Tearing Zhao Liying in her hand angered Jiang Xin, the "number one scum man in inner entertainment", who has finally become popular recently!

/July 2023

"Happiness to Wanjia" has come to an end, and I am still angry because of Wan Chuanjia.

Wan Chuanjia is a "moral assassin" and "male virtue leaky spoon" who is scolded every day.

people can't help but wonder: how could the honest and kind Wanshantang have such a brazen son?

even Jiang Xin could not help complaining after reading it: why does happiness reach ten thousand families? So angry that I want to teach Wan Chuanjia a good lesson for Wan Shantang.

Why is Wan Chuanjia so hated?

because he is basically the "root of all evil" of the whole play.

with the help of marriage, molesting women, seizing land, and paying my sister to go to college instead of her.

in Wanjia Village, everything that violates morality and law is more or less related to the Wanchuan family.

this veritable village tyrant attracted a lot of abuse from the audience.

but it is such a negative character in the play that besides the village tyrant, he is still a funny man.

the shyness of being intimate with his wife when he was knocked over by his own father.

his mouth was more like an open mouth, and his own father was so happy that he didn't see him idle for a moment.

even, in the mutual resentment between him and he Happiness, the audience found their sense of cp and banged off the evil cp of "family fortune" with relish.

cp can be approachable, but not underground!

"Family Fortune" cp Postmarital Literature be like:

the role of Wan Chuanjia, relying on "rumors and rumors", adds a lot of joy and "cheap" feeling, making the audience feel that while the character is angry, it is also very funny.

it is really something to be able to interpret a villain character so conspicuously as Cao Zheng of Wan Chuanjia.

Zheng Xiaolong's "Imperial villain"

because the role of Wan Chuanjia was frequently scolded and searched, Cao Zheng naturally broke out full of desire for life.

Weibo not only changed its name to "the shivering Legend", but also immediately drew a clear line with the character so that viewers would not vent their anger on him.

it is also submissive to start a live broadcast: don't bring the bench, as long as people come.

because of the strong contrast outside the play, I have to admire Cao Zheng--

is a man who can escape the Internet violence by being "cheap".

in fact, Cao Zheng is a "scolding" actor, and many of his roles make people clench fists.

Qian Yulang, who can fascinate widows from all over the country in Red Sorghum, is lecherous, weak, traitorous and seeking glory. He is an out-and-out libertarian and a complete villain.

Cao Zheng's image is so different from his image that he doesn't want to play: "how can I explain that my son saw such a role?"

but director Zheng Xiaolong dug a hole for him: "you act. I still have a play behind me. I'll reserve a good role for you."

who would have thought that the half-pushed Cao Zheng interpreted Qian Yulang's flirtatiousness and despicability incisively and vividly.

Zheng Xiaolong was overjoyed. When the Legend of Miyue was still in preparation, the script was sent to Cao Zheng.

Cao Zheng frowned and secretly scolded his mother. Do you call this a good character?

the producer was busy making a round call: "it's important that the actor must play the king."

the result is the obscure and unscrupulous king of the subjugation, King Chu Huai, lecherous and arrogant, and body odor.

Cao Zheng wanted to cry without tears, once again "acting in the original character", and his reputation burst.

the scene of cutting off the nose of the concubine is deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience.

so far, Cao Zheng as Zheng Xiaolong's "imperial villain" status is solid.

"popular actors are not popular"

being called famous and playing the role of anti-police circle is an affirmation of Cao Zheng's acting skills, and in fact, it is also a reflection of his bumpy acting career.

Cao Zheng, who graduated from the acting department of Beijing Film Academy, has a veritable professional background.

his classmates such as Luo Jin and Zhu Yawen have long been popular in the entertainment industry.

but although Cao Zheng worked conscientiously on the way to acting, he still failed to make too much splash.

as a newcomer, he is still a young and astringent positive student, partnering with Yuan Li to play farmer Liu Changle in "Home on the Story".

I finally won the role of a man, but I didn't want to jump on the street.

