The power of silence! (profound)

/July 2023

the ancients said: "if the water is quiet, the image is clear, and if the mind is quiet, it is wise."

in a quiet word, all kinds of wisdom of life are hidden. Peace of mind means peace of mind, and heaven and earth are naturally wide.

only by calming down can we see the true face of everything in heaven and earth.

stillness is not only a kind of wisdom of life, but also a lifelong practice.

meditation, but wake up

I have heard such a story.

once upon a time, several old miners were working in the mine, but the lamp suddenly went out.

everyone panicked and looked around for a way out like headless flies, but no one could find an exit.

after a long time, several people were so exhausted that they had to find a place to stop and have a rest.

at this point, one of them suggested:

Why don't we just sit and wait and see if we can feel the wind somewhere, and maybe we can find the exit in the direction of the wind.

at first, everyone was so upset that no one could feel the wind.

but after sitting still for a long time, everyone's senses become sharp. Gradually, someone felt the faint wind on his face.

so they hurriedly followed the wind and finally found a way out.

as the saying goes:

"Water still can distinguish things, but people can observe the mind."

when a person is impetuous, it is difficult to think objectively and rationally.

only by calming down can you return to your sanity and insight into the true nature of things and the solutions.

only a table and a chair are placed inside, isolating all external interference, and only for employees to meditate and think.

the company believes that keeping peace of mind can make people clear and wake up, while proper rest can better improve work efficiency.

in this mundane world, it is inevitable that everyone will be upset.

especially when you are entangled with all kinds of trivialities of life, you can't get rid of them, and you just hate that you didn't have three heads and six arms to deal with.

but the more irritable you are, the more you need to calm down.

if you are calm, you will be calm; if you are calm, things will be clear.

only by calming down can we jump out of the trivialities of firewood, rice and oil, and think more deeply.

only by settling down and sorting out our thoughts can we get rid of the layers of fog of life and move forward better on the road of life.

in a quiet place, one will cultivate one's self

the scholars of the Ming Dynasty wrote in "moaning":

"the true taste of heaven and earth can only be tasted by the quiet; the real machine between heaven and earth, but the quiet can see through."

static can give birth to Baihui, and you can cultivate yourself in a quiet place. a person's excellence often begins when he is quiet.

Hu Yilong, a famous contemporary painter, has lived alone by Taihu Lake for decades.

except for taking the students to sketch in class, he seldom turns on his cell phone.

most of the time, he is alone in painting, reading and playing the piano, or listening to the wind and watching the rain in the yard.

he always feels that painters need a quiet environment and a peaceful state of mind to create and cultivate their character.

only by calming down can we realize the true artistic conception that nature wants to express.

Liang Xiaosheng, author of the World, once said in an interview:

"the soul prefers solitude to hustle and bustle."

the prosperity of others is not yours; only peace of mind is the most beautiful scenery in the world.

bid farewell to the hustle and bustle, so that you can better focus on your heart; keep quiet and be diligent.

the famous writer Chen Zhong stayed dormant in the countryside for many years, consulted a large number of historical materials and visited the villagers before completing the contemporary epic Bai Lu Yuan.

architect Wang Shu lived in seclusion for seven years and studied quietly before finally winning the Pritzker Architecture Prize, a Nobel prize in the field of architecture.

those quiet times are often a good time for a person to practice.

cultivate yourself in silence, build up strength in solitude, and the years will eventually precipitate and repair a more outstanding self for you.

meditation can lead to distance

according to Historical Records, during the struggle between Chu and Han, Xiang Yu will lead troops to attack Peng Yue, and Commander Ma Cao will be responsible for Shouchenggao.

Xiang Yu knew full well that Cao Jie was impatient, so he specially told him before leaving:

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even if Liu Bang comes to challenge, he must not take the initiative to attack. As long as he sticks to it for 15 days, he will be back.

as expected, after Xiang Yu went to battle, Liu Bang really launched an attack on Chenggao.

at first, Cao Chien also obeyed Xiang Yu's instructions that no matter how provocative and sarcastic the Han army team might be, he could not stick to it.

but later, Liu Bang sent people to abuse Cao Jie day and night, and after five or six days of scolding, Cao Jie finally couldn't stand it.

he took a large number of men out of the city gate, ready to cross the river to beat the Han army, but he did not want to be halfway across the border, so he was hit head-on by the Han army who had already set up an ambush and wiped him out.

Cao Jie, deeply shameless to see Xiang Yu again, drew his sword and cut his own throat.

it is said in Zengguang Xian Wen:

"learn to be patient first, don't be angry, be irritable and have a bad life."

impetuous, is the number one enemy on the road of life, whenever there is a change in the wind, it will first disrupt the mind, that is, put yourself in danger.

in those moments of restlessness and chaos, it is often easiest to make decisions that you regret for the rest of your life.

if you want to be great, you must first keep quiet.

the so-called stillness is not only the ability to settle down when things happen, but also the patience to keep calm.

how long a person's life is, there are too many times, it will not be like a vending machine, you put a coin down, there will be an immediate profit.

but only if you have experienced spring ploughing, summer ploughing, autumn harvest and winter collection will you have melons and fruits all over the ground.

can withstand a moment of loneliness in order to maintain a long-term prosperity. Work silently with a quiet heart and wait for the opportunity in order to keep the clouds open and see the moon on the road of life.

the calmer the heart is, the deeper the blessings are.

Jia Pingwa said:

"A person's life is either bitter or happy, gain or loss. The important thing is that there can't be a clear spring in my heart without moonlight. "

the world of mortals is like an ashram, life is spiritual practice.

the highest level of self-discipline for adults is to build a peaceful heart.

keep yourself awake all the time to gain insight into your own problems; in a quiet place, to precipitate and polish and repair yourself.

No matter how noisy and impetuous the world is, as long as you can calm down, you will not be confused and overcome the dangers again and again in the troughs and difficulties of life.

, may you and I both build a quiet heart, from now on, without fear of the twists and turns of the years, without fear of the ups and downs of the rest of life, and live a more prosperous life in this world.