The most direct way for a man not to love a person: three words

/July 2023


Zhang Xiaoxian said:

"We put down our dignity, personality and stubbornness just because we can't let go of a person."

in reality, how many people are willing to give everything for love, thinking that as long as they keep working hard, they can get the same sincerity.

as a result, I didn't know until I was black and blue that the other person had never had himself in his heart.

when you meet the person you like, you can go for it boldly, but at the same time, you should also understand that the person who loves you will always look back at you, while the person who doesn't love you will turn a blind eye to the person you do no matter how much you do.

for example, if a man does not love a person, the most direct way is three words.

cannot see

it is often said that the degree of love can be seen from a man's attitude towards a woman.

if he loves deeply, he will treat him gently with the best attitude, and his eyes will be full of this person.

if he does not love, he will show great indifference, and even if this person is by his side, he will turn a blind eye to it.

do you still remember the couple Xu Bochang and Liu Shufen in "No questions to the West"?

Xu Bochang has always been gentle and polite outside, and he is also very warm to his neighbors, but he always looks cold when facing his wife.

when Liu Shufen talked to him, his eyes were cold. Liu Shufen broke down and quarreled with him, and he paid no attention.

in the movie, Liu Shufen said:

"outsiders only see how I beat you and scold you, but they don't know how you hit me. You hit me with your attitude, and you make me feel like I'm the worst person in the world. "

outsiders only see Liu Shufen bossing her husband around, but they don't see how much she has done for her husband.

he does all the housework, takes care of him meticulously and thoughtfully, lives frugally at ordinary times, and leaves good things to his husband, which Xu Bochang can't see either.

No matter how hard Liu Shufen tries, Xu Bochang always turns a blind eye to what is meant by unlove.

it can be seen that in a relationship, if you are not in the heart of a person, even if you are under the same roof, he will not see you.

he can't see your good, can't see your feelings, your sadness or sadness has nothing to do with him.

Long for a perfect sparkly hoco short dresses that flows around your curves, flattering your height? The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

he will not coax you or comfort you, but blindly dislike you and stay away from you.

if this happens, don't go on. All you have to do is recognize the reality and don't let yourself get hurt again.

can't hear you

think of a scene I saw on the street the other day:

A man and a woman were walking side by side, but after a while, the man left the woman behind, and the woman could not keep up with the man, so he shouted to each other to wait for her, but the man paid no attention to her at all.

while the woman hurried to chase, she chatted with the man, but the man was silent all the time, and in the back, the woman was silent.

it is obvious that men do not want to pay attention to women, so no matter what she says, they turn a deaf ear.

when a man doesn't love someone, he starts by refusing to listen and communicate.

in his opinion, no matter what he talks about, it is a waste of time. He not only won't take the initiative to find a topic, but also doesn't have the patience to listen.

your greeting and concern is nosy. You talk a lot, and he goes in one ear and out the other.

when two people get along, the saddest thing is not that they have nothing to say to each other, but that they can't talk to each other at all.

so don't love someone who doesn't even bother to interact with you in words. He doesn't love you at all.

you know, the person who really loves you will be very devoted to talking to you, even if it's just a trivial matter, and he will have enough patience to listen to your nagging, and sometimes he may be more verbose than you.

because of love, you will pay attention to each other's words and deeds with your heart. Only if you don't love will you be annoyed.

when you really communicate, but the other person always likes to ignore it, you should know your place in his heart.

as a matter of fact, he is not as aloof as he is. He just doesn't want to talk to you.

I can't remember

as the saying goes, seeing each other in one day is like seeing each other in three years.

especially for the one you love, you can't help but worry about it and think about it uncontrollably.

as Wang Xiaobo wrote in his letter to Li Yinhe:

"calm down and miss you and feel that everything is incredibly beautiful. I didn't know that love was so beautiful and so beautiful in the depths of love. I tell you, when I think of you, my ugly face makes me smile. "

when a man is attracted to a woman, he will never forget it. As long as he thinks of her, the corners of his mouth will rise unconsciously.

colleague Lingling said that she quarreled with her husband and ran away from home angrily. As a result, two weeks later, she was not sent a message or asked where she had gone.

what disappoints her even more is that, no matter whether the other party is on a business trip or working overtime, as long as she does not take the initiative to ask, the other party will not want to tell her.

didn't even accompany her on her birthday, and didn't say a happy birthday.

often men do not take the initiative to find you, separated from you for a long time can not remember to contact you, it is clear that they are heartless to you.

many things, it's not that he can't do it, but he just doesn't want to do it for you. Because you are not important at all, you are unwilling to devote your time and energy.

A man who always ignores you, snubs you and makes you feel lonely and uneasy, then he is not worthy of your deep love.

two-way travel is the basis of emotion.Basis, if the other person does not love you and does not cherish you, he should stop the loss in time.

you should not only know how to cherish the right person, but also know how to leave the wrong person.

in this way, you can meet your own happiness earlier.