of getting up early is not only to go to bed late, but also to stay in bed.

most of the time, the desire to sleep for a few more minutes is a busy morning, with a day of anxiety.

the essence of staying in bed is procrastination.

therefore, we can put the alarm clock out of our reach and count "5 seconds" silently from the beginning of the alarm clock, and then get up and turn off the alarm clock as soon as the time is up.

the silent count of 5 seconds can help us wake up the brain quickly.

the alarm clock also allows us to fight against comfort and get up early without pain.

set a to-do list and get up early with a goal-driven

I have heard a saying: "it is not the alarm clock or dream that wakes me up every day, but deadline."

in fact, deadline drives people to get up early because it gives us a sense of urgency that must be done right now.

if you want to get up early and don't have a strong internal drive, you can use external pressure to drive yourself.

the best way is to make an achievable and time-limited to-do list for yourself.

for example: memorize 20 words, jump rope for 15 minutes, and read a 20-page book.

when you have a to-do list and pressure to push yourself, the evil idea of wanting to stay in bed will fade away.

step by step, finish first, then perfect

the Analects of Confucius says: "haste makes waste."

if a person wants to achieve it overnight from the beginning, he is bound to end up frustrated.

you know, you can't make a fat man with one bite.

for example, people who get up at noon for a long time will start at 06:00 in the morning.

with the usual time difference is too large, it is not only difficult to achieve the goal, but also lead to our biological clock chaos, only increase the pain.

over time, there will be laziness.

but step by step, change your bad habits.

split the goal, get up 30 minutes earlier than yesterday, reach the prescribed plan, and then stick to it.

the Miracle of getting up early says: "all miracles in life happen before 8 o'clock in the morning.


the thing of getting up early has the power of dripping water to wear away stones.

persistence can change your mindset, shape your habits, and even become an opportunity for our whole life.

people who get up early can not only have a healthy body, but also more likely to succeed.

on the contrary, a person who does not know how to get up early loses not only a good morning light, but also an opportunity to become a better himself.

getting up early is not only a springboard for ordinary people to get better, but also a bridge for us to shorten the distance between us and excellent people.

We may not have other people's talent and starting point, but getting up early can make a qualitative leap in our lives as long as you are willing and persistent.

starting from tomorrow, you might as well be a morning person, insist on getting up early, firmly hold the initiative in life, and live a leisurely life!


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