Save a place for others (good in depth)

/July 2023



on May 26, 2022, Harvard University held a special graduation ceremony.

under the influence of the environment, there are not enough folding chairs in the school, and there is a shortage of seats on the spot, so half of the students have to give up their seats and sit on blankets.

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Lawrence Bacao, the headmaster, said something like this:

"as Harvard graduates, each of you should learn to make room for others when you get a seat."

because humility, kindness, and caring for others are as important as one's professional achievements. "

when you are willing to save a place for others, others are naturally willing to open a door for you.

there are more than 2,000 parking spaces at Volvo headquarters in Sweden, but early arrivals always park their cars far from the office building.

someone asked curiously, "is your berth fixed?"

they replied, "We arrived earlier and have time to walk more." Colleagues who arrive late may be late, so we leave parking spaces closer to the office building for them. "

thinking of others with empathy, behind the care of yourself and others, is the best self-cultivation.

Yu Qiuyu once went to Germany to experience life. He found a house and wanted to sign a long-term rental contract with the landlord.

the old man let Yu Qiuyu try to stay for a few days before deciding whether to pay a long rent.

five days later, Yu Qiuyu was very satisfied with his stay, so he picked up the phone to discuss the long rent with the old man. When he was on the phone, he accidentally broke the glass against the ground.

Yu Qiuyu hurriedly apologized, and the old man said, "never mind, you didn't mean to. I'll bring another one tomorrow."

hung up the phone and Yu Qiuyu casually threw the broken glass into the garbage bag.

after a while, the old man came, entered the room and asked, "where are the pieces of the glass?"

Yu Qiuyu said, "I left it outside the door after cleaning."

after looking through the garbage bags, the old man said gloomily, "the house will not be rented to you."

Yu Qiuyu was surprised: "Why don't you rent it suddenly?"

the old man said, "because there is no one else in your heart."

the old man emptied out all the rubbish, then put the pieces of glass into a pocket and wrote on it with a pen: "there are pieces of glass inside, dangerous!"

after loading the garbage, he said to Yu Qiuyu:

"No matter what you do, think of the next person. When you go to the bathroom, think of the next person to go to the bathroom. When throwing rubbish, think of the next garbage collector. "

A gentleman is better than being kind to others.

to keep a place for others is to always have others in your heart.

once, Ma Weidu took a fancy to a beautiful Ru kiln ware and asked the antique shop owner about the price.

the shopkeeper hesitated and said, "I bought this from abroad and it's worth a lot of money." If you really want it, I'll sell it to you for 80,000 yuan! "

Ma Wei listened, smiled and said, "I'll give you ninety thousand."

since then, if the store has any collection, it will contact Ma Weidu first.

keeping a place for the survival of others is also a blessing for yourself.

in 1997, a rich businessman came to Cao Dewang for help.

he is a supplier of Fuyao Glass. I hope Cao Dewang can buy more float glass from him every month, otherwise it will be unsalable in the warehouse and lose a lot.

everyone thought that Cao Dewang would take the opportunity to drive down the price.

unexpectedly, Cao Dewang not only did not reduce the price, but also bought a lot of glass every month.

Cao Dewang explained that when others are in trouble, we should give him a hand. To help others is to help ourselves.

later, after the crisis, the price of float glass began to rise.

but the price given to Cao Dewang by the rich has not changed.

selfish people are isolated from others, while altruistic people can accept people widely.

set aside a place for others and make three points of profit in everything. This is one's long-term vision.

in the forty-second time of A Dream of Red Mansions, Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden for the second time.

before leaving, Ping er came to see her off and brought her some old clothes.

Ping said, "although the clothes I gave you are old, I don't wear them very much. I dare not say if you want to give up the disrelish."

Granny Liu said with a busy smile:

"what does the girl say? I give up disrelish such a good thing. I use silver, and there is no place to buy such a thing. It's just that I was ashamed. I didn't accept it well, but I didn't accept it and let the girl down. "

Pinger said with a smile:

"Don't worry about it. I still want something from you. By the end of the year, you will only bring your dried gray stripes and cowpeas, lentils, eggplant and gourd strips of dried vegetables, which we like to eat up and down here."

Granny Liu said yes with a thousand thanks.

whether you say that your clothes are shabby or take the initiative to "beg", Ping er is all to give Grandma Liu a step down.

really get along with each other, often will not make people feel perturbed, will not let people into embarrassment.

Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian were invited to Xu Beihong's house, and Xu Beihong's wife, Liao Jingwen, cooked personally.

after he had had enough to drink and eat, Qi Baishi took advantage of the pleasure and painted a picture of lotus flowers to Mrs. Liao as a token of his gratitude.

Zhang Daqian, in response to Mrs. Liao's affection, also added a few shrimp to the painting.

but Zhang Daqian just had fun and didn't notice the number of shrimp, not much.Draw a few sections, but draw a few less.

and regardless of the fact that scholars despise each other, we may point out mistakes directly in order to show that we have outstanding knowledge.

Qi Baishi secretly pulled Zhang Daqian's sleeve and whispered:

"Mr. Daqian, no matter the big shrimp or the small shrimp, the body only has six sections, but you can't draw more and draw less."

when Zhang Daqian heard this, he thanked Qi Baishi for not embarrassing him in front of everyone, and then painted water lines and plants to cover up the uncertain number of shrimp one by one.

blindly expose the embarrassment of others, expose the embarrassment of others, what is lost is their own upbringing.

leave a place, that is, a step for others to get off. This is a person's top EQ.

High-level people know how to achieve others.

the stage in the world is so big that there is room for you and me to show our talents.

Sun Liping, a sociologist, once put forward a concept: the fall of the bottom.

"if you are at the bottom, it is easy to fall into a mutually harmful mode, where you step on me and I step on you.

because we spend a lot of energy on hurting each other, no one can escape without the energy to ascend, and finally fall into a kind of enemy occupation. "

doing everything possible to stop others from moving forward is a typical mentality of the weak.

leave a place, that is, the way up the mountain can leave a way for others, this is the pattern of one person.

A young man asked God, "what's the difference between heaven and hell?"

God did not answer, but took him to visit heaven and hell respectively.

in hell, a group of people gathered around a large pot of broth, hungry and bony.

everyone has a long spoon that can reach the broth, but the handle is too long for them to eat.

in heaven, people are flushed with the same long spoons and broth.

because here, everyone knows how to feed others.

people are all mutual.

if you leave a place for others today, one day, others will do the same for you.

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