She died suddenly, stinging all over the network: "so many people love you, have a good journey."

/July 2023

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recently, under the strong Amway of my friends, I watched a documentary called "Mongolian grassland, the weather is fine".

it took six years for the documentary to be completed.

in October 1999, an adventurer named Kanno Jiqing came to the Mongolian prairie. He rode his bike, hoping to find the origin of mankind.

this time he came to Mongolia, where he met a little girl on the prairie full of wildness and freedom.

this year, Guanye was 50 years old.

this little girl has also become an unforgettable memory of Guanye for the rest of her life.

October is already a bleak autumn wind on the Mongolian prairie.

people on the prairie have inherited the traditions of their ancestors, and at first glance there are still many herdsmen grazing.

soon, Guan Ye's eyes were attracted by a little girl in the distance.

the little girl was thin and small, but she rode a tall horse and skillfully commanded her herd with a whip in her hand.

after seeing the little girl, Guan Ye curiously pressed the shutter to take some pictures, but this also seemed to cause the little girl's dissatisfaction.

"Don't take pictures, stay away from me!"

was rejected by the girl, it aroused the interest of the adventurer, who was attracted by the mature behavior of the girl beyond her age.

looking at the girl's distant back, Guanye had the idea of shooting for the girl.

the next day, Guan Ye and his friend took the translator to the yurt where the girl lived.

Guanye and his party, who thought they would be shut out, were warmly welcomed by the girl's grandmother.

in the little yurt, there lived the girl's grandfather, grandmother and two-year-old cousin Bassa, but not the girl's parents.

only after learning about it did I know that the girl's home had just undergone a change.

39 horses were lost at home three months ago. Nomads and livestock are one of the important sources of income for their survival. The girl's mother went out alone to look for it, and there has been no news yet.

and the girl's father, in order to support his family, went out to work in the capital Ulaanbaatar a few years ago, but never heard of it.

and the girl's grandfather is old, and the family can only be supported by the girl and her grandmother inside and outside.

countless people yearn for the life of the Mongolian grassland, but there are countless sufferings in this vast prairie.

the girl is 6 years old and her name is Pujie.

in Mongolian, it means "the lovely girl of heaven born on Thursday", but the beautiful meaning did not bring her a good life.

Children of this age may dream of being a policeman, a scientist or an astronaut.

and Pujie's dream is to take good care of her family and be able to go further away.

at the age of 6, when her peers were laughing and growing up happily under the care of their parents, Xiao Pujie chose to step on horseback and become the backbone of the family.

Xiao Pujie doesn't have any complaints. she just silently looks after the herds of livestock in the family, does everything she can, and bears the burden that doesn't belong to her age.

when other children were in a comfortable class, Pujie faced the endless prairie and the cold wind, as well as nearly 700 cattle and sheep.

she rode on horseback, commanding herds of cattle and sheep, as if the owner of the prairie, Changshengtian, commanded countless armies, but she was only six years old.

this visit made Pu Jie let down her guard against Guan Ye.

she began to talk to Guan Ye about her troubles and dreams.

she wants to go to school, and although she doesn't know what to teach in school, she is worried that she can only herd without success.

she is even more afraid that after she leaves, there will be no one to take care of her family and herds of cattle and sheep. A normal blizzard may take away the hope that a family depends on for survival.

Mother's safe return is a glimmer of light for this poor family.

the female is weak, while the female is tough.

although she came back empty-handed after suffering for a month, her mother's face was still filled with a smile, and she chose to swallow the pain alone.

after several days of filming, Guanye established a deep friendship with the family.

at parting, the family stood together happily and took a group photo, and Guanye promised to visit them next spring.

Guan Ye continues to embark on his own journey, the family will also move to the winter pastoral area to live, and they also agree that Pujie will go to school next year.

when I thought the story would get off to a good start, fate extended its merciless hand to this ordinary family.

A year later, Guan Ye fulfilled his promise and returned to the Mongolian prairie again.

