"there is a kind of happiness that some people miss."

/July 2023

Today, when I was browsing moments, I saw a dynamic:

"I envy those who receive greetings before the typhoon, but I am different.

everyone may think that I am heavy enough to compete with the typhoon, no one cares about me, sleep into the afternoon, there is no news on my phone, and no one contacted me. "

think of a hot comment I saw while listening to a song:

"the feeling of unspeakable loneliness when I slept until sunset and the room was empty and unspeakable occupied all I had."

I have found that people are really needed creatures, eager to be recognized, eager for a high sense of existence, hope that people who miss them, but also hope that someone will miss them.

when you encounter happy things, you will be happier when someone shares them; when you encounter sad things, it will be easier for someone to listen.

No one can say that eating delicious food is a kind of loss, and it is a pity to see the delightful scenery.

is there anyone who doesn't want to be held in his hand and in his heart? if he doesn't have to go alone, who wants to be alone and endure loneliness?

We are all the same. We hope that our birthdays will be blessed, that gifts will be given during the holidays, and that negative emotions will be dispelled with us.

I hope that someone can share the joy of happiness, that someone can be aware of those emotions and small silences, and that even a brief loss of contact can attract attention.

some people miss that it is really the warmest happiness in the world.

once I went out to eat strings in Chengdu, and the taste was not authentic. When I thought of a friend in Chengdu, I sent her a message saying that I missed you so much. I missed the time when we went out together to find delicious food in the alley.

she also sighed:

"Yes, in the past few years, I had less contact with my friends. I used to go to the toilet after school, but now I almost forget what each other looks like."

later, I went to her city on business and had dinner with her. She said that when I sent her a message, she cried alone for a long time.

I joked: "Why are you crying?" Are you worried that I will ask you to buy me dinner? "

my friend laughed and said that when I sent her that message at that time, she had just left her job, and the landlord had raised the rent again.

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but I happened to send her a message, talking about the past, she suddenly felt very warm, there are people can remember themselves, the kind of abandoned loneliness and loneliness, suddenly disappeared.

she told the story with a smile, but I felt a little sore in my eyes.

think of a sentence I read on Weibo:

"I envy that someone will take the initiative to buy you something, some delicious food will miss you, some funny ones will think of you, and some good movies will take the initiative to ask you out."

his picture shows a half-lit cigarette in his hand, accompanied by a shadow, like a lonely trapped animal.

it's a really good feeling, isn't it?

there is a feature called special attention, and another function is to see who calls your setting special attention. Many people want to click on it, but worry that no one is there.

the world is very big, the human heart is very small, meet so many people in this life, really close to your heart, really few, and you can really walk into the hearts of several people, no one can come to a conclusion.

We always say that the older you grow up, the lonelier you get. The adult world is always at stake, and the reason for interacting with people is more because each takes what he needs.

but this state always makes people feel that they are not close enough to find the innocence and sincerity of saying "hello" when I was a child.

the more this happens, the more valuable it will be for those who can care about you, regardless of whether you are rich or poor.

some people miss it, and no matter how far it is, they feel that it is near at hand.

some people miss it, and no matter how long the night is, it doesn't feel so hard.

it's really warm to have someone telling you to hold a lamp in the dark and bring an umbrella when it rains, which can make you feel weak and miserable in front of TA.

"look again"


I hope that in the future, some people will accompany you for three warm winters, some people will accompany you in spring, some people will ask you if your porridge is warm, and some people will accompany you to stand at dusk.

May we all have thoughts and some people will miss us and keep us warm for the rest of our lives.