The people who give way to you are not afraid of you, not owe you, but.

/July 2023


once upon a time, we thought that concession means compromise and incompetence.

once, we thought: let, is because the heart owes, feels guilty.

after experiencing the warmth and warmth of human feelings and watching the world, I can more and more deeply understand the true meaning of the phrase "giving way to one step in life is high, and treating others with leniency is a blessing."

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also suddenly understand: originally, the people who give way to you are not afraid of you or owe you, but respect you and care about you.

make you, not afraid of you, but highly cultivated

able to bear and yield, he is a true gentleman, can bend and stretch, and is a man.

people who are willing to give way to others are often gentle, generous and good-natured people.

their eyes will not just stay in front of the matter. Their footsteps will not stop because of entanglements of interests.

"A big belly can tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world; laugh at the funny people in the world when you open your mouth."

this is the couplet of Tanzhe Temple in Beijing. In just two sentences, it speaks to the hearts of those who can give way.

most of the time, modest people are not timid or clumsy, but live thoroughly and their hearts are like mirrors.

A Zen master and a little monk went on a long trip.

on the way, the Zen master was staggered by a man who ran over in a hurry, and there was a pain in his chest.

although the man knew that he was wrong, he first blamed the Zen master: "do you have no eyes or brains?" Don't you watch the way you go out? "

in the face of the man's unreasonable and evil words, the Zen master did not get angry and did not argue with the man, but just smiled.

when the man saw this, he became even more arrogant: "I expect you don't dare to offend uncle Ben, huh!" With that, he walked away.

after the man left, Xiao Shami, who followed him, asked the Zen master, "Master, are you really afraid of him?" Why don't you scold me back! "

while picking up the luggage that had just been dropped by the collision, the Zen master said slowly:

"do you want me to be rude because of this? It's not worth it. "

only then did the little monk understand that the Zen master gave way to the man not because he was afraid of him, but because he did not want to easily break his principle of being kind to others and treating others with courtesy, let alone delay their itinerary.

in the book "those things of the Ming Dynasty", there is a sentence that is enlightening and directly directed at the hearts of the people:

"We can know from history that tolerance has never been weakness."

to let others, not to yield, let alone to show weakness, but a kind of magnanimous self-cultivation, is a state of tolerance.

Let others be neither incompetent nor afraid, but have a broader world in their hearts, so that they can always stick to their own self-cultivation.

Let you, not owe you, but care about you

there was a popular story on the Internet:

A husband and his wife were playing chess, looking at the chessboard. Knowing that victory was in hand, the husband could not help humming a little song.

when the wife realized that the situation was not good, she began to cheat, ignoring any rules of chess.

first say that his horse is Chollima, so he can run directly to his general and eat soldiers.

after a while, she said that her elephant was Dumbo and could fly over and eat his taxi.

although the husband had no choice but to give way to his wife, he continued to lock in the victory.

after reading this story, many people are laughing at the husband's helplessness, but there are also many people who envy the wife's happiness.

No one is stupid and is willing to give way to you just because he cares.

No one owes each other, and he is willing to tolerate it because he values it.

people who give way to you put your happiness first. As for winning or losing, as for their own feelings, they are not as important as you.

parents allow you and tolerate your capriciousness because they love their children, so they soften their hearts again and again.

your partner allows you, does not argue with you for right or wrong, and indulges you because he cherishes this relationship very much, so he is willing to admit defeat.

friends give way to you and tolerate some of your bad temper because they attach great importance to affection and righteousness, even if they suffer losses.

there has never been a relationship between people for no reason.

the person who is willing to let you, the person who can let you, must be the one who takes an important place in his heart.

for someone as nice as you, there are only a handful of times you can meet in your life, so cherish it.

Let you for a while, not for the rest of your life

there is a good saying: "there is no natural good temper, only a tolerant heart."

but after all, people grow in flesh, and no one can always be aggrieved by themselves, and everyone has a fragile time.

give way for a while, but not for a lifetime.

the gentleman gives way to the villain and gives way to courtesy, but if the other party does not know how to give up as soon as possible, but unscrupulous, this comity will be withdrawn.

people who care about you let you, let you love, but if this feeling is not well cherished, no matter how hot the heart will become cold.

always remember: the person who gives way to you is the one who respects you and treats you. Don't be indifferent and don't let you down easily.

ran calm.