She finally announced her divorce. Congratulations! You can tell whether your marriage is happy or not by looking at your face.

/July 2023


some time ago, actress Wu Qian, who had not appeared in public for a long time, went on Weibo.

but this time her way of "coming out" is quite amazing.

it started when Wu Qian posted a Weibo message in which she changed her tired face, bright smile and full of energy.

the Internet is full of heartfelt praise for Wu Qian's current state.

everyone commented that Wu Qian was getting better and better after the divorce, and the spirit of "Zhao Mosheng" came back.

on Valentine's Day this year, Wu Qianguan announced the news of divorce.

copywriting is unique and romantic: Valentine's Day dates for single girls.

as soon as the news came out, netizens did not regret this, but congratulated Wu Qian on her divorce.

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the painting styles of the two people in the comment area are quite different.

in fact, as early as when Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian were not divorced, many people were not optimistic about their marriage.

the marriage of the two was not made public until it was revealed by netizens that they had concealed marriage and had children, but Zhang Yujian still did not choose the official announcement, but still worked hard to create his own "single person setting".

until the media filmed Wu Qian taking her children out, Zhang Yujian had to admit it.

however, Wu Qian's name was not mentioned from beginning to end, and the whole process was replaced by "her mother".

, who was originally the campus beauty of Wuhan University, has received wide attention for playing Zhao Mosheng in the popular TV drama "Why is my Sunshine silent".

Wu Qian, who was on the rise in her career, suddenly chose to get married, and the object of marriage has been reluctant to disclose their relationship to the public.

in this marriage, her name only appeared in his divorce notice from beginning to end.

while netizens feel sorry for Wu Qian, they also feel unworthy of her. Many people say that Wu Qian is a "love brain".

after her divorce, she also came back with works such as "the Great events of Life".

compared with before marriage, Reiki has not diminished at all. After a few bleak years, she finally lives the way she most wants to be.

people reach middle age



the right to divorce "wayward"

some time ago,

# divorce appointments are full #

went viral on Weibo.

who could have predicted that divorce has become a hot topic.

among the divorced groups, middle-aged couples account for more than half of them.

when people reach middle age, both men and women will more or less face a midlife crisis.

however, the difficulties facing women are often more serious.

many women have stable jobs and income before they get married.

after getting married, he chose the latter between work and family and became a housewife.

if the marriage is happy and the family is happy, that's fine.

but once there is something wrong with their marriage, then they instantly become a vulnerable role in the family.

regardless of whether we can be financially independent or not, we should first consider the parents above and the children below.

when adults' relationships break up, they are most afraid of their family's saying "it's for your own good." both advance and retreat become a dilemma.

it seems that it is not entirely up to them to choose divorce.

so, when people reach middle age, do women still have the right to say no in the face of a failed marriage?

during this period, the TV series "come on Mom" has set off a lot of discussion.

among them, there are not only the problems of children's education, but also the problems existing in modern family marriage.

Su Qing's experience in the play resonates with many female friends.

Su Qing is an elite lawyer with a successful career, a family that outsiders envy, and two smart sons.

in the eyes of others, Su Qing can be said to be the winner of both family and career.

but this is not the case. Her son's rebellion and her husband's betrayal have made her collapse several times.

her first idea was to divorce her husband Li Xiuping, but her parents were afraid that she would regret it later, and the two sons were also afraid of the separation of their parents. In the end, she chose not to divorce.

but as the perfect divorce says:

"the worst outcome of a marriage is not a divorce, but a masked couple. There is no love for each other, no expectations, but live together, this is the greatest misfortune. "

the answer is obvious, and you can't fool yourself.

Marriage cannot be compromised unilaterally, let alone make do with it unilaterally.

I have heard a saying: "95% of the world's marriages are passable."

of course, that's a bit absolute.

however, a manageable marriage may be able to go on, but it is not doomed to be happy.

do you still remember Zhong Xiaoqin's failed marriage in the hit drama "just Thirty"?

in Zhong Xiaoqin's own words, "my marriage to Chen Yu is that I keep cats and he raises fish."

two people have different personalities, one is extroverted and lively, the other is introverted and simple.

Chen Yu is a rare honest man in the eyes of outsiders.He's a good man.

but in fact, in the face of his wife Zhong Xiaoqin, Chen Yu is very boring and silent like a pool of stagnant water.

two people's clothes are washed separately and only accept their own after drying.

deal with trouble for his troublesome brother, but shake his face at his mother-in-law.

refuse to communicate, refuse to deal with problems, only cold violence again and again.

this is not marriage, two people are more like sharing roommates under the same roof.

later, Zhong Xiaoqin had an unexpected miscarriage, and Zhong Xiaoqin was extremely disappointed by Chen Yu's indifferent reaction.

there is a saying in the Little Prince: "Love is not two people gazing at each other, but two people looking in the same direction."

