The highest state of health preservation: forgetting

/July 2023

in his later years, he revealed in an interview that the secret of his longevity is "five forgetfulness":

forget years, affection, illness, toil, and forgetfulness.

do not worry, do not entangle, do not care, with the best state of mind, live a comfortable life.

the best way to keep in good health is to nourish the mind.

forget the year

there are always people who feel that life is too short and the years are ruthless.

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but the beauty of time lies in its inevitable passage. Time is faultless, the fault lies in the hearts of the people, forget the age, can live a happy life.

recently, the old actor Wu Yanshu has once again burst into public view, and she has created one elegant character after another on the screen.

now at the age of 83, she chose to return to the stage when she was supposed to be old.

someone once asked her, "Why do you still work so hard at such an old age?"

she smiled and said: "people are like machines, they will rust if they don't move. With curiosity, people will be young. If they are in a good state, life and work will go smoothly."

the age increases, not the old age; the vicissitudes of state of mind lead to twilight years.

I have seen people who begin to take the postgraduate entrance examination at the age of 45 and do not forget to listen to classes when they catch the subway.

have also seen people resign at the age of 40 to start a business, looking forward to a bright future in the streets late at night.

there is a good saying: "the so-called youth, youth, middle age and old age are just concepts, and life is their own business." Living a good life is the highest attitude towards life. "

wrinkles can grow on the face, but not in the heart.

if the heart is not old, every day can be the youngest day in life.


the painter Jimmy said:

"Don't dwell on one thing for too long. If you do it for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken. In the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself. "

to forget grudges and enemies is not to forgive the hurt, but to free yourself.

Yu Qiuyu mentioned his four enemies in the list of my enemies.

they used their power to deprive his father of his right to existence, his right of reputation, his wife's right to work, and oppressed him for 20 years.

he synthesized the surnames of his enemies into a homophonic name "shallow Fang Lisa" and silently "imprisoned" them in the bottom of his heart.

he goes to sleep with hatred every day, and his whole life is becoming more and more hostile.

Oscar Wilde once said: "for our own sake, we must forgive some things, because one cannot get up every night and plant thorns in the garden of the soul."

the heart is only the size of a fist, and if there are too many bad things, there is no place to put happiness.

youdao is: "if you forget your feelings, you will not be bothered."

the past is like smoke, you don't have to keep thinking about what you can't think about, and you don't have to keep thinking about the things that make you sad.

cut off the right and wrong of the past so that you can free up your hand to embrace today's happiness.

forget illness

Mr. Ji Xianlin told one thing about himself in his essay "living a good Life".

once, he had a serious illness.

but he did not care, only as if he was suffering from a very mild and common disease of tinea scabies.

at the moment of life and death, when the attending doctor was ready to give him a notice of critical illness, he lay in the hospital bed, not frowning and depressed, but happily chatting with the people around him.

after 46 days in hospital, he had no negative emotions and even kept a diary in his spare time, recording all he had seen and heard during his illness.

unexpectedly, Ji Xianlin finally survived the difficulty smoothly and was lamented by many people for "miracles."

based on this, Ji Xianlin invented a secret to longevity of the "three noes", one of which is "do not murmur." It means to forget the illness, don't feel sorry for yourself, and keep an optimistic and happy state of mind.

as the saying goes, all diseases arise from the heart, and all diseases are treated from the heart.

in the impetuous and chaotic life, a good state of mind is the best panacea.

forget your work

the World Daily once reported on Mancinelli, the world's oldest barber.

he has been engaged in this career since he was 12 years old and has been working for nearly a century.

the owner of the barbershop said:

"Mancinelli never called in sick.

some young designers have knee pain and back pain, but he doesn't.

he cut his hair faster than a 20-year-old, and he was still working while the children were sitting there playing with their cell phones. "

not only that, he also insists on washing and cooking by himself every day and never asks for help.

whenever someone asks him the secret recipe for maintenance, he will smile and tell each other: "keep busy, nothing to do will make people old."

Li Shaolu, a 91-year-old man, has shared the same secret of keeping fit: don't let yourself be idle.

every morning, he goes out for exercise for an hour. When he gets home, he begins to read books, read newspapers and practice calligraphy.

do housework and gardening with my wife in my spare time.

in his later years, even with white hair, he is still Hale and hearty.

as the saying goes, "the more you use your mind, the brighter you are, and the more you move, the healthier you are."

once people have nothing to do all day, they will "rust" in idleness.

A day of hard work makes a good night's sleep.

Busy, can cure all hypocrisy and anxiety, life is enriched, the whole person is naturally in high spirits.

get carried away

host Wang Han once said: "you must enrich your heart so that you can look at the world."

magnificent appearance cannot withstand the destruction of time; the abundance of the soul can resist the passage of time.

when it comes to old people in their infancy, many people naturally have some words in mind:

the body is bent, the expression is dull, and it is difficult to move.

the painter he Duoling gave a different answer.

now in his 70s, as soon as he is free, he sets up an easel and uses the tip of his pen to outline the beautiful moments of life on a blank piece of paper.

in the world of painting, he expresses freely, creates wantonly and relaxes himself.

A blade of grass, a pot of flowers, a tree in the garden, and friends and guests from afar have all become living materials on his painting paper.

although his body is old, his heart is always full of vitality.

agrees with a sentence: "what really supports life is the spirit and the soul, and the vast spiritual world is a person's greatest strength."

the life of a man whose soul is dry is desolate.

the heart is rich enough to be free from worry and fear in front of time.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said: "when you were a child, if you had a bad memory, you would be scolded. However, when you grow up, you will find that you are happy to forget some things."

the way to maintain good health is to be forgetful.

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