The most comfortable relationship between people

/July 2023

what should be the most comfortable relationship between people?

some people say that it is the appearance of a passer-by; others say that it is what it looked like at the first sight.

in fact, it should be the most natural appearance of you and me.

because it is natural, it is comfortable.

A comfortable relationship is not only to make each other feel comfortable with each other, but also to make yourself comfortable.

between each other, you are you and I am me, all independent and free.

in my opinion, the most comfortable relationships between people are probably the following three.

follow your heart and attract each other

program "time Concert", Xu Ruyun shared the story of herself and her sisters.

when we met for the first time, the four of them hit it off and chatted until the restaurant closed.

after that, we went to Gigi Leung's house and talked until dawn.

they formed the "Little Yellow Flower" sister group, interacted constantly on social media, never absent their birthday wishes, and made an appointment to go to the sisters' concerts.

they have always guarded each other, and no matter who has a boyfriend, they have to go through the sisterhood first.

they are bridesmaids at each other's weddings, no matter how far they fly to each other.

moreover, they also set up a Little Yellow Flower Charitable Foundation together to support poor children everywhere.

their feelings are like those sung in the song "want to sing me to you"

"Flowers bloom heartily and decorate your years with my shoots."

when Xu Ruyun announced her marriage, Yang Caini said on Weibo:

Dear Han, I always hope that the kind you can be loved and cherished. I believe that many people, like us, have been looking forward to your happy smile.

can laugh together, shed tears, for everyone to find happiness and heartfelt moved, thank God for this natural, relaxed but precious affection. "

now, they have known each other for more than ten years, and it is a rare happiness for them to have such a simple and beautiful affection.

there is actually a magnetic field between people.

when you meet people of the same frequency, you will attract each other. This is what psychology calls the "Law of attraction."

Law of attraction means that when thoughts are concentrated in a certain field, people, things and things related to that field will be attracted by it.

this is why, in the relationship between people, we prefer to be with people who have the same interests and hobbies.

the similarities between people, once collided, will immediately produce sparks that, like magnets, attract each other.

there is a saying that is very good:

"the most comfortable relationship is co-frequency resonance."

if the people around you make you feel uncomfortable, it may be because you are not of the same frequency.

if you want to attract better people and make yourself more comfortable, the best way is to make yourself good first.

Life keeps moving, not only to meet better people, but also to achieve a better self.

follow your heart and be free

the hardest thing to do in any relationship in the world is to be at ease, either polite or utilitarian.

in order to satisfy others, we are always used to asking ourselves according to other people's standards and are used to living in the eyes of others.

even sometimes, you have to hide yourself and be cautious in your words and deeds.

We are used to living with masks, and in the end, we almost forget what we used to look like.

in fact, the most comfortable way for people to get along with others is to be able to be themselves at will.

Don't be timid in front of me, I don't have to hide it in front of you, and we are free from each other.

when Feng Zikai was teaching at Chunhui Middle School in Zhejiang Province, he and Zhu Guangqian formed a bond because of art.

on one occasion, Zhu Guangqian had a grand birthday. When his colleagues came to the hotel, they all brought gifts, but Feng Zikai came empty-handed.

before dinner, a colleague pulled Feng Zikai aside and reminded him, "Today is Mr. Zhu's birthday. How can you eat for nothing?"

Feng Zikai smiled:

"Don't we just want to be happy with each other? why be so tacky?"

I'm a teacher. I can't afford any expensive gifts. I can draw a picture. "

after dinner, Feng Zikai asked the waiter for paper and pen and drew a picture for Zhu Guangqian in public.

colleagues laughed at him: "Lao Feng, a painting can not be used as food and drink, but you can give it away."

Feng Zikai was about to speak, but Zhu Guangqian put the painting away carefully and said:

"this is good, this is good, I like it."

soon after, Zhu Guangqian went to Feng Zikai with his specialty. Feng Zikai firmly refused to accept it and warned Zhu Guangqian:

"Let's not let those vulgar things get into trouble with each other."

since then, the relationship between the two has become more and more casual, and the relationship has become better and better.

No extra politeness, no utilitarianism, such a relationship can be simple and pure, and it will be easier to get along with each other.

any relationship that requires you to work hard to maintainOh, it's not a good relationship.

you know, people who like you will like everything about you.

people who don't like you, the harder you try to please, the less others take you seriously.

you might as well be casual and be yourself.

those who make you comfortable, treat them sincerely; those who make you miserable, ignore them.

Bi Shumin once said, "our lives do not exist because we are liked by others."

Life is short, and there is little time to please yourself. Please be sure to spend time with people who are comfortable with you.

only when we know how to make our hearts happy is it worthy of our incomparable efforts.

come along with fate, come and go freely

some people say:

"every life is a train running forward, and there will always be someone to accompany you on each section of the road, watching the scenery speeding by out of the window, sharing their own stories and feelings."

they make you feel like a spring breeze and add color to your life.

but unfortunately, they can only walk with you for a while. When you get to the station, you have to get off.

No matter how much you are reluctant to give up, you can only choose to wave goodbye.


@ A Yuan

shared his story.

A Yuan and his girlfriend met in the third year of junior high school and grew up with each other from high school to college.

when they were students, the purest and best memories were each other.

after graduating from college, her best friend returned to her hometown, and A Yuan stayed in the capital because of the direction of employment.

in the first two years of work, both sides were in touch with each other in a way that they felt comfortable with each other, still telling each other everything and being honest with each other as before.

maybe it's because of environmental problems, or maybe it's because the trajectory of two people's lives deviates too far, and their ideas gradually deviate.

even though the two sides have been working hard to manage this friendship, there are still differences, and sometimes even to the extent that they cannot understand each other.

finally, A Yuan found that they had not talked for a long time.

she opened the chat records of the two people, and the content for nearly half a year was nothing more than potential superficial topics such as "what did you eat today" and "take good care of your health".

it turns out that they have already faded out of each other's world unwittingly.

it is said that adults' farewell is silent.

perhaps inadvertently, a turn around, that is, the future will be indefinite.

drifting away is not necessarily the rupture of a relationship. Most of the time, it's just that the path of life is different.

you chose Sunshine Road, I set foot on the single-log bridge, life has no intersection, separation has become inevitable.

but do not be too sentimental, let alone force, flowers blossom and fall, edge gather and edge scattered, this is the normal state of life.

the more backward the life is, the smaller the circle is, and the more limited the place in the heart is. If someone comes in, someone must go out.

accepting the arrangement of fate and letting nature take its course is the most comfortable and dignified farewell.

likes a sentence very much:

"Don't ask for intimacy, just want to have been together; don't ask for never to be separated, just want to leave a good memory."

Thank you for the other person who once appeared in your own life, thinking about each other and blessing each other.

some people say:

"Life is a person's practice, in fact, it is also a practice of 'relationship'."

growing up, we will meet all kinds of people and build all kinds of relationships.

if you want to get to know good people and build relationships that make you comfortable, your ability and character are crucial.

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expand your horizons, expand your knowledge, cultivate your personality charm, and strive to improve yourself in order to better attract people in common.

people live, in the final analysis, for their own sake, otherwise, they will lose their meaning.

being yourself and knowing how to make yourself comfortable is the highest way of life.

, it is very expensive for the rest of my life. May you and I both find someone who is comfortable with each other and live a simple and comfortable life.