There is an antidote to all troubles.

/July 2023



there are three difficulties in life: worry about money, worry about trifles, and be trapped in the past.

in the face of poverty, trivia and the three major difficulties of the past, staying is of no help, so it would be better to be bearish.

to be confused about the rich and poor, he is indifferent to fame and wealth; when he is confused about trifles, he takes into account the overall situation; when he is confused about the past, he is broad-minded.

Zheng Banqiao said:

"it's rare to be confused. It is difficult to be smart, it is difficult to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused.

put aside a piece of work, take a step back, and feel at ease now, which is not intended to be rewarded later. "

being confused is not being unreasonable, but knowing how to let yourself go at the right time.

Life has a good cure for "confusion", and naturally "all diseases can be cured".

it is better to be calm than to worry about trifles

Lin Qingxuan once said, "nine times out of ten life is not what you want."

if a person can live a lifetime, how can everything go well?

it is inevitable to be upset when we encounter trouble, but we are often in a hurry because we are upset.

Zhuangzi said: a man should not be surprised.

do not panic, do not worry, do not mess, can easily solve the problem.

there is a short story in the famous six-foot Lane.

Fu Yijian is a bachelor's degree in the capital. The two families argue endlessly because of the homestead dispute in his family, so his family writes to him, hoping that he can support the family.

when he received a letter from his family, Fu Yijian, who was busy, did not feel upset, but calmly replied to a letter from home:

"Thousand li letters are only for the wall, so why not let him have three feet?" The Great Wall is still there today, but not Qin Shihuang at that time



after seeing this, the family felt guilty, so they took the initiative to give up three feet. when the neighbors knew about it, they were deeply ashamed and gave up another three feet, so they formed today's six-foot alley.

in the face of the homestead dispute, the two families, which had been at odds with each other, calmed down and took a step back one after another, achieving a story that has been handed down through the ages.

Nebula Master Youyun:

"capable people don't care about emotions, they only take things seriously; incompetent people don't take things seriously, they only care about emotions."

only those who are calm can break away from the domination of emotions, see things thoroughly, and take into account the overall situation.

Zhuge Liang wrote in the Book of Commandments: it is impossible to be far away without serenity.

peaceful people often think about what ordinary people cannot think, and naturally have a long-term vision and plan ahead.

if you have peace of mind, you will not be confused when you are busy. Even if your life is unpredictable, you can still watch the pre-court flowers bloom and fall.

when you are bothered by trifles, you might as well be confused. You might as well lose what you should lose and give up what you should give up.

dealing with gains and losses calmly, life is naturally simple.

stuck in the past, it is better to be free and easy

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Shelley, a famous British writer, said: "the past belongs to death, and the future belongs to you."

those who live in the past can never have today.

Gu Cheng, a famous poet, was in agony after her lover Yinger died, and finally, because of his wife's betrayal, he chose to kill his wife and hang himself.

Gu Cheng was so obsessed with the past that he indulged in the lingering vows of the past, feared the future, and left memories in the past in an extreme way.

Yang Jiang, who lost her daughter Qian Kui and her lover Qian Zhongshu, did not immerse herself in the sadness of the past.

in her late nineties, she returned to her desk again, read and wrote, sorted out the manuscripts left by Qian Zhongshu, and finally published her own work, the three of us.

she laughs that she is the "money office director" who is left behind by her family to "clean up the battlefield."

Yang Jiang is free and easy, so that she can still live a full and happy life in her later years without fear of the future.

things have changed, Koike is still the same, the past is gone, and the future is promising.

Pushkin once said: "everything will pass."

No matter how sincerely you used to love, it can only be a memory in the end.

this is often the case in the world. At that time, it was painful to mention it, but a few years later, it was just a thing of the past.

you might as well be confused about the past, live comfortably in the present, and try your best to be perfect.

if you are worried about money, you might as well learn to be content

there is a saying in Shiji: "all the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit."

all over the world, people are busy for money, and some people are still anxious despite their splendor and wealth.

Laozi once said, "No disaster is greater than discontentment."

there is nothing more discontented than greed.

once people become greedy, they are easy to lose themselves and cause misfortune.

Confucius students often feel worried about their own situation and try their best to get money.

after he left the division, he worked as a doctor in Linyi, the state of Qi, and joined Tian Chang in the riots, and was finally wiped out.

Zaiyu did not understand contentment, lost his principles in anxiety, and even drowned in greed.

and Yan Hui, Confucius' most proud disciple, was very learned, but his family was poor and lived a life of "a meal of food, a ladle of drink, in a bad alley, people could not bear their worries".

Confucius once asked him, "your life is so hard now, why don't you try another way?"

Yan Hui said that there are books to read and teachers to teach, so I never feel poor. I only feel full and happy.

just because Yan Hui is content.Only by having a good state of mind can we be content with poor alleys and devote ourselves to learning and eventually achieve success.

those who know how to be contented can enjoy themselves in bitterness even if they are poor and humble; those who are insatiably greedy are equally anxious and sorrowful even if they are rich or rich.

philosopher Russell said


"because of the excessive worship and fascination with money, human beings are losing themselves and getting deeper and deeper in the emptiness."

people live a lifetime, money can not fill the spiritual emptiness after all.

if your heart is poor, you are poor, and if your heart is rich, you are rich.

when you are worried about money, you might as well be confused.

contentment is the great wisdom of life.

Bai Yansong said: "the two basic points of life are muddle-headed and smart."

there are only two things to do in life: busy and unrestrained. Idle, confused to be a man.

those who are too sober are apt to worry; those who are confused at the right time are apt to be happy.

confusion is not only a kind of bearing, a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of realm.

if you are alive, if you are confused, you will have a better state of mind.

people can be happy only if they are rich and expensive all their lives.

the real pleasure is that you live at ease.