Top 10 manifestations of middle-aged women's immaturity!

/July 2023


Bing Xin once said:

"if there were no women in the world, at least 5/10 of the truth, 6/10 of the goodness, and 7/10 of the beauty would be lost."

A mature middle-aged woman often has three qualities of truth, goodness and beauty.

the self-cultivation emanating from their bones makes people feel comfortable like the spring breeze on their faces.

especially the following ten immature performances, I hope you have none of them.

value profit over righteousness, love to take advantage

in life, there are many women who are afraid of losing money and care about every penny.

everything puts interests first and has no regard for feelings at all.

the road of life will be narrower and narrower for women who only focus on petty profits.

there is a good saying:

"the degree of openness of mind determines the width and breadth of one's life."

Great things can only be accomplished if there is a big pattern.

mature women tend to look down on gains and losses and don't stick to trivialities.

their attitude towards material things is also a ruler for others to measure her.

if you want to be comfortable with others, you must be less selfish and more open-minded, so that the road of life will be smooth all the way.

not satisfied, like to compare

some people live in tall buildings, others are very ordinary.

in life, everyone's life trajectory is different.

in fact, as long as you can live your own life, it is a meaningful life.

but there are also some women who always like to keep up with the comparisons, are not satisfied, and end up with their own cocoons.

Mathilde in the novel Necklace used to live a happy life.

her husband loves her very much, and her family is far from rich, but she has more than enough to eat and wear.

but she is not satisfied:

dislike her husband's shabby work, criticize the old furnishings in the house, and complain that his clothes are simple.

she went to borrow a diamond necklace for the party.

as a result, the necklace was unfortunately lost, and she gradually lost herself in the comparison again and again.

not everything in this world can get what you want, but everything will not be inferior to others.

A woman who knows how to be contented can live a rich soul.

be open-mouthed and like to talk

is there such a woman around you:

they are open-mouthed and always pointing fingers at people.

in fact, gossiping consumes one's own energy, but accumulates the grievances of others.

I saw a video on the Internet, and I was very impressed.

the aunt in the video especially likes "comments":

someone likes to mention a new car, but she is cynical and doesn't like others.

when some people failed in the exam, she spoke ill of her for fear that the world would not be in chaos.

for a long time, everyone shunned her.

later, when she had something on her mind and wanted to share, she couldn't find a bosom friend.

A mature woman must be quiet.

No matter what he says or does, he knows how to be patient and restrained.

they will not waste their energy in vain to participate in lives that have nothing to do with them, but will only choose to go to their more textured lives.

Jair will be vengeful and vengeful

Life is a mirror that reflects one's inner strengths and weaknesses.

when it comes to people and things, some people feel at ease and live a very comfortable life.

but there are also people who are vindictive and show no mercy.

as a result, as I walked, I found that I had fewer friends and my life became worse.

there is a saying in Jane Eyre:

"Life is too short to hold a grudge.

I never think about revenge. I just live in peace. "

retaliation is never the only way to solve the problem.

and in retaliation at the same time, they are not suffering.

instead of doing so, it is better to expand your belly and reap good popularity.

know how to leave an affection for others, in fact, it is to pave a smooth way for yourself.

self-control is poor, and I can't sink my heart

there is a popular question on the Internet: "what kind of woman is not easy to succeed?"

the most popular answer is: "A woman who has poor self-control and can't settle down."

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because it is difficult for them to control themselves, they are often in a passive situation.


@ Master Silk

shared a friend's story.

my friend is nearly forty and is determined to learn a foreign language.

signed up for a lot of courses in one breath, so he quit his job and devoted himself to it.

within a few days, she began fishing for three days and drying the net for two days:

or go out, you can't finish the daily task at all;

either I can't settle down and always think about what to do if I can't learn well....

as a result, I have studied for 2 years, but there is still no improvement.

at this time, being able to keep a steady state of mind is the strong person in life.

A woman's fate and fortune depend to a large extent on her self-control.

squander one's health and overdraft

there is a saying in ancient times:

"the period of contraction is not only in the sky, but the happiness of nourishing happiness can lead to eternal years."

if you squander your body and overdraw, you will have to pay for it yourself in the end.