A year has not changed this place and countless families on the prairie, but it has changed the fate of the Pujie family.

when Guan Ye came to see Pujie with the agreed gift of the game console, Pujie was as cold as a different person.

Guan Ye did not get the answer from his uncle.

finally, the kind grandmother told Guanye a sad truth.

Pujie's mother and grandfather have passed away.

and not long ago, Pujie's mother sent a New year card to Guanye far away:

how are you? We are all good. Did you return safely? We had a good time this winter. Although the weather is cold, your black and white horse is safe and sound.

We haven't found the missing horse yet. Pujie is going to school this year, and she is obsessed with you.

it is a new year. May you and your relatives and friends be healthy and happy. See you next time. Take care.

it all happened so suddenly that it was unacceptable.

on the way to visit her sick friend, Pujie's mother fell off her horse and was badly hurt when she was stepped on her back by another horse.

A few days later, she died.

since then, Pujie has washed her face with tears all day, and there has been no smile on her face.

it wasn't until Pujie finally realized her dream and came to school that there was a smile on her face that she hadn't seen for a long time.

and this day is also the mother's 77. Grandma did not let Pu Jie go to worship, because the custom is that children are not allowed to worship their deceased relatives for three years.

in front of Pujie's mother's grave, grandma could not help crying sadly.

Pujie lost her mother and the old man lost her daughter.

the fate of mother and daughter in this life is so short that she can only pray for her daughter to be reincarnated and live a good life.

see this scene, no matter how strong people can not help but burst into tears.

this human suffering, this family has tasted too much!

to make matters worse, this winter, a snowstorm swept the Mongolian grasslands, without forage as fodder, a large number of livestock were killed in the storm.

the livestock in Pujie's family also suffered serious losses as a result.

despite such suffering, the children of the nomads did not throw in the towel.

Pu Jie told Guan Ye that she hoped she could become a translator, go out of the prairie and see the outside world.

time flies.

Guan Ye is going on a journey again. Pujie's family roasted a whole sheep as a farewell gift.

when parting, Guan Ye took out the picture taken for Pujie's family last time.

in the only photo, everyone laughed so happily, but it was a pity that time could never stay at that moment.

looking at Guan Ye's distant figure, Grandma kept wiping away her tears.

she has already regarded Guanye as a special relative.

the world is too big.

so big that we don't know when the next meeting will be.

I don't know if I can see you again.

and the joke of fate, like a series of tricks, hit this miserable family again.

in 2004, Guan Ye completed his dream-- a trip to Africa.

he returned to Mongolia to visit the Pujie family again.

in a few years, the original little boy Barcelona has grown up, he rode to greet Guan Ye.

Grandma is also much older, her face does not have the smile of the past.

Pujie should have grown into a big girl, right?

but Guan Ye can no longer find Pujie's figure.

Pujie passed away.

she was accidentally involved in a car accident on her way home from school, and the next day was her graduation exam.

that year, Pujie was 12 years old.

she hasn't fulfilled her dream, she hasn't seen the beauty of the world.

the chilly wind of the Mongolian grassland has taken away Pujie's dream and the only hope of this miserable family.

maybe little Pujie went to the sky to find her mother.

there is no suffering in life there, and she no longer has to bear the responsibility that she should not have at this age.

Everyday did not bless the family.

the end of the documentary is the back of Pu Jie and her mother on horseback.

the ill-fated mother and daughter finally do not have to endure the sufferings brought by the world.

in the message area of the documentary, a netizen wrote:

my heart was choked up after reading it.

the expression of the documentary is not heartbreaking and hysterical, only sadness and sadness can not be dispersed, torturing people for a while.

before I opened it, I thought it was good weather for the Mongolian grasslands.

after reading it, I felt overwhelmed with sadness.

Bye, Pruhig.

Goodbye, the favorite girl born on Thursday.

the face of life, see one side less one.

cherish the people in front of you and live every day.