The way you treat others is the way fate treats you.

/July 2023


Sanmao said:

"it's really a beautiful thing for a person to be alive. It's not about how beautiful or magnificent the scenery is, but who he meets, who is warmed up for a while, and then hopes that one day, he will become a little sun to warm others."

the more you grow up, the more you find that when you try to treat others with a warm heart, others will treat you with enthusiasm like a spring breeze.

in fact, has this not been the case in the long river of fate?

the way you treat others is the way fate treats you.

to help others is to help yourself

"turn left" says: "Auxiliary cars depend on each other, lips die and teeth are cold."

living in this world, everyone is dependent on each other, so it is difficult to be alone.

very often, building a bridge for others, circling around, has become your own road to success.

Hu Xueyan, a businessman in the late Qing Dynasty, often told stories about his youth to people around him.

at that time, he was still a handyman in the store, helping the boss often go to the debt master to collect debts.

once, when he was caught in a heavy rain while collecting debts, he found a stranger not far away without an umbrella, so he ran to open his umbrella and took shelter with him.

because he often helps some people without umbrellas to carry umbrellas, over a long time, people in the whole street know him.

he said:

"sometimes I forget to bring an umbrella, and I am not afraid, because many people who have helped me will hold an umbrella for me."

only if you are willing to pay for others first, will others be willing to pay for you.

Hu Xueyan used the principle of "those who love to return, those who are lucky to come back" to do business, and his success has something to do with his character of being willing to help others.

maybe some people will say it's just a coincidence.

but even if it happens, we have to understand:

when someone needs help, you give him a hand. When you need help, even if others won't help you, God will give you a hand.

if you help each other, it is yourself who will benefit after all.

to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself

the famous psychologist Gorman wrote in his book EQ:

"the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach."

people who are kind to others can feel the warmth of spring breeze across the screen.

I saw a short video of an old man collecting waste, squatting next to a luxury car, wiping away his tears at a loss.

it turned out that he accidentally hit a luxury car on a tricycle and broke the taillights.

soon, a lot of people gathered around, and everyone was talkative.

someone told the old man to leave quickly and said, "this car is very expensive. You can't afford to pay for it. Take advantage of the owner's absence."

when the old man heard this, he squatted on the ground and cried anxiously, but he didn't leave.

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after a while, a man came over, looked at the car that was hit, and asked the old man, "did you hit it?"

the old man hurried up and said, "I hit it."

the man asked, "can you afford to pay for it?"

the old man said, "they said it was too expensive to pay for it."

the man picked up a hammer on the old man's tricycle, knocked on the tricycle several times, and said to the old man, "all right, I broke your car. We're even. Go."

amid the applause, the old man turned around step by step, and the man took out his key and drove to the repair shop.

Gibran said: "the meaning of life lies in the connection between people."

the reason why a man who drives a luxury car is admired is probably not because he is rich and rich, but because he knows how to compare his heart to heart and be kind to others all the time.

between heaven and earth, one can have two or three bosom friends, but one can have friends all over the world.

being kind to a person is like forming a good relationship; doing something well is like building a bridge.

fate is there, and there are friends everywhere at the end of the world; if there is a bridge, the natural graben will become a passageway.

Yang Lan said:

"you should believe in the power of goodwill and be kind to others within our ability.

kindness, like air, will flow, and then there will be positive energy back to you. "

if you warm others, they will warm you; if you snub others, they will ignore you.

to fulfill others is to fulfill yourself

there is a saying in "Orchid exercise": "Cooperation is like an orchid, carry forward its fragrance; pick it and admire it, win-win all sides."

if people want to achieve win-win results, it is the best choice to achieve mutual success.

on the contrary, it is bound to hurt both sides.

Yu Minhong shared a story in his book I was on the brink of collapse.

it was in the early 1990s, when New Oriental was already famous in Beijing, and the competition with its peers became increasingly fierce.

one of the training institutions unexpectedly sent staff to guard the door of the classroom of New Oriental, handing out their leaflets to every student who came to class.

in the face of such rogue behavior, Yu Minhong is worried that forcibly evicting people will give rise to even greater conflicts, so he has no choice but to pretend that they do not exist.

resultIt wasn't long before something happened to that organization.

because of the unreasonable distribution of benefits, four teachers in that company angrily chose to go on strike. Looking at the more than 400 students who had no classes to attend and asked for a refund, the company boss had to call Yu Minhong for help.

she said on the phone at that time: "I have done a lot of things that are sorry to you in the past, but now there is one thing, I would like you to help me solve it."

she wants Yu Minhong to take over her students.

Yu Minhong agreed without thinking, and even gave advice to the other party.

he asked the female boss to go back and first give the teachers a raise to finish the class, otherwise the teachers of New Oriental would take over the students and they would lose their jobs.

even if they switch to other institutions, bosses dare not use such irresponsible teachers who ignore their students.

the female boss did as she was told, and the matter was solved smoothly.

since then, there has been no advertisement for this institution in front of the classroom of New Oriental.

Confucius said, "A superior man is a man of beauty; he is not a man of evil. The villain is on the contrary. "

A person who knows how to think of others must be an open-minded person.

A good life is nothing more than that you help me once and I give you a hand. And pass on this warmth constantly.

the world is wonderful. After 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi, who can guarantee that he doesn't need anyone's help?

give roses to others, leave fragrance in your hands, and fulfill others, as well as yourself.

, may you and I both warm others and be treated kindly by fate.