Yu Juan, a female teacher, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

later he got his doctorate and became a lecturer at Fudan University.

when life is in full bloom, I never expect to get cancer because of bad habits such as staying up late.

she once wrote a diary in her illness and reflected on her life:

"at the critical point of life and death, you will find that any pressure from overtime, the need to buy a house or a car, is a cloud."

the body is the foundation of everything, and health cannot afford to be squandered.

the most expensive gift in a woman's life is not jewelry, not money, but health.

Life has a long way to go. Stop yourself properly and save energy for your body so that you can move forward better.

wronged yourself and flattered others

A woman's charm is won not by pleasing others, but by living her own life.

there is nothing to please in life.

your excessive indulgence will only injure yourself in the end.

Liu Xiaojie in Xiao Min's Family falls in love with a boyfriend.

in order to maintain their relationship, she actively deleted her heterosexual friend Wechat.

in order not to make her boyfriend jealous, she does not cooperate with male colleagues and does not go out in public with men.

in order to appease her boyfriend, she convinced herself that she didn't have to get a promotion or a raise.

she tried her best to curry favor with her boyfriend and tried to look clever and sensible.

as a result, instead of being grateful, her boyfriend made more demands on her.

Please remember that life is your own, and you have no obligation to please others.

being yourself is an important issue that can not be ignored in a woman's life.

indulge in material things and do not want to make progress

matter is a double-edged sword, either like a tiger adding wings or a scourge.

the former enriches the heart, while the latter consumes itself.

Lu Xiaoman, a talented woman in the Republic of China, came from a distinguished family.

but there is one problem: indulge in material life:

make-to-order clothes and famous brands of jewelry;

even the drivers, tailors, doctors and servants in the family have to wait full-time.

but the good times will not last long. With the death of his family one after another, he has no financial resources.

she has to rely on others to make ends meet.

A woman who is addicted to material things all day is easy to stop because of her lust for enjoyment.

as the saying goes, do not indulge in desire, do not be greedy in heart.

in fact, there are more important things in life besides money.

only by letting go of the greed for foreign things can we keep our inner freedom.

the limitation of thinking, drilling into the corner

the richness of cognition can determine the diversity of life.

but there is also a kind of women in life who are always trapped in the cage of thinking.

there is only one fixed pattern in their world, and they dare not take the step of trying.


@ millet

shared a friend's story.

she draws well and was a contract designer for multiple platforms many years ago.

because of her early popularity, many companies approached her to help her build her personal image.

but she was afraid to try and finally found an ordinary job.

as a result, as a result, a few years later, people who were once inferior to her jumped back because they seized the opportunity.

she is the only one who still muddles along with a fixed salary.

she once cried:

"at that time, I was so stubborn that I fell into the strange circle of myself and missed such a good opportunity."

striving to improve thinking awareness is a compulsory course for women all their lives.

constantly empower your life, tear down the wall of thinking, and step into the wider world.

self-righteous, unwilling to learn

someone once asked, "what are the signs that a woman is starting to go downhill?"

the highly praised answer is: "I don't want to learn."

the world is changing with each passing day, and the self should be constantly updated.

Zhihu saw a self-description of a blogger, and every sentence was heartbreaking.

she studied at a key university in Beijing and joined an enterprise after graduation.

stable jobs and generous benefits.

she began to be complacent, thinking that she had got an iron rice bowl.

so she began to fish in troubled waters, even if it was the company's skill training, she would not go as much as she could.

as a result, she became the first batch of people to be laid off in the epidemic that just passed.

host Zhang Quanling said:

"if you can't keep up with social changes, the times won't even say hello when they abandon you."

Women who are good at broadening boundaries and continuing to learn will not be left behind by the times at any time.

A woman's face may fade slowly when she reaches a certain age.

but her mature temperament emanating from the inside out is the beauty of eternity.

this kind of woman is soft in appearance and firm in heart.

there are heights in cognition, depth in thinking, and breadth in doing things.

is like a great and deep movie.Profound classical books are unforgettable.

, may all women in the world live their own beautiful appearance.