Yes, good love is not that both sides are gazing at each other, but that the three values are the same and the soul is compatible.

A marriage with different values and different upbringing will not make people happy, on the contrary, it will only accelerate the process of internal friction between two people.

A festive certificate cannot avoid emotional problems, and an undesirable bundled marriage is powerless to make two people fall in love.

so, no matter you are a man or a woman, no matter how old you are.

in love, love is love, not love is not love.

in marriage, fit is fit, and not fit is not.

Life is short. Don't make do with it. Don't waste your time on things you don't like.

run away from an unhappy marriage

they all reversed their lives

years later, Zhang Youyi said:

"I want to thank Xu Zhimo for the divorce. If it hadn't been for the divorce, I might never have been able to find myself or grow up. He freed me and became a different person. "

that year, Zhang Youyi went to England in search of Xu Zhimo.

but at that time, Xu Zhimo already had a new lover.

in order to divorce, Xu Zhimo asked Zhang Youyi to have an abortion.

Zhang Youyi was forced to sign a divorce agreement on the birth bed after giving birth to her second child.

at this point, Zhang Youyi became the first woman to be divorced.

after the divorce, Zhang Youyi woke up and became a university professor and business elite with super ability and indomitable will.

I have to say that at that time, it was admirable that Zhang Youyi was able to reverse her life in this way after being abandoned.

"if you marry love before the age of 35 and fate after the age of 35, the more unbearable life is, the more difficult it is to piece it together."

Marriage does add too many things, you can't just divide it.

but if your marriage is already riddled with holes, instead of wasting each other in the process, let go in time.

in an interview program, Liu Mintao said:

"it should be a golden age in my early thirties and thirty-six or seven years old, but I almost always stay at home with my husband and raise my children."

Liu Mintao married a rich man at the age of 30. After marriage, he gradually faded out of the entertainment industry and focused on his family.

once when they went out to play, Liu Mintao wanted her husband to buy himself a matcha ice cream.

but unexpectedly, her husband left a sentence saying, "it's humiliating for such an adult to eat popsicles" and left her.

she stood still and didn't even have the money to buy a popsicle.

later, he was often busy with his career outside, spending less time with her, spiritual communication and lack of emotion, which finally made her choose to end the marriage.

after the divorce, Liu Mintao returned to her acting career and tried her own way of life. She became her patron and lived a real and unrestrained life.

in Liu Mintao's own words:

"No longer need to be bound by the eyes of others to bind their own wishes, but also finally eat that always keep in mind the matcha ice cream. If you taste it carefully, it smells like freedom. "

Liu Mintao used her middle-aged rebellion to tell us:

A woman's strength comes from her control of life.

learn to love yourself whether you get married or not

"Paper Marriage" says, "from the beginning, love is a romantic thing, while marriage is a solemn thing



the best marriage is not a partnership, but the rest of your life.

some people say that if you understand the love between Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu, you will understand marriage.

their marriage shows people the best appearance of love.

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu met in Tsinghua Garden and fell in love at first sight.

since then, they have been helping each other for more than 60 years, whether they have food and clothing or living in distress, or they have been separated for too long, they are consistent and never give up.

as Qian Zhongshu said:

"I never thought of getting married before I met her. I have married her for decades and have never regretted marrying her, nor have I thought of marrying another woman. "

as Yang Jiang said:

"from now on, we have no choice but to part and never part."

A good marriage is in addition to firewood, rice, oil and salt, but also in a long time to maintain the heartbeat of the first time.

is love, not making do.

Marriage is not about haggling and taking, but is interdependent but spiritually independent, tolerant, understanding and loving you.

there is such a sober and independent period in Lu Xiaopang's encounter.Words:

"I am financially independent, independent in life and independent in personality. I have a job, friends and family. I don't need anyone to make my life complete, because I am complete." I just need to share with another person who is equally complete and beautiful



therefore, whether you choose to marry or divorce, it is just to achieve a better self.

each of us, especially women, should not give up the right to happiness at any time, but should have the courage to make their own choices.

the cat in the alley is free, but has no home.

the dog in the fence has a home, but he bows his head.

Life is a multiple choice question, no matter how you choose, there will be regrets.

I like the sentence in the map navigation: "Please turn around in the right place."