, Cao Zheng was still crawling in show business. Although he appeared in many popular dramas, most of them were obscure marginal characters with mediocre response.

as for male number one, he got seven porn in a row.

Cao Zheng can verify the physique of the actor who is not popular.

Qian Yulang's shaping is undoubtedly successful, allowing the audience to recognize Cao Zheng's acting skills, but due to the limited role of the characters, the opposite actors are a lot of dazzling old actors.

Cao Zheng still failed to become "hot".

to take over the Legend of Miyue, he went to read a large number of history books to fully understand the characters, sprayed a lot of fragrance to create body odor, and figured out the iconic wild laughter.

an absurd and perverse King of Chu Huai jumped on the screen, and after the audience boasted about it, they realized: isn't this Qian Yulang?

at last, Cao Zheng was limited to temporary attention.

but after the popularity of Legend of Miyue, there are still not many audiences who can remember the name Cao Zheng.

there is no marketing topic, no hype gimmick, in this flow is dominant.In the times, he is doomed not to be popular forever.

before playing a role, he will live according to the character pattern of the character from the beginning of getting the script to the end of filming.

he understands the rhythm of the character's speech, the way he does things, and even his attitude towards people.

even after killing the youth, he is still immersed in the world of the character.

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when filming the wedding scene, Cao Zheng, who is not good at drinking alcohol, drank for four days in order to find the abominable jerk state of the Wanchuan family.

the righteous indignation of the audience is enough to witness his intentions.

the precise handling of roles, the natural expression of emotions and mature acting skills are the main reasons why Cao Zheng can present so many distinct characters.

is also the place where Zheng Xiaolong values him most.

Cao Zheng can be easily used by evil and cunning village tyrants, and his plasticity is so strong that it is not surprising that he has become so popular.

"scum man" in the play, "warm man" outside the play

people's teeth tickle with hatred in the play, but Cao Zheng outside the play is actually both funny and affectionate.

"I usually live a very homely life. I write in the morning, keep fit in the afternoon, and pick up my children from school in the evening."

as he said, he is a good family man when he leaves the screen.

he and his wife, Song Cha-cha, formed a bond because of "family on the street", but he didn't make a good impression on his wife because of his "talkative" behavior.

Song Chacha was not moved by Cao Zheng's carefulness and reliability until he collaborated on seven plays in a row.

in 2012, at the height of Cao Zheng's acting career, his wife got pregnant.

Cao Zheng resolutely chose to give up in the face of continuous screenplays and opportunities to become popular. He stayed with his wife for nine and a half months until the end of her birth.

between his career and his family, he prefers the latter.

"I have been at the peak of my life since I fell in love with Song Chacha, because nothing is more important than meeting a bosom lover."

even if he is questioned about his strict wife, Cao Zheng just smiles calmly:

"I want her to open her eyes and have someone around her. I don't want her to think that when she has a baby, everyone cares about the baby and no one cares about her."

if he were an ordinary person, he might not be able to do as well as he did.

with fame and wealth, the focus is constant, and normal people will rely on the attention in the spotlight, but for Cao Zheng, all this is not important.

in his view, it is the greatest move for a wife to give up her career and have a pair of children to become housewives. Even if she gives her whole life, it is not enough.

it is hard to imagine that the withered man in the play should have separation anxiety and miss his wife when he leaves home.

I have to admit, I hit it.

Cao Zheng, a down-to-earth actor, has no feelings about pursuing fame and fortune.

have no ambition, act well and take good care of your family. Not all men are like this.

maybe not all men do this, but good men do this.

as Cao Zheng said:

"the last thing the actor spells is aesthetic and cognitive, is case." This case is not only a pattern, but also a comprehensive quality of cultural accomplishment, philosophical realm, aesthetics, and so on. "

ambition alone won't help.

although Cao Zheng is not a "top actor" in the entertainment industry now, I believe that if he persists, the entertainment industry will have his day.

for Cao Zheng, a low-key and down-to-earth actor, I expect him to bring more high-quality roles to amaze the audience!