The best fortune teller in the world understands everything after reading it.

/July 2023

ID: jianzhidushu

Qingcheng Mountain has a famous couplet:

everything is man-made, don't say everything is fate.

the environment is created by the mind, and a step back is naturally broad.

in life, many people like fortune-telling, fortune, fortune and marriage.

but everything in the world has a reason, and fortune tellers can only ask for peace of mind.

as the saying goes, "three minutes of destiny, seven percent of man."

the greatest fortune-teller in the world is not fate, but man himself.

the following six points can be called the most effective "fortune teller" in the world. You can look at yourself. If you have something, you can change it. If you don't, you will be encouraged.

the best fortune teller in the world is called cause and effect

in this life, all experiences are not man-made providence, they are all controlled by themselves.

if you are kind and generous, you will have someone to share weal and woe with you.

if you are hypocritical, others will be cruel to you.

good causes bear good results, and evil causes bear evil consequences. One must plant whatever fruit one wants.

as one writer said:

"there is no good luck for no reason, and there is no bad luck for no reason. Every time good luck comes is the interest you have saved, and every bad luck comes to compensate for the cost of the past."

keep a good heart, life will not treat you badly, this is the best fortune teller.

the most effective health care product in the world is called Heart width

writer Kazuo Inamori was once ridiculed as a "family member of tuberculosis."

as a result, he worried about whether he would die of tuberculosis one day, often tossing and turning to sleep, restless, and his health getting worse and worse.

later, he read a sentence in the book:

"in our hearts, there are magnets that attract disaster, and we get sick because we have a fragile state of mind that attracts germs."

it suddenly dawned on him that he was scared sick.

so he changed his mind. He should write every day and exercise. If he thinks less, his body will naturally recover.

some studies have shown that

more than 80% of centenarians believe that staying happy and spending every day with a broad heart is the most important secret to longevity.

A person's life is a state of mind.

and people with a broad heart can often laugh at life, the age of 40, the state of 20.

they do not expect expensive care products, because a broad heart is a panacea for them to keep healthy.

the most powerful patron in the world, call yourself

there is a saying:

"opportunities are fought for by yourself; fate is controlled by yourself; life is your own drawing board, so why rely on others for coloring?"

Hope is always given by yourself, and others are the icing on the cake at best


as long as you can rely on yourself, you can stand on your feet wherever you meet and where you go.

just like Luo Zijun in the first half of my Life, after his divorce, he no longer became a full-time wife and no longer superstitious in her husband's phrase "I raise you



she was sincerely grateful to Chen Junsheng for his abandonment, and she bought her present self-reliant and confident freshman from the muddle-headed Mrs. Chen.

always remember that the ultimate destination of every woman is herself, and the most reliable one is herself.

only by making yourself strong enough can you walk effortlessly on the road of life.

the most beautiful kindness in the world is called EQ

once read such a sentence:

"when you feel very comfortable with others, it is not necessarily that you share the same interests, but that his EQ is high enough and the kindness behind him is silent."

she will not comment on your life at will, nor will she easily disturb your happiness;

when she encounters other people's pain, she takes good care of it and will never poke it easily.

to communicate with others, she knows how to stand in each other's position and give them enough politeness and respect as a listener.

getting along with such a person is like drinking a cup of tea, pleasing to yourself.

to be a person with high EQ, if you can think of others in everything, you must have a wide range of popularity.

the highest spiritual practice in the world is called solitude

writer Jiang Xiaoying once said:

"if you are alone, you will lose a lot, but you will gain more."

being alone is a practice of getting along with yourself, and lively is your own state of mind.

in the process, you lower your expectations of others, enrich your heart, and give yourself enough sense of security.

my friend Xiaolin went on a business trip. She was quarantined in Shenzhen for 14 days.

she used to be short of sense of security. Whenever her husband came home late, she would desperately make phone calls.

but this quarantine, she began to change slowly.

she watches movies alone, does yoga alone, writes articles alone, and listens to music alone in the hotel.

later she said, "you can have a good life without having to be with him."

Yes, one can make life interesting, too.

and being alone is the best time to run in with yourself. Pay attention to your smile.Three meals a day.

enjoy such solitude, as for life, it's all up to you.

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the longest lasting relationship in the world is called self-love

Bi Shumin said, "it is better to love yourself than to wait for others to love you."

Wilde said: "loving yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of romance."

Max Hermann said: "be gentle with yourself. You are just a child of the universe, just like plants and stars."

you see, the whole world is telling us to learn to love ourselves.

Love yourself means you don't need to rely on others to get sense of security.

to love yourself is to learn to please yourself and treat yourself kindly and sincerely.

when you begin to be confident, begin to like yourself, appreciate yourself, and live each day with magnanimity and freedom.

you will find that those entanglements in the past and the love of others are no match for their own love.

, may you learn to love yourself and change your destiny.