The quickest way to get rid of a child is to let him spend his summer vacation the way he likes.

/July 2023


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at the beginning of the summer vacation, two students posted something about it in moments.

A student who is very conscious of his study has set a goal for himself: "this summer vacation, I will make up both math and English. Come on!"

another student, however, called on his classmates to play games in his moments: "do you have an appointment for chicken at 8 o'clock tonight?"

such a sharp contrast reminds me of a popular saying:

"Learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall behind. Many people win in the holidays, and many lose in the holidays."

self-indulgent holidays are likely to become a lifelong regret for children.

the biggest scam of education

is called "son, as long as you are happy


every winter and summer vacation, an old topic is brought up again: why does the teacher assign holiday homework?

Children don't like to do holiday homework. They would rather sleep in and play games every day than start writing and flipping through books.

parents also feel sorry for their children, saying that they should let their children have a good time during the holidays, and that the childhood occupied by homework is unhappy.

parents always say, "I just want my children to be happy. Even if I am a cleaner, I have to be a happy cleaner."


but will the child be happy if he eventually becomes a cleaner because he doesn't study hard? Will you be happy?

the biggest scam of education is "son, as long as you are happy."

there is an "Internet addicted boy" in Harbin who turns on the computer and plays games as soon as he gets up every day.

sometimes he is so fascinated that he doesn't even bother to eat, so his grandmother simply feeds him with a bowl.

in order to find a way out for the child, the boy's parents decided to send him to study abroad.

as a result, the children not only did not graduate from the prep course, but also lost 2 million of their family members.

after returning to China, he continued to study in junior college, and in less than two months he abandoned school and went home to keep company with games.

this child is completely "abandoned".

it is a child's nature to be playful, but this nature should not be connived at, otherwise the child will become lazy and stupid.

while other children are redoubling their efforts to catch up, your child is willing to fall back.

he has long been left behind by his peers.

are you willing to accept this result?

three-character Sutra: "if you don't teach, it is the fault of the father." If the teacher is not strict, the teacher is lazy. It is not appropriate for a son not to learn. If you don't learn when you are young, what will you do when you are old? "

"Happy education" has never been equated with "doing whatever you want".

parents let their children suffer for a while

only children can enjoy it for a lifetime

Dong Qing once said that she was raised by "devil education."

other children can play outside, but she studies ancient poetry and practices calligraphy at home under the supervision of her father.

other little girls have been spoiled and grown up, but she has taken on housework since childhood, getting up early every day and running in front of the whole school.

in the winter and summer vacation, in order to train Dong Qing, her father also arranged for her to do a work-study program and work as a cleaner in the hotel.


in that year, Dong Qing cried countless times and found it difficult to accept her father's strictness.

now, when she becomes an excellent host, she finally understands her father's good intentions.

only through more hardship and sharpening in the early stage can we get more sweetness and achievement in the later stage.

I remember a mother posted a meaningful picture in moments:

A small bird rested on a branch, and a flock of birds flew into the cloud in the distance.

she said, "son, I know you are tired, but everyone else is flying."

under the impression, her daughter's grades are not outstanding, but she studies very hard.

during several winter and summer vacations, other children were playing heartily, but she often called me to ask me questions.

later, she was admitted to a good middle school, and three years later she was promoted to a key high school. Now she is fighting for the college entrance examination.

Professor Chu Yin once said: "before making their children happy, parents must learn to be ruthless in order to achieve their children's future."

as parents, they must let their children know that any road to success is always full of hardships.

if you want to have good academic results, you must work hard and pay hard.

there is no life to hang up

success is just rising abruptly based on accumulated strength

the way a child spends his summer vacation hides his future.

Learning is never a miracle achieved overnight, and real success is the result of accumulation over time.

earlier, online teaching was launched in primary and secondary schools across the country, and a schedule for Hengshui Middle School was exposed.

even though they study at home, the students still keep their work and rest at school and start studying at 5:40 in the morning.

Ten classes a day are full, with self-study, listening, tests and so on.

excellent grades do not fall from the sky, they must be bought by long-term efforts.

in the college entrance examination that year, there was a class of 60 students in Hengshui Middle School who were all admitted to 211.

with the red envelopes of the top names, the children laughed very happily.

No one can casually succeed. Behind all the splendor, there are spiritual practices that others cannot see.

there is a high achiever in Wuhan.A detailed schedule is made for each winter and summer vacation.

he also wrote in red in his book: "there is no winter or summer vacation in life. It's not that success doesn't come fast enough, but that it's not hard enough on yourself."

there is a doctor in Tsinghua University in 1994 who spent seven years in Tsinghua Medical College.

behind every kind of success, there are many little-known hardships and pains.

but as long as we persist in struggle, people with a low starting point will be able to counterattack.

as a famous saying in Hengshui Middle School:

"there is no winter or summer vacation in life, life is not a semester system, and no employer is interested in helping you find yourself."

all winter and summer vacations are actually opportunities for children to surpass themselves and work hard to shine.

Holidays are not for indulgence

is used to counter-exceed

as parents, we should reflect: apart from happiness, what else can we give our children?

most children are born in ordinary families, not the second generation of celebrities, do not have a wealthy family, let alone can not count on their parents.

can only go through countless days and nights of strenuous study and finally squeeze into the single wooden bridge of the college entrance examination.

those who struggle to the end will eventually have a decent life.

and self-indulgent, have to face the fiasco of life.

A professor at Tsinghua University once pointed out bluntly:

"the biggest scams of education are happy education, useless academic qualifications, and the release of children's nature. these three scams are distorting the growth of Chinese children step by step."

if you follow your child's instincts and allow your child to grow up in a way you like, it is like a landmine planted in advance, which will one day destroy the child's future.

the only thing to do is to be a pair of cruel parents, standing behind the child and constantly pushing him to change his inertia, cultivate his self-discipline, and push the child forward.

We really don't have much to give our children.

Children without umbrellas should learn to run.

the summer vacation wasted by others is the chance for children to overtake at the corner.

in order to compete for better resources, children must make good use of every minute of the moment.

there is a thought-provoking line in "bottom Spice Girl":

"do you want to lower your goal because you don't want to get hurt?

or do you want to play?

or do you want to sleep?

now is the time to work hard!


the counterattack in the world has never been a legendary leap.

if you take every step in a down-to-earth manner, you will never regret your hard work.

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