Settling down is more important than anything else.

/July 2023


Feng Zikai once said:

"not confused in the heart, not trapped in love. Don't fear the future, don't think about the past. So, it's all right. "

Vientiane is born from the heart, and joy and anger are determined by the heart. When the mind is set, everything is fixed, and when the mind is confused, everything is chaotic.

with the ups and downs of the sea of people and the ups and downs of life, all kinds of things will happen in one's life.

if you have peace of mind, you can handle it calmly even if there are thousands of waves.

when the mind is calm, the body is at ease

settle down and calm down.

there is a saying in Daojing: "serenity is the justice of the world."

conform to nature and be calm like water.

Wang Yangming, a master of psychology in the Ming Dynasty, fell to the ground twice in imperial examinations and had ups and downs in his life.

when he was 25 years old, he took part in the imperial examination. On the day the list was released, many people who failed the list cried bitterly. Only he calmly said:

"I am not ashamed of being inferior to the first place, I am ashamed of not being able to touch my heart."

Wang Yangming is not ashamed of failing the exam, but only ashamed of "failing to pass the exam will be discouraged and upset his mind."

in his eyes, it is common to be on and off the list, so don't worry too much about it. What you should really care about is to follow the inner peace of mind and be "single-minded" in the face of failure.

I have heard such a story.

there was a father who lost a watch and rummaged through the cabinets angrily, but couldn't find it, so he left in anger.

seeing this, the son went into the room and sat down quietly, but he heard a special sound. He followed the sound of his father's lost watch.

Life is full of accidents and unknowns, blindly complaining, self-entanglement, can not change any status quo, will only make life worse and worse.

instead of being stuck in an emotional quagmire, we might as well calm down and settle down before we can break the situation.

when the heart is bigger, the bitterness will fade

settle your heart down, but also know how to enlarge it.

someone has done such an experiment in which a handful of salt is poured into a cup, and the water in the cup is bitter and salty. If poured into the lake, the water in the lake is still very sweet.

in fact, the pain and troubles in life are like these salts. If the heart is small, the bitterness will be heavier, and when the heart is bigger, the bitterness will fade.

truly wise people know how to hold pain, open-minded and leisurely with a heart as broad as a lake.

as Wang Zengqi wrote in "plants and trees in the World": "everything in the world has feelings, and it is rare to be at ease."

he chooses to use the biggest heart, dilute the most painful wounds, and bloom the sweetest flowers on the hardest days.

all the difficulties in life can be summed up in two words: it will pass.

only when our hearts are big, can we laugh at the sufferings of the world and live a more tranquil and leisurely life.

if you have a tough heart, you will pass

settle your heart down and exercise a tough heart.

how far a man can go is not in the foot, but in the heart.

there is a word in psychology called "psychological resilience", which is the ability to recover from difficulties, pain, and grievances.

in this world, some strong people are like pebbles, which remain the same after being crushed, scoured and polished over and over again, undeformed, unfaded, out of shape, and shining brightly after rain.

Liao Zhi, a dance teacher born again in Nirvana.

when everyone sighed, she survived like a blade of grass.

Liao Zhi turned on the restart mode for herself, and she endured the sharp pain of her coning heart to learn to dance again.

she practiced kicking and turning over and over again, and after countless days of sweat and tears, she stepped onto the stage again.

she attended the "Dance Forest Conference", ran a 5-kilometer marathon, starred in the inspirational film "affectionate promise", participated in CCTV Reality Show "Dance out of my Life", and won the runner-up trophy. The startling dancer is back.

she wrote in Liao Zhi: thank you for the Beauty of Life:

"at the end of the road, do you choose to look at the light or cling to the darkness?

only a living life can strongly prove one's true hope at the bottom of one's heart. The one who tried to break me became the deepest gratitude in my life. "

Yes, at the end of the road, it is the tenacity of our hearts that drags us out of the darkness.

some people say, "there are cracks in all things, and that's where the light comes in."

in fact, suffering is like the stubborn stones in the journey, sometimes people stumble and break their heads, but eventually they will be trampled underfoot by us and build a road that belongs to us alone.

Ferns break out of the ground covered with ashes;

was burned to a big tree with only the torso, and the new branches spread out slowly;

all kinds of small animals ran out, and everything continued to live and multiply.

A person's heart becomes tough before he can live tenaciously and erect.

people live a lifetime, the world is noisy, will inevitably encounter grievances, pain, dissatisfaction.

God gives us fresh and beating life.It is never for indulgence and consumption, but for us to learn to protect our hearts and live a rich and free life in this busy world.

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there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "the heart of a gentleman begins to appear when things come, and when things go, the heart is empty."

stop reading, stop complaining, see through, carry it, and no matter how big it is, it will be over.

there are many ups and downs on the road of life, so you might as well make your mind a little calmer, bigger and tougher.

calm and calm, ups and downs and casual. In this way, one's life will not be wasted.

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