Prosperity does not float, adversity does not fuss, and desperate times do not panic.

/July 2023


Bai Juyi wrote in Taihang Road:

"the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, but only in the vicissitudes of human feelings."

Life is impermanent, and we never know what will happen next.

in the face of all kinds of life circumstances, we can be stable and far away only when we are complacent and frustrated.

Prosperity does not drift

I have seen a very incisive concept called "prosperity management".

says is that when people are particularly smooth, they must hold down their momentum.

when a person goes well with the wind, it is easy to get carried away, and once he becomes unsure, he is very likely to go astray.

Bon voyage is a blessing, but if you stay in good times for too long, you will ignore the potential dangers.

Italian general Jubell once said, "when a man is most proud, there is often the greatest misfortune."

the hardest thing in life is to be able to be arrogant and arrogant in a moment of highlight.

Prosperity is not floating, full but not full, it can be called the sobriety of the world.

during the Wu Zetian period, Lou Shide was appointed prime minister, and his brother was also used. Lou Shide worried that his family was too honorable and attracted the envy of others.

so he said to his newly promoted brother, "what would you do if someone spit in your face?"

my younger brother replied, "Don't worry, even if someone spits in my face and I wipe it myself, I won't argue with others."

however, when Lou Shide heard this, he said, "this is exactly what I am most worried about!"

the younger brother asked doubtfully, "is it not enough to endure humiliation like this?"

teacher's morality said earnestly:

"when people spit at you, they are angry with you, and if you wipe your saliva in front of others, it shows that you are not convinced, and it will make the people who spit you more angry!"

the younger brother looked helpless: "what should I do then?"

Lou Shide said, "you should smile at the person who spits on you and accept it until the spittle dries up."

this is the origin of the idiom "dry noodles".

although Lou Shide is in a high position, he has no edge in dealing with the world.

the more plain sailing is, the more we should keep a low profile and do things in a high profile.

the greatest enemy is not the one who makes it difficult for you, but the one who is not calm.

in contrast to the reality, many people are complacent and self-righteous as soon as they have made some achievements, and eventually end up with the result that "if virtue does not match, there will be consequences."

adversity is not weak

once read a sentence: "adversity is our real life."

some people are upset or even depressed when they encounter setbacks and lament their fate.

but some people can open up a road and build a bridge in the face of water.

"Dongpo eating Soup Cake" records an interesting thing:

Su Shi and Su Zhe were demoted to the south and met between Cangzhou and Wuzhou.

the brothers were so happy to see each other that they sat down by the side of the road and ate noodles together.

Su Zhe sighed with chopsticks, while Su Shi ate two or three mouthfuls and said with a smile:

"Noodles taste so bad, do you want to chew them slowly?"

people are in adversity, just like this bowl of bad noodles, the more the taste, the worse the taste, it is better to swallow the bitterness with a wide mouth.

sometimes, it is not the frustration that defeats us, but the low-energy state of mind.

Hemingway said in A Farewell to Arms:

"Life always makes us black and blue, but in the end, those injured places will certainly become our strongest places."

in the face of a sudden heavy blow, only with a strong heart can we become more and more courageous and take a turn.

Su Dongpo wrote a song "calm the storm":

Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest, why not sing and walk slowly.

Bamboo stick and awn shoes are better than horses, who is afraid? Spend a straw-cloaked life in mist and rain.

Elegant and striking, nobody should be without our formal attire for black tie. Latest arrivals in the newest different trendy styles!

it is expected that the spring breeze will wake up slightly cold, but the oblique light at the top of the mountain will welcome you.

looking back on the bleak place and going back, there is no wind, rain or sunshine.

was written by Su Shi in the third spring when he was demoted to Huangzhou.

at that time, he was caught in the rain on Shahu Road, and his companions felt very embarrassed, but Su Dongpo didn't think so.

although the cold rain is falling, we can roar forward;

although there are no horses under us, we still have bamboo sticks and straw sandals.

if you have a coir raincoat, what if it rains all the time?

eventually you will find that there is neither wind or rain nor sunny days in life.

you see how free and easy Su Shi is in adversity!

Don't panic in a desperate situation

recently there is a popular saying on the Internet: "Don't panic, there's moonlight in the sun."

No one can guarantee that he will be calm all his life.

and the real master, even if he is forced to the edge of the cliff, will not panic and admit defeat first.

have seen such a video:

the hind leg of a wildebeest was bitten by a crocodile, and it tried to break free, while its companions watched from afar, and none of them dared to come forward to help.

gradually, the wildebeest was exhausted and was pulled into the water by the crocodile step by step, and its companion began to leave.

the wildebeest felt desperate and helpless, so it tried again, but it got deeper and deeper.

seems to have no hope, but it is still not reconciled, using all its strength, try again, andThe crocodile is deadlocked.

at this time, there were two rivers crossing the road, and they seemed to feel the will of the wildebeest to survive.

so the hippopotamus brothers fought against the crocodile, and the wildebeest was finally rescued.

the same is true of life. If you don't give up, others will have a chance to help you.

Maupassant said, "Life may not be as good as you think, but it's not as bad as you think."

there is no despair in the dark, only those who are willing to admit defeat.

only with the courage of the Jedi to fight back can we break through the fog and usher in the dark willows and flowers.

people live a lifetime, no matter what the situation, at least can grasp their own state of mind, not arrogant, do not flinch, do not panic, always keep calm.

Life has a long way to go, and if the thorns along the way fail to stop you, it will only make your journey more magnificent.


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